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Friday, September 9, 2016

Pope Francis' New Tulsa Bishop Cancelling Traditional Exorcism Society

Remember how great and traditional everyone thought Bishop Slattery was?  Well, he's retired now, and been replaced by one of Pope Francis' picks.  A former college chaplain, Bishop Konderla is now the bishop of Tulsa.

Looking back upon my college experiences, I recall the university chaplains as having a superficial touch when it came to the depth of our Faith--which is to be expected, since on a university campus, you are surrounded by students blind to reality, living in an artificial world of unrealistic career hopes.

In any event, I've learned from some anonymous sources that this new bishop is likely going to be nothing like Bishop Slattery.  Indeed, it seems that he is going to close up shop for the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, a society comprised of exorcists that includes Fr. Chad Ripperger.  

Various people with no spiritual helps will be up a creek without a paddle.  Thanks, Church leadership!

I'm sure this is a taste of things to come for our diocese.  Sucks to be us.  

I recommend people immediately make copies of Fr. Ripperger's online sermons, before Bishop Konderla start having them removed.

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Click HERE to view the pdf of the official memo.

September 12, 2016
Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

To: Diocese of Tulsa
From: Father Elkin Gonzalez, VG


In 2011, Bishop Slattery allowed Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP, to enter into a season of discernment, pursuant to canon law, regarding the possible erection of the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother in the Diocese of Tulsa.  Over the years, the process of discernment continued but the Society was never canonically established.  After the resignation of Bishop Slattery, the discernment process was placed under the guidance of the new Shepherd of Eastern Oklahoma, Bishop David A. Konderla.  In order to prudently assess the purpose of the Society within the pastoral life of the Diocese, Bishop Konderla called together representatives from the diocesan presbyterate.  After prayerful consultation with the representatives and exploring possible roles for the Society within the Diocese, it was decided not to erect the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother.  

Bishop Konderla and those involved in the discernment process believe, however, in the noble intention of the Society members and in their authentic desire to do the work of God in the Church.  

The Diocese extends its immense gratitude to Fr. Ripperger and to the Society priests for their time with us and for their various ministries that enriched the lives of those of us in the Church of Eastern Oklahoma.  They are faithful Sons of the Church, and we will continue to pray for them as they enter into this new season of discernment.  

End of Memo

- - -

Below are the old updates to this story.

UPDATE 5:30AM, 9-18-16

I am re-releasing the contents of this blog post, either for the time being or indefinitely.  DO NOT PESTER THE BISHOP OF TULSA OVER THIS ISSUE.  Fr. Ripperger and his priests desire that you leave them to their fate, and move on.  DO NOT CALL OR WRITE BISHOP KONDERLA.

Second-hand sources, claiming to personally know the Doloran Fathers, state that they desire for the laity to "stop the chatter" about what happened.  They claim this, in the hopes that whatever happens to these priests, their fate won't be too bad--that they might have a chance to go to a good diocese somewhere, where perhaps another bishop can approve their society.

This effectively makes them a sort of hostage, and their well-being depends upon our ability to walk on eggshells for the modernists who have done this to them.  By shutting up, we are to hope that they won't get hurt so bad.  But what is at stake here?  Their careers, or the laity they were supposed to serve?

This story is about the public act of a public figure and its effects on this region.  Forced silence for the sake of respecting Church authority is the instrument used by modernists to shut down Catholics.  This is the primary lesson of the post-Vatican II era, and we should all be familiar with this game.

I will only consider taking the posts of this series down if I hear from the primary source of this situation.  Second-hand sources trying to serve as our nanny are not good enough.

DO NOT CALL BISHOP KONDERLA'S OFFICE.  Outrage is understandable; however, PLEASE TRY KEEP COMMENTS OF THIS STORY TASTEFUL AND PURPOSEFUL, AVOIDING UN-CATHOLIC DETRACTION AND GOSSIP.  EXERCISE CATHOLIC CHARITY WHEREVER POSSIBLE IN THIS DISCUSSION.  And, if possible--if you need a conversational outlet for this news story--I recommend you restrain your discussions to my comment box.  Not Facebook or other news aggregation com boxes.  The Hirsch Files is off of the radar, and it is a safe place.

Please, also visit Okie Traditionalist's blog for further discussion and insight.

UPDATE: 11:00PM, 9-11-16

I am the progenitor of this news story.  I broke it, and so the source of the news leads to me.

I have not been told by Fr. Ripperger, or other priest in the exorcism society, to take this news story down.  However, I have been reading from other sources close to Father that he wants the laity to cease their chatter on this topic.

Rather than wait for them to contact me, I have elected to take the news story down.  Please do not call the bishop to protest this action.  Your prayers for this situation will be appreciated, I am sure.

Most importantly, and for the record, I MUST state that I am not a priest.  I am not a priest from that society, nor am I close friends with any priest in the exorcist society.  I am a layman in the diocese acting of his own accord when it comes to this blog.

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  1. "it seems that he" ? pretty nebulous assertion there.

    1. I recommend you schedule something with the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother. The result should provide you with the confirmation you're looking for.

  2. Lmao, looks like Christmass Eve had a large impact.

    1. Ah! Fascinating. One of the Satanists!

      Yes. I would say that the Christmas Eve demonstration that your friend did had a large impact. Yes, indeed.

    2. Mobed,

      There's a much larger impact in Oklahoma than your little group in OKC.

      4 hours north of Oklahoma in a little town of St. Mary's, Kansas, 3000 Catholics live attached to the Latin Mass. At any given time there are about 10 Society of St. Pius X, Roman Catholic priests (backed up in prayer by a convent of nuns) who share a Mass circuit to Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

      Each priest is trained in doing exorcisms, and the Society actively helps those who need deliverance from demonic influence.

      These same priests continue to offer publicly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Oklahoma City in reparation for the so-called "black masses." And each time about 1000 traditional Catholics come to OKC to pray and offer sacrifice, as a testimony of the love of Christ.

      Even if a modernist bishop starts kicking out traditional Catholics, in the end Satan is defeated by Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the Cross, which is continuously offered every day on the altar by Catholic priests.