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Monday, July 31, 2017

Aurini's Sunday Sermon: Enabling Priest Pederasty

It's amazing to witness how news of the Crisis within the Catholic Church has spread to different quarters.

Coming out of the Alt-Right's corner this Sunday, Davis Aurini put out a brand-spankin' new...sermon, for lack of a better word.  In it, he discusses how basically we, the laity, are responsible for normalizing the gay culture that's spread like a metastasizing cancer within the Institution.  By turning a blind eye towards the decrepit and vile filth of perverse sexual deviants, pederasty and sodomite culture run rampant within the hierarchy, making life very difficult for any good priest who tries to navigate the storm.

Davis Aurini with trademark vices and skull accessory
This recent Youtube video is one of his better and more pertinent episodes.  I recommend you check it out for yourselves.  It's a brief thirteen minutes in length, but for those without access to video, I've provided a typed transcript for you below.

Here's the hyperlink to the video itself, Pederasty, Homosexuality, and Priestly Celibacy in the Catholic Church:


- - -

So the Catholic Church has been in the news again recently.  As usual, for all the wrong reasons.

Child molestation in Mexico.  A cocaine-fueled gay orgy on Vatican property, organized by a 50-year old priest who is the secretary to one of Pope Francis' #1 advisers.

And, you know, I could try and argue that the sexual perversion--the child molestation--is statistically insignificant when compared to other institutions.  But that would be completely missing the point of what's going on with all of this.  

As the saying goes, "it's not the cover-up; it's the crime."  And certainly, any institution that takes care of children is going to have pedophiles who are attracted to it.  It's an institution that's organized by men, run by men.  Corruption is inevitable.

But these aren't the popes of the 14th century who've had a mistress on the side, who were brokering political power for the benefits of their family members.  No, this is the cover up of one of the most damning crimes out there.  A crime that injures the child.  A crime that destroys the faith of that child in the Church and in Jesus Christ.  A crime that damages the community as a whole.

That's what we're talking about here.  The cover up--the turning of a blind eye toward the most serious crimes out there.  Saying that school teachers do it a thousand times more often completely misses the point.

There's been a lot of talk recently about how the problem in the Catholic Church is the vow of celibacy that the priesthood takes.  I would like to dismiss that notion, because that is a non-starter.  That misses the point.  That misses what's really going on, and how much culpability every single one of us has in it.

Saying it's the vow of celibacy is to say that regular heterosexual men, if their wife is off on a business trip, are liable to go grab the local neighbor boy and bugger him in the ass in some sort of "sexual emergency."    That would be laughable if it weren't being tragically used as a defense for Muslim migrants in Europe.  No, the problem is not priests taking a vow of celibacy.  A heterosexual man is not going to go bugger a child in the ass just because he said he wasn't going to get married.  And quite frankly, there are priests who have girlfriends.  There are priests who waver on their vows, and that's been happening for a very long time.

But failing on that vow is one thing.  The sexual perversion of wanting to harm an innocent--of getting off on harming an innocent--that is something else entirely.

Let me put it this way.  Let's try to put this into common sense for a second.  Who's more likely to molest a child under their care?  A priest with a vow of celibacy, or a school teacher with a collection of dildos and a full time membership at the swinger's club?  Which one is more likely to be sexually inappropriate with your children?

No, the problem in the Catholic Church is not the vow of celibacy.  Somebody who respects that vow of celibacy is less likely to harm a child.  In the same that a married man who got married at a young age who has stayed faithful to his wife and she to him is less likely to molest a kid than some drug-addicted, orgy-attending pervert who just uses people as a means of getting off.  That's the problem we have.

The problem we have is that we have been enabling perverts and sodomites getting into the Church--getting in to these positions of power--for decades if not centuries.  We have been enabling it.  We Catholics are the ones who have been making a joke about it--a joke out of the priest liking the little boys in his choir.  We have Catholic mothers, those who should be defending their children, turning this into a joke.  We have parents sending off kids who suffer same-sex attraction to go become priests in places like Notre Dame, where it's the worst-kept secret in the world that they're all homosexuals there.  We as Catholics are the ones not taking this seriously.  We are the ones willfully turning a blind eye, enabling the homosexual priest, enabling the homosexual clergy, and making it that much harder for any priest who respects his vows.    
And in return, what do we get?

A priest who falls to regular human weakness and gets a girlfriend on the side--that's bad enough.  He's disrespecting the vows of his office.  But a priest who willingly engages in a degrading sexual act that harms himself and the person he's doing it with, that treats people as disposable objects for his own pleasure?  That person is going to go give the Sacrament?  We enabled that, and that's perverting the Church.

We are the ones who are responsible for this, who allowed this to happen.  And is it any bloody surprise that the sexual fetish which is based on corrupting, manipulating, and blackmailing people--and destroying one's self in endless hedonism--is it any surprise that the practitioners of this sexual perversity have taken over the Vatican at the highest levels?

You know, Ann Barnhardt estimates at this point that ninety percent of the Vatican, of Rome--ninety percent are practicing homosexuals.  Now, you can write that off as typical Barnhardt cynicism.  But I'll tell you what.  It's a hell of a lot more than the three percent that we see in the population everywhere else.  And we turn a blind eye to it.  We turn a blind eye to it in our personal lives and in our political lives.

Every year, the number of people supporting gay marriage in the Church goes up.  And the stats are out there.  Homosexuals are two to three percent of the population, yet they commit about fifty percent of child molestation.  Stats are out there about the drug addiction.  Stats are out there about the abuse, about all of this.  We choose to ignore that.

The Church hasn't failed us.  We have failed the Church.  We need to get right with God...because this is terrifying.  A 2,000-year old institution dedicated to prayer, to worship, to spiritual betterment--and this sort of filth is running rampant in it?  This is terrifying.  This is not mere human corruption.  This is much, much worse.

Whatever issues you might have with the Catholic Church--if you're a Protestant or an atheist--this isn't the Church collecting money and being greedy or being sinful in all those fallen human ways.  This is far, far worse.

There is a silver lining, however.  All of this corruption--every bit of sexual addiction, molestation, and cover up that you hear about--it comes from the secular clergy.  It comes from those who engage with the secular public.  It does not come from the religious communities.  The monasteries, the convents?  There's the occasional one of those that will go bad.  But the widespread corruption and cover ups just aren't there.

So I implore you folks, get right with God.  Start calling out corruption when you see it in your personal life.  Because it's only by living virtuously in our personal lives that we deserve a virtuous Church.  And if we don't?  Interesting times ahead.

Deus Vult
Aurini out.


  1. Plan on interesting times ahead Laramie.

    I agree that Catholics should clean up their act but who is going to communicate this message? How about no one except for a few bloggers like yourself. Hardly any Catholics are not going to hear messages about purity from the pulpit--that's for sure. The climax of Our Lady of Fatima's third secret is near, I'm afraid.

    1. Like I said before, the hold outs are the religious communities:


      "And so, as the secular clergy fails, let me now direct you to the religious communities. Once again, I want to direct you to what Hilary White said in one of her recent Remnant articles. In it, she makes a list of "the holdouts." White is referring to those religious communities that I am referring to, and to whom the Holy Mother was referring. White calls them "The little guys out here in the big and little pockets of resistance." She goes through a list of religious orders and Catholic organizations who are still holding the line. White is showing us those religious communities that the Holy Mother talked about, and who can help us retain our sanity through the times to come.

      "If you need to know who to support with your tithe money, your presence, and your public support, might I suggest you turn to the religious communities for your inspiration?"

    2. Introibo ad Altare Dei 2 is a good blog.