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Saturday, July 29, 2017

This Blog: Where It Is, Where It's Going

Howdy gang.

The numbers of readers of this blog have been increasing exponentially since late 2015.  So, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to come and read whatever perspective or news I have to share with you all.

As you have probably noticed, my posting schedule has been a bit haphazard.  Allow me to explain.

I try to provide at least two posts for you a week.  Usually these articles are posted on Sundays and/or Tuesday or Wednesday.  Family and work keep me busy during the second half of the week.

If I could have it my way, I'd put up a post a day.  Religious posts about the Church would go up early in the week, starting on Sundays.  Political posts would go up in the middle of the week (Tues. or Wednesdays).  And cultural or social posts in a third category (such as movies or literature) would be going up toward the end of the week.

Unfortunately, there's simply not enough time for me to do all of this, and I'm left doing the best that I can.  But I do not intend to stop.  I'm a writer, and I write because I must.  It is edifying to use this craft to provide you with dialectic and insight--and I hope that it is likewise good and useful for you all to read my work.

So, please continue to check in to the Hirsch Files, and expect at least one if not two posts a week.  I will definitely try to provide more articles, but I cannot make any promises.

Two Future Ideas

First, I've actually considered changing the font and background of this blog.  I've heard a few times that it would be desirable to have a whitish background with black font.  Please let me know in the comments if you support this change.  I've also considered setting up a poll on this matter.

Second, I've considered monetizing the site in order to provide a way for you to support my work.  I despise ads.  Google has been trying to get me to use Ad Sense on my page, but I don't think it's worth it.  I would only advertise for companies and individuals I specifically trusted and supported.

The two methods of income I've considered are a basic PayPal donation button, or income from a book.  I've been working on a politico-religious book for a few months, but it's been slow going.

For now, if you are interested in supporting my work, consider purchasing this and leaving a review:


All profits from my writing endeavors will be put back into my work in order to improve and expand what I can do.

Thank You

Thanks again, everyone, for visiting my page.  I'm happy and thankful that I've been able to provide another friendly voice in this crazy world.


  1. I support the change of the font and background to black and white. Thank you for all you do!

  2. I have had AdSense on my blog (the Knight & Drummer Tavern) for a while now. I do not see them from the 'admin' position. I too get 'encouraged' to let adsense choose the ads but will not have most that they want. (Porn mainly). In something around 18 months I have ammassed a total of $13. :)

    Your site format looks fine and distinctive to me, but then a glance at mine will show you that I have very odd taste in decor.

  3. I find it easier to read white text on black background. Although I'm a bit biased toward it as I dig through a plethora of lines of code daily in this scheme.
    If you use ads, I'll turn my ad blocker off on your site.

  4. I enjoy the black background and white txt.

  5. Yes, please change the background/font scheme.

  6. I like your as it is, and I love your writing. Thank you for all your work.