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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Agreeing with VD: Modern Writing Sucks

I always felt like I was drowning in a lake of bullshit when I was forced to read modern "literature" at the university. One of my degrees was English Literature, so I had to read a lot of it.

The classics always offered clarity, while the new stuff about fags or failed sexual encounters always seemed self-serving to the writer. Why lit professors or others of that brand keep tagging themselves to that pointless charade will always bewilder me. It's one of the most flaccid things to take an interest in, and their literature preference can probably serve as a beacon warning others of their sodomitical lifestyle.

From today's Vox Day post, Modern Literature Is Bad Writing:
Speaking of bad writing, this 2001 Atlantic essay on the form and purpose of modern literature is magnificent. The author, BR Myers, rightly crucifies several doyennes of modern literature, including one, Cormac McCarthy, whose popular appeal I have never understood in the slightest(...):
"While inside the vaulting of the ribs between his knees the darkly meated heart pumped of who's will and the blood pulsed and the bowels shifted in their massive blue convolutions of who's will and the stout thighbones and knee and cannon and the tendons like flaxen hawsers that drew and flexed and drew and flexed at their articulations of who's will all sheathed and muffled in the flesh and the hooves that stove wells in the morning groundmist and the head turning side to side and the great slavering keyboard of his teeth and the hot globes of his eyes where the world burned.
(All the Pretty Horses, 1992)
"This may get Hass's darkly meated heart pumping, but it's really just bad poetry formatted to exploit the lenient standards of modern prose. The obscurity of who's will, which has an unfortunate Dr. Seussian ring to it, is meant to bully readers into thinking that the author's mind operates on a plane higher than their own—a plane where it isn't ridiculous to eulogize the shifts in a horse's bowels."
I know a copywriter. He was basically my mentor through college. He writes (and edits) damn well. He wrote a book about the rodeo lifestyle not too long ago, and I recommend it to y'all heartily. Any male with a working set of testicles who likes to read should check this one out.
It's called Ride On, by Michael Hearing


You should probably have some classic country playing in the background while you read it. (Waylon, Nelson, Hank Jr., etc.)

I suppose I could always push this book that some have attributed to me.


  1. I looked on Amazon for your 'The Road to Moloch' but it wasn't there. Hint please.

    1. It was a book I wrote long ago, full of grammatical errors, and shortly after I emerged from "English Lit World." I took it down for the time being.

      Try this: https://www.amazon.com/Bovodar-Bears-Jack-Mikkelson-ebook/dp/B00GNABG5E

    2. Then there's this: http://jackmikkelson.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks Laramie. Good luck with all your writing formats. I suppose they all essentially come down to the same subject.