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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review: Pope Francis In Context by E. Michael Jones

"I think that people have a far greater ability to sense seismic (psychic or spiritual) shifts than we often realize. Especially in the aggregate. Be on guard, people, and say your prayers. I suspect you're picking up on something that may be coalescing beyond the reach of your rational mind."  
-Steve Skojec
For quite a long time, I have noticed people wondering if and when E. Michael Jones will ever share an opinion about the current pontificate of Pope Francis. Today, the fans of Dr. Jones no longer have to wait. His newest book is titled, Pope Francis In Context: Have the End Times Arrived In Buenos Aires?  Not only does Jones deliver the careful research, surprising perspective, and thoughtful subject background that he is famously known for, but more than that Jones even shares a truly startling and alarming conclusion about the current state of the Catholic Church.

 Traveling down to Argentina this year in order to see things for himself, Jones discovers a post-Catholic nation torn apart by Jewish and Jesuit liberation theology. Argentina, possessing "a coherence that is completely missing from politics in the United States," nevertheless has managed to suffer Jewish infiltration in the typical Western style, culminating in a cultural breakdown that much of Europe and America has grown used to.

Under Bergoglio's tenure in his native land, the country's bishops went from defenders of Catholicism to diplomats and commissars who took the side of Christ-denying Jews. He quotes Antonio Caponnetto, who states:
"Rather than staking a claim for the social kingship of Christ, something offensive to their pluralist conception of society, the Argentine episcopate have accepted as completely natural the syncretism of religious pluralism, convinced that Catholicism is nothing more than one option among many."
Argentina crumbled to the forces of the Freemason and Jewish cabal that has thrived since the Enlightenment.

A close look at Bergoglio's roots reveals a historical backdrop that compelled him towards an obsession with appearing modest, to the point that his behavior resembled "a grotesque pseudo-humility." He became a man who wanted to avoid confrontations, and a cleric who would happily build an affinity with Jews.

Jones' book details how Catholic institutions were opened up for Jewish celebrations and anniversaries, how Bergoglio wrote prologues for Talmudic rabbis, and these same rabbis would write prologues to his own books. He was a member of Zionist organizations, and was quite sloppy with how he handled marriage annulments.

A man who disdains Thomism, Pope Francis shows himself to not be any kind of a scholar, disdaining what he considers "intellectual decadence." After the collapse of Peronism, and at the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, Begoglio's "intellectual formation" was left neglected by his Jesuit mentors--to the detriment of us all.

Pope Francis in Context also examines the leadership style of Bergoglio when he served as spiritual adviser to the Peronist group, "Iron Guard," which tried to reconcile Marxist guerrillas and Peronist death squads. During Argentina's Dirty War, he was faced with ideological pressures that persuaded him to adopt an anti-philosophy approach to settling disputes, thus helping to explain his off-the-cuff, theatrical, authoritarian style of leadership.

From his disdain of the Catholic Hispanic tradition to his influences by Colonel Juan Domingo Peron, Pope Francis appears to have surrendered unconditionally to the enemies of Catholicism. "The enemies of the church in Buenos Aires now attack her with impuity," Jones reports.

The non-confrontational policies of Church clerics that we have lately been witnessing were ratified by Bergoglio's election into the papacy, vindicating the Church's enemies and emboldening them "to escalate the conflict to new levels of violence and blasphemy."

Beyond all of the fascinating insight that Jones provides throughout his well-researched and annotated book, there lies a surprise at the end. Jones actually shows himself to prefer Traditional Catholicism of a sort, though not of the American brand. Integral Catholicism is the preferred mode of thought towards the conclusion of the book, which was a surprise to me. For Jones, it has become clear that with the rejection of Aristotelian Thomism, the doors have been opened by Bergoglio for Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Marx, and others. The idea of defined dogma has disintegrated and is replaced with the "evolution of doctrine."

Jones even makes mention of the conspiracy of the Sankt Gallen Group and Cardinal Kasper's propgation of the concept of duel covenant theology:
"According to that theory, Christians could be saved by accepting Christ as Lord through baptism, but Jews could be saved by affirming the rejection of Christ that found its culmination in the Lord's crucifixion at their hands."
Through the efforts of Jesuits, Jews, Peronists, and conspirators, the Church now has "a general who does not want to fight the culture wars," a man who will not defend the church's non-negotiable principles, a man who believes that truth is a matter of consensus, and that "philosophical arguments do not change anyone's life."

While it is possible God may reform Pope Francis' soul, returning him to the path of Christ, the outlook is quite bleak. And it is on this point that one of the most startling statements in the book is made:

"The cabal of cardinals and bishops and progressive clerics appear to be enchanted with what appears to be 'a new spring' in the Church. The Church returns to a predicament. It returns to be a 'valid reference' for the world. But this world is not just any old world. It is the world which rejected Christ and 'the abolition of man.' It is the world of the Antichrist. Any possibility of Francis returning to the path of Christ would require a miracle, the miracle of Francis' conversion. This miracle isn't impossible, because 'nothing is impossible with God.' Naturally speaking, however, the eclipse has already taken place. It's only possible to see a dying halo behind the opacity which is hiding it. In a terminal situation like this, it is possible that Christ Himself will assume the power of the keys."
The academic, detail-oriented, anti-Traddie E. Michael Jones is giving us the worst prognosis for the Catholic Church and the state of affairs in the world. The Church is breathing Her death rattles, and it is likely that a terrifying, miraculous, cataclysmic, seismic Divine Intervention will shake the world like a blanket.

Jones acknowledges that there are "now two 'popes' in the Vatican," They are two bishops "dressed in white." One pope emeritus, and one who would rather be called "bishop of Rome." The older pope is regarded as a symbol of the Church of Philadelphia, while the newer pope is a symbol for our new age, the age of Laodicea. And so, we continue to be outgunned in the culture wars.

Pope Francis In Context is one of the most startling books of our time. It is, by far, not the longest work that E. Michael Jones has ever published. Yet, this book carries a lot of weight because of what it demonstrates. For what we have here with Jones is a deep intellectual who has always remained a skeptic of the usual suspects of American Catholic Traditionalism. And yet, even this skeptic of that brand has himself recognized an eclipse in the Church. His very words towards the end of the book elicit imagery from Catholic prophecy, even though Jones does not veer into those mystical quarters of Catholic thinking.

It is an eerie and sobering thought to realize that the rational and academic efforts of the most logical mind begin to resemble the most fantastical, spiritual, and most ridiculed narratives from the Catholic world. But nevertheless, Jones argues that the Church is at a terminal point of no return without the aid of Jesus Christ Himself.

Anyone familiar with the author--and everyone who is concerned about the current pontiff(s)--should read about this Argentinean backdrop that Jones has provided. The context of Bergoglio's background will enlighten you, while the implications for this world's future will astound you.


  1. I think that your last quotes, concerning the Pope of Laodicea, evidently a book written by Dr. Jones's interlocutor, Agustin Eck, is actually Jones summarizing what Prof. Eck says in his book, which unfortunately seem unavailable for purchase on the net. From what he says, it sounds like that book is an expansion of the theme of Fr. Julio Meinvielle on the two churches, the point being that the Lord will vomit out of his mouth the church of Laodicea, the modernizing, church of publicity. What was not entirely clear is whether Eck expects that there is a hidden, true church, that will remain. The context of Dr. Jones's own summary suggests not, I.e a position like that of Malachi Martin, who said the Lord has no more use for the Church and is liquidating it. Jones's response to this was pretty weak, just citing one victory of his in Poland. I have to say that I am in agreement with the liquidation hypothesis, as is evident from some other comments I have made on the net, and so am once again approaching the Christianity of the East, to link back up to the first millennium, since the western innovations of the second millennium are being vomited out of the Lords mouth.

    1. "I think that your last quotes, concerning the Pope of Laodicea, evidently a book written by Dr. Jones's interlocutor, Agustin Eck, is actually Jones summarizing what Prof. Eck says in his book"

      This is correct. What Jones says here takes place in the last chapter in the context of a sort of campfire visit with him. It's a good chapter, and you should check it out.

  2. Thanks Laramie. Glad to see E. Michael Jones coming around. I will purchase the book even though I already accept the basic that the Catholic Church is in a state of significant deterioration, perhaps terminal, unrecognized by most of Church hierarchy, who have evidently been blinded by pride, and have been rendered into a stupor of inaction. Consequently, calling for executive action on the part of Christ would appear to be logical answer to the Church's moribund condition in order that souls be saved. Let us pray for everyone involved in rescuing the Church from herself and ask God to visibly intervene.

  3. Can someone please say what is the book referred to above, by Fr Julio Mienvielle?

  4. Vatican 2 wouldn't have been possible if the average catholic laymen had not accepted all the changes in the 1950's.
    Bergoglio would not happened if the average Catholic layman had not accepted Vatican 2 & subsequent changes in the 1960's.
    I attend a traditional chapel w/Thuc line clergy.
    Orthodoxy is a no go zone for me,except in case of a global disaster which then prompts emergency situations.

  5. What stunning events we are watching, the end of the Church, or so it appears. Truly, only Jesus can save this, and after a lifetime of hearing prophesy, recognizing in an abstract way that we must rely on Christ alone, and that the end of days will be days when evil is called good and good evil, and lo, here those days are!
    Take heart fellow travelers, He will not abandon us nor forsake us. Now is the time we will practice a faith without much external support save Christ Himself. These are more than interesting times, they are apocalyptic times, it seems.
    Jesus, have mercy on us, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  6. I always understood that the Church would always be visible to those who know what to look for. Are you referring to the modernist hierarchy when you speak of the Church being liquidated? And relying on Christ alone? What does this look like to the Catholic attending the TLM? I am now fearful that I will not be able to find the faith, the Mass, a priest! Help!

    1. Contact Bishop Markus Ramolla
      @Our Lady of Victory Blogspot.
      He answers all email questions and greetings.

  7. Cf. The WJC Comes to Argentina, pp.12-13 reviewed here: Pope Francis - Longtime Zionist Tool - https://www.henrymakow.com/2016/05/pope-francis-longtime.html

  8. ABS is a subscriber to "Culture Wars" and he read this piece in there and it is to be wished that many not only read this "book" but subscribe to "Culture Wars."

  9. ABS. I subscribed to Culture Wars at the time I purchased the book. We need to support efforts like this to make progress in the Culture Wars.

    1. Correct. We need to support what remaining networks we have.

    2. How much is a yearly subscription to Culture Wars?

    3. Anon. PDF version #35.00; PRINT: $49.00

  10. I read the Culture Wars version of this article but not the book. I was also surprised that EMJ waded into this territory, but it seemed like he had to sooner or later. In this case I did not find the usual analysis of Jewish involvement to be as fruitful as it has been for EMJ on other topics. I think the anti-philosophical bent of Bergoglio and others is the key - the desire to jettison speech in favor of encounter. But I think that Catholics who find this alarming need to do more than simply disagree. Like St. Thomas, we need to formulate the position that we oppose better than the people who actually hold that position can. To put it into words and understand it rather than be alarmed. I also do not think we should make any sudden moves vis a vis the Church. We need the Church, even if the hierarchy appear to have gone insane. To flee the Church with this or that group is like the end of the horror movie when the protagonists get into the car and drive away, but the viewers see that the monster is really inside the car.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Matt. I agree. The Novus Ordo Church will be in rapid decline as the older stalwarts die off. Since the Modernist Church has nothing to sell but permissiveness we need to hang in there and do our part to subvert the current diabolical disorientation by prayer, fasting and appropriate counter Vatican II aggressive actions. One obvious way is to withhold funding.