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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Healthcare Bill: American Oligarchs vs Americans

This week featured such a momentous occasion.  The Republicans have failed to destroy Obama's socialized healthcare program.  After seven years of easily passing token votes through the House and Senate--all the way to President Obama's veto pen, the Republicrats of the Senate have demonstrated that they were never serious about their promises to the American people.

For seven long years--ever since the Senate Democrats snuck socialized medicine into America that Christmas weekend, briefly after the death of their good ol' buddy Ted Kennedy--the Republican party has passed nothing but "show votes."  I would say that their votes meant nothing.  But that would be wrong.  The votes of the Republicans do mean something in this instance.  Their votes indicate that they hate you, the people.

During times like this, it is always interesting to see what Rush Limbaugh has to say about such a phenomenon:
"[I]t is abundantly clear that the career Republicans in Washington don’t want to touch Obamacare. They don’t want to repeal it. And they don’t want to do tax reform. And they don’t want to build a wall. They don’t want to do any of the Trump agenda.
They were not going to contribute. They were not gonna make this easy for Trump. It has never been about Trump unifying the Republican Party in order to beat the Democrats, and that’s been the mistake. That’s not the fight here. The fight is not Republican versus Democrat. The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you, the Trump base, versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that and nothing more."
And now, clear for one and all, we can see the perils of being run by an oligarchy.  That grand democratic myth that the politicians really speak for the people as a whole has shown itself to be nothing but a fiction for the gullible.

Cornered, Trump will do the only thing he can do now.  He will allow the madness of Obama's horrific program to continue on.  It will build and build, the stench filling the land, growing more horrible with each passing year.  Our healthcare will become completely unaffordable as the premiums and deductibles rise higher than any common man can afford, and we shall fall out of the status of a first-world nation.


It is not easy to blame a single particular person for this.  That is because this work is not the fault of one man.  It is the fault of a committee.  We can see these senators in their public lives, but there are also those who run them who hide in the shadows.  This is the nature of oligarchy.

As Nassim Taleb states:
The problem is that by creating bureaucracies, we put civil servants in a position to make decisions based on abstract and theoretical matters, with the illusion that they will be making them in a rational, accountable way.  
Indeed, who are we to blame for this?  As I've argued before, now that things have become terrible, there is not one single person to pin this problem to.  The villain is an amorphous committee.  Blame can be shifted from one person to another in this matter, until we've reached a point where blame cannot be assigned to anyone.  It's the fault of "a process."  Or, one might argue, "there's not been enough communication."  All of this translates to: responsible parties do not take any blame.    

At least we have a name for these people.  We call them "the Republican Establishment."  And who is The Establishment?  They are a group of people who live and breathe Washington D.C. liberalism.  They are a group of people who know nothing about the kind of world that you live in.  They are individuals who have never worked in healthcare, yet have all the answers.

Rush Limbaugh expands on the nature of these beasts:
You think these people in the establishment are paying a scant bit of attention to what the public thinks? They’re not. They hold the public in contempt. In their view, the public doesn’t know enough to know the right thing.
Not all members of the establishment are equally powerful. There are those who run it. You don’t know who they are. They don’t seek office. They’re not officeholders. They are the chess players, the puppeteers.  These are the people who assign roles. These are the people who determine how much money from the pile goes where, how much they get, and they then have the power (because of their ability to disburse the money), who gets it and therefore who remains loyal to the power and the elite club known as the establishment. They’re all aligned and unified now to deny Donald Trump — and if they can, to sabotage his presidency.
This is what America is subject to.  When we "fight for freedom" with our proxy wars, this is what we are working to preserve.  For whatever reason, this is the political system we revere, defend, and argue for.

Godless, pluralistic, unprincipled America produces bad characters when it comes to our politicians.  These people who become our archons are the product of our culture.  We are a raft of debris floating in the ocean.  We have no direction, no rudder, no propeller, nothing.  We drift according to our lusts.  We cannot command our own urges, and so the populace begs to be exploited.

Look forward to more hard times ahead when it comes to getting medical treatment.  When Trump says he's going to let Obamacare implode, that means he's going to let the stability of your lives implode.  Trump has no control over this; he has been on your side in whatever faculty he could.

Your welfare instead rests in the hands of this system controlled by an establishment of oligarchs who probably do not have your interests at heart.


  1. "Godless, pluralistic, unprincipled America produces bad characters when it comes to our politicians. These people who become our archons are the product of our culture. We are a raft of debris floating in the ocean. We have no direction, no rudder, no propeller, nothing. We drift according to our lusts. We cannot command our own urges, and so the populace begs to be exploited."

    We can same about the Catholic Church in many respects. However, Pope Francis is, unfortunately, no Donald Trump who is becoming a martyr for his crime of actually caring for America and the common man.

    1. Wow. True dat. The very question is startling:

      Who cares more about their followers? Pope Francis, or Donald Trump?