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Sunday, July 30, 2017

TLM Troubles in Tulsa

There is no avoiding this any longer.  The time has come for an update about what's going on in Tulsa.

In this town, I've attended the Novus Ordo, the FSSP, the SSPX, or the diocesan Latin Mass.  Ninety nine percent of the time, I try to favor the Traditionalist parishes.

I ended up going to confession today at a Novus Ordo parish in midtown Tulsa.  It was a very comfortable place.  Very cozy.  There were many well-dressed, well-manicured, healthy-looking people chuckling, laughing, and talking loudly in the lobby.  It was SWPL Land.  There was no concern, fear, or awareness of trouble outside of the community "bubble."

Some ladies were dressed more casually and scantily than I'm used to when going to church.  When I saw them line up in the pews in the front row before their afternoon Mass, I cannot recall any of them on their knees praying.  Instead, they sat back in the pews like an anticipating audience at a movie theater.

These guffawing folks have nothing to worry about.  They have no fears.  There is no reason to believe that the Church hierarchy will ever come down upon them.  Parishioners can donate as much money and time into the parish as they'd like, knowing full well that their contributions will endure without fear of being erased.  The warm syrup of a post-Vatican II liberalized Church washes over them again and again.  They are completely materialistically secure, probably for their entire lives at that parish.

This is not the case at the only diocesan parish that offers the Latin Mass.

Bye Bye To Traditional Priest Fr. Davison

At Sts. Peter and Paul parish, here in Tulsa, the famous Fr. Tim Davison has been "allowed" to go care for an ailing family member, far away in another state.  So, he's on sabbatical.  But then again, who doesn't have an ailing family member somewhere out of state?  Is that a reason to just leave the flock?

Fr. Davison's contributions to Sts. Peter and Paul were substantial.  He brought dignity, respect, and reverence to the parish.  For a time there, the Latin Mass community was a growing phenomenon.  He had changed the spartan, bare, Presence-less sanctuary into one where the tabernacle was front and center.  The English Novus Ordo Mass was celebrated ad orientum.  Additionally, thanks to his ties to Latin American culture, Fr. Davison earned the respect of hundreds from the Hispanic community, and he had a shrine to St. Toribio Romo built on the parish property.  Though the Hispanic Mass was a Novus Ordo Mass, he also celebrated that one ad orientum.  Fr. Davison's amazing presence at Sts. Peter and Paul had even attracted some very notable figures in the American Catholic Church, such as Fr. Ripperger the famous exorcist, and Mother Miriam who ran a radio show that addressed Catholic domestic issues.

But we here at The Hirsch Files know what happened to Fr. Ripperger's order and Mother Miriam.  And now, in correlation with the new Francis-chosen Bishop Konderla--former college chaplain at Texas A&M University--Fr. Davison has been sent away.

True, Davison's tenure at the parish had lasted 14 years.  But if I'm not mistaken, Monsignor Gier recently had a celebratory jubilee Mass for his 50 years as a priest--and 17 years as a rector at Holy Family Cathedral.  (I can recall at that jubilee Mass how excited they were to discuss Msgr. Gier's suggestions for the aesthetic changes and paint schemes he wanted to make in the Cathedral last decade.)

It goes without saying that there are rumors that Fr. Davison was pressured out, though this is not presently a certainty.

The Diocesan Latin Mass Has Always Been In Danger

There is a clear reason why those folks at the midtown Tulsa Novus Ordo parish are able to lounge and wallow in their climate.  There is also a clear reason why the people at the remote north Tulsa neighborhood were unable to settle happily and pour themselves and their funds into their parish.

At the former, there was never any danger.  They will never have to worry about being attacked or bullied by either Bishop Konderla or the presbyteral council that guides the bishop's actions.  Such a parish is recognized as the up-and-coming thing.  It is the new way.  That parish fully embraces the New Springtime of Vatican II.

The Sword of Damocles
But at Sts. Peter and Paul, parishioners always knew that the Sword of Damocles hung over their heads.  The parishioners always knew that once Bishop Slattery was gone, anything was fair game.  Even before Bishop Slattery had to retire, some families had already jumped ship from the diocesan Latin Mass to the FSSP, which was stationed across the Arkansas River and extremely out of the way.

Why did those families abandon what seemed like a solid community and a solid priest who was attracting real Traditional Catholic stars?  Perhaps the writing was on the wall.  Perhaps it was already assumed that the Latin community at Sts. Peter and Paul had a finite shelf life.  Fr. Davison's attempt to restore Catholic Tradition in a diocesan structure was an idea that was on shaky ground, and people knew it.

Therefore, because the sandy ground was ready to open up beneath them, parishioners had no cause to make any kind of long-term contributions.  Temporary contributions, perhaps, but nothing serious.  Purchasing a multi-thousand-dollar stained glass window would be out of the question, as it would only be a matter of time for a new bishop and a new priest to come in and orient things back to FrancisChurch standards.  Why would a community build a cathedral, only to have FrancisChurch come along later on to bulldoze it down?

I will not even be surprised if the changes that Fr. Davison made to the sanctuary are reversed by the new priest, and the tabernacle is returned once more to the side.

When parish life is this unreliable, what motivation is there to contribute anything towards it?  When a community can be eaten away by a brand new disapproving bishop who is pressured by the other liberal priests in the diocese, why bother?  The plan of FrancisChurch in this case is to neglect and starve the Traditional Catholic phenomenon until it is dead.  It is a non-confrontational, effeminate, passive-aggressive way to attack enemies.  Just as Pope Francis refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Dubia, so too will the local power structure refuse to acknowledge the willful destruction of Catholic Tradition in the diocese of Tulsa.      

Simply put, traditionalists in Tulsa are the niggers of the diocese.


Before Fr. Davison left, he made sure to train one of the other parish priests how to say the Latin Mass.  I've attended one of his services, and he does the Mass quite well.  Problem is: he speaks hardly a word of English; Spanish and Latin only.  So, an English-speaking deacon delivers the homilies.

Modernist FrancisChurch changes have already made their way into the parish.  Novus Ordo Mass is no longer celebrated ad orientum.  Now, the priest celebrates Mass versus populum, so that the community can worship itself so that the priest faces the people.  Daily Latin Mass has stopped, as the new priest sees no purpose for holding it with low numbers.  Confession has been reduced from two days a week to one day a week.

Some families have already left, now that Fr. Davison is gone.  I suspect the rest will follow eventually.  With no support from higher authorities, and a potential indifference towards Latin by the present priest, it is only a matter of time before the tree withers.

The future of the Latin community at Sts. Peter and Paul looks bleak and dreary.  Traditional Catholics want to worship God in the most reverent way the Church can offer.  But modernist Catholics would rather worship their own good feelings and comfort--and Church hierarchy is happy to oblige this appetite.

Once the Latin Mass is gone from Sts. Peter and Paul, will the presbyteral council go after the FSSP next?  Many Traditionalists in Tulsa in various different parishes have speculated about this.

My recommendation is this: for Traditional Catholic Tulsans, perhaps their long-term investments would be better served in purchasing tent poles, folding chairs, and saving up for hotel conference room fees.          


  1. Very sad, and all too common an occurrence.

    The small TLM community in Hobart, Tasmania, is growing. It has no 'parish' but uses a Church in the north part of the city. People come to Mass from 50kms away. Three years ago it was fewer than thirty people: now it is double that. Our Priest is from India and trained in Latin. He is a fine and manly fellow who can hold his own, although at first, as 'new boy' he had to go easy. He has the backing of a priest, also Latin Mass affectionate, who is ancient and stooped but respected.

    Long may TLM grow and resume its proper place.

  2. As that priest used to say: "Brick by brick" - not! Smashed by modernists. This is evidence how great a failure is the "Reform of the reform" as it reverts to its inherent deformation of those adhering to Vatican II. The Novus Ordo bishops are simply following its consequence, the same way traditional priests resist such because of Tradition.

  3. All Latin Mass churches in communion with Francis are in danger of either losing permission or being pressured to accept Novus Ordo innovations. He's already taken it away from some orders as a punishment and it's probably just a matter of time because they've seen that the experiment isn't working. Allowing the Latin Mass hasn't helped to bring traditionalists into the Novus Ordo; people have gone the other way instead. That's not what was the intention, and they can't have that.

  4. Please guys, support your local SSPX. It's on life support, in part because of the Diocesan/FSSP options. But even the FSSP property is owned by the Diocese. The same issues/questions should arise when donating to the FSSP as they do when donating to another Diocesan parish. The SSPX has always been there for you, and they always will be...as long as you desire their presence.

  5. Bailed after the racist "stuff White people like" reference.

    Why would you go along with that crap? There's only one answer.

    Screw you would be the only retort you deserve.

    1. Ha!

      A TL;DR attitude, with direct hostility! And you consider me to the "bad guy?" What hypocrisy.

  6. This morning we were visiting in another town and because where I live we have good daily Novus Ordo Masses and a wonderful TLM on Sundays, I am sensitive to what the 'normal' Novus Ordo parish looks like: people dress 'Catholic casual' with men in shorts, tee shirts and tennies or flip flops, women and girls in sleeveless things, jeans, fidgety children, 2 altar girls (no boys), much talk loudly before and after Mass, yucky songs like "We are called" and on and on. A homily with no meaning to it...this is what the majority of Catholics are familiar with and it does not present itself as a faith to be lived, muchless a faith to die for.

  7. This article makes me think the "Latin Mass" is doomed in the novus ordo.
    Seems like it's going back to the 1980's where only SSPX/Sede chapels will celebrate the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    I started attending a Sedevacantist chapel 3 years ago and haven't looked back.

    1. You have chosen wisely!

  8. Rumor is Fr. Tim's replacement told laity they don't have to kneel to receive the Eucharist and they can stand if they want. The Hispanic priest who took over the Latin Mass does a great job. Lots of attendance today. Unable to speak much English, he tried speaking to the congregation. It was beautiful and emotional. If he's removed/suppressed, the Latin community will disintegrate. The FSSP across the river is preparing to receive large numbers of parishioners.

  9. His name is Father Davison (no D).

  10. I am a Fightin' Texas Aggie - Class of (1980's... not going to give my specific class) - and have 2 kids in currently in Aggieland as a Sr. and Soph. So, I have spent some time with the Bishop when he was the main Priest at St. Mary's in College Station from my time doing pre-college trips and from frequent visits of kids during school. My modernist-radar went off within 5 minutes of a Parish tour with him when we had my Sr's college visit days as a high school Sr. His casual manner, his flippant remarks of the sacred and lack of reverence for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to his notable and evident "Administrative" skills as the paramount value he brought to the table. It is the latter that gets these guys Bishop appointments these days as much as his Modernism - it's all about maintaining as many $$s as possible, Souls be dammed.

    His predecessor in Aggieland was his mentor and trained him well - he too is a Bishop making his way up the Francis ladder.

    After what the Bishop did to Fr. Ripperger upon his first week in Tulsa, I knew my "Mode-ar" (Modernist radar) was as tuned as always.

    Pope St. Pius V, Ora pro Nobis!

    Fightin' Texas Aggie

    1. Fascinating report. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about it. Send others with such accounts this way. We'd appreciate it.

    2. This sounds insane but just his last name sounds leftist and novus ordo-esque.
      "KONDERLA",maybe it's me,just doesn't sound like a traditional Catholic name.

    3. Yes, it sounds insane. Plenty of things to pick out--such as his Guatemalan rainbow stole. But his name? Dude, it sounds Polish to me.


    4. Once again it sounds insane. I'm very aware of that I promise.
      Not from Oklahoma but have read articles on your blog about KONDERLA.
      Its just something I felt upon reading his name without knowing anything about the man.

    5. I suppose Tulsa's situation is a microcosm of the troubles in the Church as a while.