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Monday, June 26, 2017

Traddyland Is Tiny

Ann Barnhardt did an interesting (and I suppose controversial for most) podcast recently, which got booted off of YouTube.  A glance at the title will probably tell you why.  Nonetheless, it was one of the more interesting podcasts she's done in her recent series, and I enjoyed it.

One particular part was a small section where she discussed the elite world of Novus Ordo Catholicism.  If you are a Traditionalist Catholic reading this--and you likely are--then her words will really bring home the reality of just how small a group you fit in to:
Traddyland, such as it is, is tiny.  It is microscopic.  In fact, we make the joke that no matter where you go in the world--on the planet--if you go to a Sunday Mass, there are multiple people in that Mass that you are only one degree of separation from [...] It's such a small community.  What that means is that the market for "Traditional Catholic anything" is just minuscule.  
Now, the conservative, neo-Con, neo-Catholic Novus Ordo market is a sizable market.  And people like Scott Hahn, and these guys at EWTN, and Raymond Arroyo, and so on...these people can make very good livings off of this.  They can get along very well.  They can get teaching positions.  There's basically only one or two truly Trad Catholic colleges anywhere in the United States.  
So, if you're an academic--and I hear this all the time from Trad Catholic academics--"I have to keep my head down, because if I don't, I will be completely unemployable.  All of the positions at Wyoming Catholic College are filled, which means therefore, there's nothing else for me as a Traditional Catholic scholar."  That's what I hear all the time.  
So money, obviously, is number one.  They cant walk away from this.  Because they can't walk away from the paycheck.  There's no TV.  There's no Trad Catholic TV--I mean, I don't even count Voris anymore as being in that.  Voris is a completely separate, weird, very very weird thing over there on his own.  
That last bit about Voris was funny.  The man and CMTV do themselves in by going after the SSPX and refusing to acknowledge that the current pope (antipope?) is behaving like a villain.

But Barnhardt's point is sobering.  We Traditional Catholics are very small in number.  And yet, the greatest aggression, insults, and excoriation is hurled at us by our very own humblebragging pope.  So that should tell you dusty "triumphalist Traditionalists" something.

But furthermore, let's consider all of you who check into the online world of Traditionalist Catholicism.  If you've been around for five years or more, you realize that there is a limited number of you online.  This means that there are other Traditionalist Catholics in the real world--meatspace--who are unaccounted for in our number.

But also, there is a limited number of you Trads checking in online.  There are very few of you who are clued into our matrix.  This means that it is incumbent upon you all to not only learn as much as you can from our network, here in digital space, but it is also very important that you guys find solid, tangible methods for contributing to our growth in meatspace.
There are not many of us.

We are more than just minds, after all.  We do have physical bodies.  We live in an actual world.

Hone your skills and apply them to convince others.


  1. Minor note: the real world is now called "meatspace"? Seriously? "Meatspace"?

    But reality doesn't feel like a marinated top sirloin on the grill with a side of corn-on-the-cob. ;)

    1. Sorry Roy. Meatspace is the term these days. Not my word!

  2. Laramie--Cross pollination is the answer. Traddies need to provide their insights on orthodox Catholic sites like The Catholic Thing, https://www.thecatholicthing.org/, and Crisis Magazine, http://www.crisismagazine.com/

    Also, much as I hate to say it, Pope Francis does have a point. Trad sites do tend communicate a certain off-putting sense of righteousness. They should try to reach out more to the Novus Ordo folks rather than denigrating what they stand for. A little honey please.

    1. Can't say I disagree.

      But also, we need to manifest ourselves tangibly to our communities somehow.

  3. There's the very weird cognitive dissonance of finally recognizing that the Chair of Peter is occupied by a pertinacious heretic, a destroyer, and at the same time resisting the thought which itself seems heretical. It all has an Alice in Wonderland feeling to it.

    1. Probably. Yes, it's weird and difficult to endure.

  4. Don Juan. And a very ominous feeling to it also, particularly in light of what Our Lady has said on multiple occasions.

  5. I have noticed soon as "sedevacantist" is mentioned,I'm metaphorically ducking for cover as all manner of insults and patronizing sarcasm are thrown my way.
    After 6 yrs of this type of online interaction,I've chilled out considerably when dealing w/novus ordo-atheist-protestant types.
    I remember how it feels to be insulted and try hard to be considerate of others.
    I agree that ALL traditional Catholics (no matter what persuasion,myself included) need to be more considerate of each others views.
    Sede's,SSPX,Indult,Novus Ordo etc..have more in common w/each other than we do w/modern leftists-communists-Jews-etc..