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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Counter-Revolution

There is so much excitement among Catholic Traditionalists and other like-minded people.  There is such untapped potential, it frustrates me to no end that their energy hasn't been effectively utilized in a constructive and tangible way.

On this blog, sometimes, I try to show the parallels between the internal struggles of the American Right and the internal struggles of the Catholic Church.  I often try to draw out the different lessons that can be taken from, say, the Alternative Right movement or the victories of the Society of Saint Pius X.  

Other times, as a lot of my readers know, I like to rabble-rouse and cheer on the idea of a Catholic monarchy in America.  I sort of have this fantasy that we Traditionalists could be busy building up our communities, creating organizations, fundraising money, and constructing a web that spans across the United States--so that when American society finally collapses into Helter Skelter, instead of settling into a "Book of Eli" wasteland, we Traditionalist Catholics will be set up nicely to take over the reins of cultural and political leadership.

As I said in June, Catholics should be concerned about temporal power.  We have a physical, tangible, and political responsibility to change society for the better.  I know it is hard to consider building this kind of phenomenon amidst the darkest years of the FrancisChurch Crisis.  Yet, never before have we had these kinds of resources, this kind of freedom, this ability that the Internet gives us--nor have we ever had this vast awareness of how many of us were out there, our capabilities, or this knowledge about our ideological enemies.

As Charles Coulombe said in Star Spangled Crown:

"If this country--and indeed the other countries that make up what was once Christendom--are to survive, they shall require both a new animating principle and a new myth of governance."

Fortunately, I am not the only one out here with this kind of idea.  There are other Catholics out here trying to speak action into existence.  There are others here who are trying to reach out to those Catholic men and women with energy and a desire for leadership

Enter The Counter-Revolution.

Seal of The Counter-Revolution
The Counter-Revolution was introduced to me this year.  I suppose some folks from over there caught wind of all my bluster about monarchy.  The first article on their website I read blew me away.  It was titled: Crowning the World Again: Strategies for Spreading Traditional Ideas and Monarchism On Rhetoric, written by Braden N. Plyler.  

Monarchy fans, check out this opening paragraph and tell me you aren't impressed:
As monarchists and religiously devout men, we occupy a place the world has lacked for centuries. We stand alone against many forces which fight against any remaining good. Sophistry is the softest, and violence the most virulent act of these foes. We remain firm in our foundations, opposing the world dominated by the poison of the Frankfurt School and the emotional appeals to false liberty brought about by the "Enlightenment". Our ideas have roots in the greats, such as Plato, Aristotle, and St. Thomas Aquinas, in fulfillment of commandments from God Himself. We honor the duty set before us by the Apostle Paul to honor the King, and to insure the survival of the Church's greatest defender - the institution of monarchy.
There are more of us out there.  We just have to find one another.  In that ocean of humanity that is America, some of us have been "putting two and two together."  We've been learning things.  We've been learning that things haven't been right for a long time, and that unthinkable taboos are actually amazing solutions.  There is a patriotism and a fealty to this country that can go beyond the 1776 oligarchic Hebraic Puritanism of our Founders.  It is only now being articulated for the rest of us to understand.

More Than Just A Blog

The Counter-Revolution is more than just a blog.  It is a movement.  Could it be the Catholic movement that we've all been waiting for?  I don't know.  But I do know I like what I see.

There are plenty of good articles.  Lots of them are about monarchy.  You kids would love it.

But beyond this, The Counter-Revolution is an actual organization that intends to go beyond the mere blog posts and Twitter feeds we all thought we were relegated to:
We pride ourselves in being one of the few, if only, active monarchist organizations in the United States, with many members abroad. Along with monarchism, we promote traditional values and the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. We work closely with the Orthodox and Eastern Churches towards unity, the mending of the schism, and restoration of monarchy in Europe.
Restoration of the world to Christ is above all else. Above economics, above all ideology, and above petty politics. Monarchy historically, philosophically, and even theologically has been the system which has best protected Christendom. The Counter-Revolution wishes promote the Kingship of Christ in the lives of individual members through the Sacraments and prayer. After interior work is done, we aim to promote Catholic social teaching and philosophy through charity work, spreading of literature, lectures, marches, and the writing of essays.
Along with monarchy, we promote a return to traditional philosophy such as Thomism, Catholic social teaching in the ideas of integralism, distributism, and corporatism.

We maintain active chapters in many states, as well as in England and Italy.
Wonderful.  It's fantastic that there are people out there in this cultural war trying to construct and build a network like this.  Too often, we are busy cleaning up cultural, social, and religious misunderstandings.  We are frequently too distracted with holding ground, and so we can never take any ground back from the enemy.  

With an organization like this, we can create some breathing space for ourselves, build the networks we require, and gain converts to our cause.  If done properly, then in the long game, an effort like this can pay off very well for us all.  

Check out The Counter-Revolution's website here:

Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, and in com boxes.  Discuss it on Youtube.  Read their articles.  Offer to write some articles.  Ask or volunteer to set up chapters.  The only ones stopping us in this effort will be ourselves.  

Deus Vult


  1. Very good Laramie. Most helpful would be a Holy Catholic Pope who would lead the way to a truly new Christian era. This is something--with the grace of God--which should happen before there is any possibility of having a Catholic King of the U.S.

  2. Recently it dawned on me that infiltrators are being selectively placed in all traditional Catholic Chapels,seminaries, websites,schools,
    They're also being placed in any Eastern Catholic/Orthodox operation that wants to work with Roman Rite Catholics & heal the schism.

    1. Yes, infiltrators are definitely being selectively placed in trad areas. I'm working on something about this issue for either next week or the week after.

      For now, it should suffice to realize that this is in line with what Hilary White said recently on The Remnant. Now that the pulverizing sledgehammer work of Pope Francis has been accomplished, the Leftist infiltrators will now pull out a scalpel to cut away all goodness from the Catholic brand.


    2. This is why I feel all traditional Catholics should strive for unity.
      Sede SSPX SSPV Indult etc...all of us should stop the backbiting and be cool with each other.

  3. Anonymous--I this idea of a coalition of the orthodox.

    1. It's not the best idea but we aren't in normal times.
      When the rules can't be applied correctly,the rules are relaxed.
      We need each other on the same side right now in 2017.