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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

West London Building Fire. Accident or Arson?

There's an apartment building in West London that's on fire right this moment.  Everyone is currently concerned about the action on the scene, survivors, injured people, and so on.

I hope that the remaining survivors get out of there, and that whoever is about to die make a good final act of contrition.  Although, it's not likely, as I think most of the residents are Muslims.

So, now I must ask.  Was it arson?  Or was it an accident?

Happy Ramadan.


  1. A resident at the scene said that the person whose flat the fire started in knocked on his door to warn him, claiming that his refrigerator had exploded. Both of the residents were Muslims.

    Sky News kept stressing the point that Ramadan had probably "saved lives" because some people had been awake due to the Ramadan fasting and eating cycle.

  2. I was wondering if it was arson myself!
    With that said,3rd world illegal aliens plug 15 appliances in one outlet with 5 extension cords.
    These people aren't the brightest apples on the tree.
    One look at the "noble nations" they run from screaming while hoping the former white nations save them will show you theyre backward folk.