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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump: Winning. Congress: Continually Losing

The Republicans in Congress have failed us again.  Socialized health care was not repealed--once again.  Our president and Republican Congress have the bully pulpit and the mutual support necessary to pass anything through in Congress if they were of one mind.  Yet, pettiness still reigns.

But I want to be positive today.  There is much to be positive about.  

Most people who read this blog are thinking men.  And as thinking men realize, Trump is not the Republican Congress and the Republican Congress is not Trump.  In fact, the "republicrats" are thoroughly cucked passive-aggressive enemies of this president.  And this president is clearly the choice of the people of the United States, as is seen from the drama of last year's presidential election.  The mask was ripped off of the pollsters--who, as we now know, were shown to be public liars and truth benders.

So hated is Trump, that he is not even allowed to fill the top jobs in his own administration, as Senate Democrats have been using obstruction techniques to ensure that the president has only 33 confirmed administration positions as compared to Obama's 126 confirmed officials at this point in office.

It is argued by the New York Times that Trump has not nominated enough senior officials fast enough.  But is it not possible that he simply doesn't bother to try too hard, realizing that the Congress opposes him as an outsider?  Perhaps it may be that Trump intends to run a skeleton crew while in office.  It may also be that this is one of his strategies for cutting government waste.  Building up the oligarchy, after all, doesn't seem like a Trump thing to do.

Others on the Right, such as Michael Savage, were yesterday denouncing Trump's administration for admitting 15,000 additional temporary workers into the United States this week.  Savage argued that we are somewhere in one of the five stages of grief with Trump, and he argued that this is not what he worked towards for a year and a half.  (Savage argues we are in the Denial stage.)

We Have A Good President So Far

I would like to throw some cold water on the situation.  If Trump did absolutely nothing at all during his presidency, he would be one of the best presidents we've ever had since Calvin Coolidge, who once said: "The business of America is business."  Coolidge spent most of his presidential time fishing.  I can think of no better activity for an American president at this point than fly fishing.

30th President of the United States, doing what he does.  Fishing.
The next ten presidents after Trump should do this.

Trump is not only allowing America to catch its breath for four years.  He is also reversing things in whatever capacity his blackballed-by-Congress situation allows.

For example, just yesterday, the Border Patrol Union President has praised President Trump for the sharp dropoff in illegal border crossings.  They've never seen such a drop in illegal immigration like this.  Obama, to the contrary, actually kept border agents from performing their sworn duties.

But to assist you in realizing just how decent this "wild card" president has turned out, allow me to cite some of Trump's achievements from Conservapedia:

Trump has been whittling away at Obamacare, halted Obama's transgender policies, and weakened the Johnson Amendment that prevents churches from their 1st Amendment speech rights.  Last month, he even refused to proclaim June 2017 as LGBT Pride Month.

He extened the Veterans Choice Act, allowing veterans to seek medical care outside of problematic VA systems, and he signed the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act.  This latter act expands protection for VA whistleblowers, ends bonuses to convicted employees, and makes it easier and quicker to fire bad VA employees.

Under Trump, Attorney General Sessions has called for the resignation of 46 leftist U.S. attorneys appointed by Obama.  Local control has been given back to police departments, while Obama was working to actually federalize police departments to a certain degree.  James Comey was rooted out and fired.  Sessions also ended the Obama era of pursuing light sentences for criminals.  As of last week, the DOJ charged 412 people for health care fraud schemes that defrauded taxpayers of $1.3 billion.

International Planned Parenthood has been defunded globally.  Trump stopped funding the United Nations Population Fund (pro-one-child policies).  Pro-life advocates have been appointed to the Department of Health and Human Services.

As far as gun laws, under Obama, a background check registry included a mental disability check.  To have a gun under Obama, you had to not be mentally disabled.  But the process was so murky and nebulous, that perfectly competent and mentally healthy citizens would have been barred from owning firearms.  Trump repealed this.  Now, it will be ten years before the Social Security Administration is allowed to come up with any kind of new criteria at all for supplying names to the background check registry.

Trump has ordered the Secretary of Education to review Department of Education regulations.  He intends to return the power of public schools to local governments and out of the Federal government's hands.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is to look at the U.S. tax code and investigate what unnecessary regulations can be removed.  Federal regulations on job-training programs are to be loosened.  Apprenticeships and vocational learning are now being encouraged.  After Trump's first 100 days, the national debt has actually decreased under this president by $100 billion--something we haven't seen in the eight years of Obama's presidency, where the debt grew by almost $600 billion by the same point in his presidency.  Credit scores of Americans have never been higher, the economy rose rapidly, and so far 222,000 jobs have been added to the American economy.  Jobless claims applications and benefits have fallen, and U.S. factory activity rose to hits highest level since August 2014.

Improvements in energy and immigration policy have been remarkable.

Trump greenlit the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline projects.  He's ordered that all pipelines be made with quality American steel, and that manufacturing regulations be streamlined.  He forced the G-20 to remove mention of climate change from its joint statement, and to add to the hilarity, he refused to sign the G7 joint statement.  He repealed Obama-era coal regulations and revitalized the industry.  The coal industry is now in a rebound after being at historic lows during Obama's disastrous presidency.  President Trump also repealed an offshore drilling ban signed by Obama.  Land in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve has been opened up for drilling.  Much for our delight and to the chagrin of Obama and liberal world leaders everywhere, our American President withdrew from the Paris climate agreement.  He closed the bureaucratic Office of International Climate and Technology.  

Though the wall we've been waiting for has not been built yet, Trump nevertheless signed two executive orders ordering the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.  Five thousand additional border control agents have been hired.  Catch and release policies for illegal immigrants have been halted.  Trump has banned admission of Syrian refugees for at least 120 days, and he has made it clear that he would help Christian refugees--something our previous Muslim-friendly president was not known for at all.   Last month, the Supreme Court came down in Trump's favor to ban refugees from countries with a high risk of terrorism.  Deportation of imprisoned illegals has sped up.  There are now tougher vetting policies at U.S. border crossings.

The government has been cracking down on MS-13 and other illegal immigrant gangs.  ICE now has a Spanish media outlet in order to combat media distortion.  Illegal immigrants no longer are granted privelages in detention centers.  Even those illegal immigrants who were given a quasi-amnesty in the form of "administrative closure" by Obama have begun to be repatriated back to their home countries.  An old policy of Obama's, DAPA, almost gave amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants, but the federal courts under President Trump's control have cancelled this policy.  Also, Obama wanted to speed up the vetting process for people seeking visas; Trump rescinded that policy.  ICE agents continue to enforce U.S. immigration law in "sanctuary cities," despite constant opposition by liberals.


Do you feel better now?  Do you feel edified and healed?  I do hope so.  I hope that boosts your morale.  All week, we'll probably be hearing about the failed passage of the Obamacare repeal.  But that's Congress' failure.

What I have written is not even half of what President Trump has achieved so far in this nation.  The Right's "wild card" vote has so far paid off.  Even without the feckless Congress, President Trump has been healing and restoring this country.  He has taken many bullets and attacks from the media and every Leftist rabble-rousing critic for our sake.  

Yes, it is true that more could be accomplished if only the Republican House and Senate were of one mind on policy.  And let's not forget, many congressional Republicans hate both Donald Trump and the lowly Republican voters who put him into office.  They are pretty much Leftists with an "R" beside their name.  

But in considering these achievements, and after considering that it's only been 6 months since Trump has been in office, I cannot wait to hear him rattle off his achievements at the next State of the Union Address in front of a pugnacious congress that wants to impeach him.  Trump has been a man of the people thus far.  The oligarchy Congress has proved itself otherwise.    


  1. Beautiful. But you've left off my favorite thing: He's revealed FrancisVatican to be the screaming, pro-death, well-funded gay harem that it is.

    1. Imagine: Trump has driven Spadaro-Figueroa-Bergoglio so nuts, they have come out as pro-abortion. They attacked the pro-life movement as "theocrats" and "an ecumenism of hate."

  2. There's also the rejection of TPP.

  3. Allowing Mad Dog Mattis and our military to smash IS to pieces. Bringing a lovely, graceful Catholic First Lady to the White House.


  4. I agree with Dr.Savage!
    15,000 new "immigrants" is exactly what we don't need!!
    Trump is Zionist funded joke like the rest of them.
    Yes I am aware Dr.Savage is "Jewish"

  5. Great analysis and summary. It's hard to keep up with all his accomplishments when your Facebook feed is bombarded on the daily with lie after lie about Trump posted by family, friends, and coworkers who believe anything legacy media tells them. I can honestly say I've lived to see mass hysteria.

  6. Thanks Laramie for the uplift on our man Trump. Perhaps we need a blog dedicated to keeping track of Trump's accomplishments. How many folks know what you outlined here? Very few is my guess.