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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Sins of Our Oligarchs...

...could be used for blackmail.

After all, why else would these people do a complete 180 from their previous positions on Obamacare?  In fact, two senators who voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 now refuse to do the same.

I'm probably entering conspiracy territory on this one.  But oh well, conspiracies do exist.

Let us to return to something that Limbaugh said earlier this week on this matter:
In the real world, they would be scared to death to be such hypocrites. To openly pass legislation that repeals it, knowing it isn’t gonna happen, and in the campaign promising to do it for real if they get control of the House and Senate. Then they don’t, and they then go out for reelection, what do they expect is going to happen? Do they think the public’s gonna forget? Do they think voters are not gonna mind? Do they think voters are gonna understand why they couldn’t do it?
My point, something matters more to them than what they’re going to face during reelection. They are willing to incur the wrath of the voters by failing to repeal it after promising to do so. They would rather incur the wrath of voters than to face whatever else it is that greets them if they do it. They’re afraid to do it. They’re afraid to repeal it. Why? Afraid of what? Who are they afraid of? What in the world has them more frightened than facing you on the reelection campaign trail? You answer that question, we answer that question, and we will know a lot more than we know now.
Consider the possibility that these people are being blackmailed.  Recall how just recently, we have read about the deaths of the following people investigating the Clinton Foundation: Seth Richards, Peter Smith, and Hatian government official Klaus Eberwein.  For that matter, recall that shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was recently shot down during baseball practice.  Little do most people know that Scalise was fighting pedophilia and human trafficking.

Blackmail is real, and it happens in both U.S. politics as well as in the Vatican.

Now, I'm unsure these senators are taking the Lolita Express to Epstein's orgy island.   Yet when I heard Limbaugh talk about senators who were more afraid of something unspoken, rather than the rage of voters, blackmail was one of the first things that came to my mind.  But what else could be so incriminating than some sort of sexual scandal?

No telling.  I could be completely wrong.  For all I know, maybe they'll vote to repeal Obamacare next week.  However...it's just a speculation, and there you have it.



  1. To repeal or not to repeal that is the question.

    Assuming you will be hurt either way, the smart move is not to repeal as you retain the possibility that if Obamacare fails blame can be shared with the Democrats. If you repeal and replace it you will be blamed by the Democrats and your own constituents because the program will not really be improved in any visible way.

    The prudent axiom in this situation is when you don't know the answer do nothing.

    1. True. Politically, Trump is smart to just let Obamacare fail. Unfortunately, this means that we all shall suffer greatly from its failure.