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Friday, July 7, 2017

The Immediate Future for Catholics

Recently, Cardinal Pell has been charged by Australian police for sex offences, and he is now being thrown under the bus. Two months ago,  Vatican police threw a wrench in a cocaine-fueled gay priest orgy in the apartment of Pope Francis' personal advisor. And earlier this year, it was revealed that a homoerotic painting in a public cathedral was commissioned by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

Meanwhile, as temporal, narcissistic deviancy flourishes among the clergy of the Catholic Church, a program of normalization has begun throughout the Catholic hierarchy. This systematic, piecemeal engineering is designed to avoid approaching a modernist "correction" or "reform" of doctrine or dogma.

Masked in the disguise of pastoral ecumenism, Pope Francis, the St. Gallen Mafia, and all Jewish and Freemasonic-friendly forces who've embeded themselves into the Church intend to attack the institution of the family itself and normalize degenerate sexual behavior, putting an end to the Catholic Church as you recognize it.

This new cadre of rebels and destroyers may as well parrot the Catholic-hating Thomas Jefferson, who once opined that if the Christian religion is to maintain its ground, then true Catholicism, "which has prevailed for fifteen hundred years, has received a mortal wound, of which the monster must finally die." Ladies and gentlemen, we are being sold out to our enemies. The powers that be would rather have us act as Americanist Unitarians than Catholics.

In his book Pope Francis in Context, E. Michael Jones supposes that a great split in the Church was created at the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Of course, many of us in the know consider that split to have occurred at the Second Vatican Council which took place from 1962-1965. And so, it seems that we have a group of holdouts--priest and laity--who are doing their best to hold onto the Tradition of the past. As Bishop Williamson would say, we are trying to keep a pilot light on through this present darkness.

This act of speaking about a Church vs a Counterfeit Church brings us into the territory of Catholic prophets who speak of "a false church," as Emmerich calls it. As Our Lady of Good Success said, it now seems that we are being weekly scandalized by "enormous public and hidden sacrileges," and the sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with the Church" is being thoroughly attacked and profaned.

What's next?

As Hilary White stated this May, now that Pope Francis has served as a sledgehammer for pulverizing major chunks of the Catholic world, there is now knife work to be done. It may be that the next leader of this Leftist movement will pull out a scalpel to cut away all goodness from the Catholic brand:
"But the problem the Revolutionaries have is that there are still people around like us. The little guys out here in the big and little pockets of resistance. People like Matthew Festing and the Professed Knights of Malta, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Norcia monks, the Anglican Ordinariates, the London and Toronto Oratories, the parish of St. John Cantius, the Norbertines in California and the Augustinians in Lagrasse, the FSSP, Bon Pasteur, and the ICK. There are certain bishops of the JPII/Benedict 'old guard' all over Europe, the Americas and Asia who have influence and who have and continue to attract many 'conservative' young vocations. There’s noisy guys like Cardinal Zen and quiet ones like Bishops Laun, Rey and Jugis.

"There are the 'new conservative' religious orders of the JPII era, and the holdouts who refused to go along in the first place, like the Rosano nuns in Tuscany - more or less the only women’s monastery in the country who kept the Latin monastic Divine Office and have 60 nuns and flocks of vocations to show for it. There are some like Heiligenkreuz Abbey, who tried the Vaticantwoist proposal for a while and decided it was better to go in reverse. There are pockets of resistance among the Dominicans. There’s the little start-ups, new communities in formation, the Benedictine houses like Gower, Missouri and Silverstream in Ireland, and those little independents who were founded locally in hope and who want to adopt habits, common life, even the traditional liturgical forms. There are the Benedictines whom everyone knows are counterrevolutionaries: Fontgombault, Le Barroux, Kergonan and Jouques, Clear Creek and St. Cecelia’s in Ryde. And of course, there’s all those Carmelites and Poor Clares praying and praying without cease. 
"Going down a few levels there are publishing houses, think tanks and university rectors, liberal arts colleges and postgraduate study centres. There are pro-life organizations, scouting groups and adoration societies, Chesterton Societies, young adult groups and Legion of Mary chapters, all that might be termed the 'civic society' of the Church, laity acting in accordance with their state in life.

"And then, there’s Summorum Pontificum, that turned out to be a bigger problem than anticipated: sitting there in the bright sun, digging its roots deeper and deeper every day, flourishing and sending out shoots and vines and flowers that are rapidly developing into fruit. 
"There’s all that to think about. And for that one doesn’t need a wrecking ball. One requires a Surgeon."
I imagine that what the entire Catholic world shall now live through will be something akin to what happened in Recusant England. Silver-haired Novus Ordo dupes will laugh and guffaw with their liberal bishops, as the latter joke about mundane things. And if any trace of the Right-leaning Traditionalists pop their heads up, the zombie class will uniformly turn their collective faces towards us, and rush at us to eat us alive. We will be exposed, doxxed, disemployed, called out, and shamed.

Daring to continue to even blog about this will put a target on you. I'd say give it five years.

If there is to be Traditional Mass said anywhere, it will be hidden and unannounced in official diocesan bulletins. And should the time come for good priests to suffer persecution, we will begin to witness the phenomenon of priest hiding holes in Catholic homes for when the authorities come to shake us down.

Our primary strength will remain, not with the secular clergy, but as Our Lady of Good Success stated:
"Religious communities will remain to sustain the Church and work with courage for the salvation of souls.… The secular clergy will fall far short of what is expected of them because they will not pursue their sacred duty. Losing the divine compass, they will stray from the way of priestly ministry mapped out for them by God and will become devoted to money, seeking it too earnestly."
I believe that the monster birthed during Vatican II is advancing beyond its larval stage, and a catalyst has been introduced to grow the "modernist virus" at a rapid rate. Many of us have braced for this period. Most have no idea about what's going to happen.

Fortunately for us, however, the difficult years of turmoil and confusion have educated and hardened us. We have become Mithridatized against poisonous harm that would otherwise slay previous, more tender generations. The few strong Catholics that remain are inoculated to a degree, as we have been exposed to one small dose of poison at a time.

We will hold the line and keep the fire lit.


  1. I still wonder why,after all these years,only 3 out of the 2,200 Bishops @Vatican 2,had the will to consecrate Bishops in the traditional rite of Episcopal Consecration?(Lefevbre,Thuc,Mendez)
    Yes the Duarte Costa line still uses traditional rite of consecration but,theyre schismatics.
    3 out of 2,200 is utterly mind blowing!

    1. Bishop de Castro Mayer was co-consecrator with Archbishop Lefebvre, so there are more than 3.


    2. Ok,so 3 Bishops continued the traditional rite of Episcopal Consecration while another was co-consecrator only once.
      4 out of 2,200 is mind blowing.
      Actions speaks louder than words.
      These 4 Bishops will be Saints one day in the future.

    3. Well, if we're talking about the entire number of bishops attending Vatican II, then there are dozens more who "continued the traditional rite of episcopal consecration." However, the majority of those who did so are not of the Roman Rite. Our bishop was consecrated in the traditional rite, but he's Greek Catholic.


    4. Only 4 Bishops in the Roman Rite continued the Traditional Rite of Consecration.
      Show me a Bishop consecrated before June 1968 ordaining priests in traditional rite of ordination in 2017.
      Said Bishop should stress after midnight Holy Communion fast.
      Until that happens I will keep attending traditional chapels.

  2. "Of course, many of us in the know consider that split to have occurred at the 1968 Second Vatican Council."

    The Second Vatican Council ended in 1965.


  3. "Poor, silly man - do you think they leave you here to think?" - Alice More - "A Man for All Seasons" (1966)

  4. Being the Body of Christ, the Church must follow Him in His passion. Persecution, scourging, humiliation, crucifixion, apparent death, and glorious resurrection.
    Considering the constant barrage of scandal internally and externally, I'd say we're somewhere in between humiliation and crucifixion. Our Lady said the Church will be in eclipse. Everyone will become complacent and accustomed to the darkness of it, then when the time of the eclipse is over, the brightness will return at the astonishment of the world--what will be left of it.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks DJR, thanks, Father.

      It's amazing, I've probably been getting that date wrong for years. At some point, I must have mixed up that date with the turmoil of American events in 1968.

      I've been wrong before. And I'd like to think I'm not beyond correction.

    2. Well, it was easy, at least for me, to spot the error because... well... I was around then, using either date.

      Unfortunately. Lol.


  6. Great post thank you for your wonderful efforts.
    This blog is inspiring & well written.
    I don't always agree but its good to read a different perspective.
    God bless you.

  7. - His Eminence George Pell, a true Prince of the Church! - http://wp.me/p2Na5H-iA


  8. Thanks Laramie. You do good work. Adding to your comments. The Vatican II Church is in rapid decline as it has nothing to sell other than permissiveness, while younger folks find their spirituality elsewhere. What is happened now was foreseen by Christ when He wondered if any faithful would be here when He came again.

    To me this is a great time to be a Catholic as we engage in our part to re-establish the One True Church before Christ returns. Church Militant, indeed. Onward!

  9. Pope St. John Paul II's catechism also provides a major roadblock to "reformers." It contains many affirmations of natural and divine law. It also contains St. Thomas's definition of faith as an act of the intellect that has divine truth as its object. Anyone picking it up and cracking it open will understand that, whatever Catholicism is, it has to make sense and not contradict itself. It is not just a feeling that you have to experience to understand. This means that people with a vested interest in Catholicism have a right to have their questions about it answered. All of this theater and mystification is going to have consequences. People want truth. In particular it is a major motivator for young men. They are going to get it somewhere. If they are not sophisticated enough to comprehend truth, they'll settle for consistency, which the Catholic hierarchy is not offering right now either. Certain branches of Islam offer intellectual consistency with a very low bar to entry. I can't picture what will happen in five years, but it seems hard to imagine that worse violence won't break out in Europe and that there won't be some in the Catholic hierarchy who trace it to the abandonment of a rational faith.


    Sorry to yell, but I am really enjoying this blog. I found you accidentally when I came across your piece from last year about the hostility towards the SSPX that comes from some FSSPers. I am pretty much in complete agreement with you on that. I don't really have a dog in that race since I don't have a Society or a Fraternity chapel near me. I do have a big soft spot for the SSPX, however. Which brings me to... I wish Hilary had mentioned in that piece from The Remnant some of the wonderful things going on in the SSPX in her list of Trads who are bucking the Vatican 2 system.

    My family visited the SSPX Benedictine Monastery in Silver City, NM in August 2016 (Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery) for their Silver Jubilee and had the most amazing, fantastic time of our lives. Bishop Fellay spent a lot of time with all of us just visiting. Even when the big crowd of visitors was gone, he spent time with us little people. He blessed my kids, flew his drone for them -- which he promptly crashed, laughed heartily. My husband and sons spent a lot of time cooking and working with the monks. Absolutely blessed, beautiful experience.

    You're in Oklahoma, right? Thats not too far from New Mexico. Go to the monastery, Laramie Hirsch.

    1. Traditional chapel in North Texas