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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Terror In London. And?

I can't help but agree and relate to The Becthloff this week.  Something tells me you will too:

Check out The Bechtloff video here, or follow the link below.

Some Muslims killed more Westerners during this latest annual Islamic killing season Ramadan.  I could swear we covered this just two weeks ago.  Oh yeah, I did.  And basically, I said that we are governed by a generation of cowards who fear to be ruthless and cold when necessary, and that terror of this magnitude is the new normal from now on.

Jack Black, author of
"Fuck Her Gently"
I really like how Barnhardt has been covering the Ariana Grande side of things.  That little lady (Grande) is rather filthy.  I knew that we could count on Barnhardt to lay out this angle of things for us, and man, she doesn't disappoint.  For me, one of the most memorable things she says of Grande is that "Grande is a product of the odious Nickelodeon children’s cable channel machine, second only to Disney in its perversity and aggression in its attack on children’s souls."  And how true.  A stint on the Mickey Mouse Club or some Nickelodeon pre-teen show is a guarantee for a future in some sultry, kinky, hyper-sexed, MTV media future.  Barnhardt also lays it on in this article, as well as this podcast.  I highly recommend Barnhardt's commentary, so check it out.

I am also amused with how some folks have lately been keeping track of the "death score" for this Ramadan.  Prime Minister May's response i to the London Bridge attacks is typical.  She blames this not on Islam, but Islamist extremism.  She wants to defeat extreme Islamist ideology to make them understand that British pluralism is a superior value.  She wants to end safe spaces online for terror planning.  She wants to take the fight to the enemy "over there" (worked out great for us, lemme tell you).  And she wants oh-so-tougher prison sentences.  That'll REALLY make a difference.

The problem is, of course, Islam.  Not just extreme Islam.  Pluralism is a joke.  Rather than focusing on online safe spaces, the Prime Minister should focus on actual spaces--in Britain.  And extensive exposure to prison only breeds more Islamists.

Liberals and cuckservatives will cuck their way through life--all the way to the moment of their death.
Literally on the floor, during a terrorist attack, and one Brit scolds another for being Islamophobic about it all.
First guy: "Fucking Muslims cunts!"
King of all cucks: "Don't shout that. Fucking idiot. It's not Muslims."
"I'm happy to deliver beat down to Donald
Trump--and also to Barron.  You know a
lot of comics are going hard for Donald, my
edge is that I'll go direct for Barron.  I'm going
to get in ahead of the game."
(Barron Trump is Donald's 11-year old son.)
Such a level of denial gives way to true insanity.  CNN has actually tried to stage anti-ISIS protests.  CNN host, Reza Aslan has publicly called our president a "piece of shit" for declaring the London Bridge attack as an act of terror.  London's Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants Donald Trump banned from Britain. And emboldened by the chaos of Westerners, Islamists then proceeded to set up camp in front of Trump Tower so that they could start praying their Ramadan prayers, letting the Westerners know just how emboldened they were.  The modernist post-Christian West hates themselves and their Christian past more than they hate the terrorists.

As The Bechtloff rhetorically asks: "Why should I be taking this seriously?  Because it's pretty damned apparent that no one else is."

This is just a song and dance.  This will continue to happen in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, America--and every Western nation that has opened its borders and allowed MILLIONS OF HOSTILE ALIENS INTO THEIR LANDS.

Like The Bechtloff, I simply cannot go through the motions any longer.  There's a meme circulating on Facebook.  It's a 10-step emergency plan in the case of an emergency terrorist attack.

1. Tearful cartoons
2. A Facebook filter
3. Crying on TV
4. Light up buildings
5. Candlelight vigils
6. More refugees
7. Call those who want to stop it bigots
8. Wait for the next attack
9. Repeat
10. Do nothing

I cannot work myself up over this any more.  I cannot have pity for Britain any longer.  I cannot have pity on the West any longer.  This is not September 11, 2001.  The "new" has worn off, and the glamour of being horrified is old hat.  I'm at Level Jonah. This generation of people in the West deserves to be marched around in the desert for 40 years until it dies off.  There is no one to root for.  No one to support.  I have no vested interest in any major player in this geopolitical disaster.
"I am supposed to care.  And I can't.  I can't care anymore.  I don't have any emotional reservoir left to care about this anymore.  What needs done could not be more clear...Don't dare call this a tragedy, people of London.  How dare you call it a tragedy.  It's nothing more than what you chose."  
-The Bechtloff
Ladies and gentlemen, The Bechtloff has joined me on Level Jonah.  Is it a healthy place to be?  Of that, I'm not so sure.  But it's real, it exists, and we're here.  Resign yourself to the fact that most of the world is too afraid to deal with actual problems.
Everything's fine.




  1. Lesbian Terrorism in Argentina

  2. Local traditional Catholic chapel is my only reservoir of hope.
    Let's be real,our priest doesn't have any answers on how to deal with this because no true nationalist or catholic has not one ounce of political power.
    He stresses saving your soul and living the Catholic prayer and sacrament life because its literally the only positive action we can have on our life.
    Dude I gave up after the Muslim killed fellow marines in Ft.Hood.
    When he was given a trial and the media/govt/judicial system were scared of offending Islam,I knew we were finished.

  3. You got that right Laramie. Our "leaders" will start doing something when the business community tells them to do something. Doing something about the subversive political system of Islam right now is bad for business. If you want to help the cause stop buying so much stuff. Boycott Islam by boycotting business.

  4. I can't take listening to or watching the news anymore.
    Whites and Catholics are literally in the dark on the few keys issues and thrive in irrelevance.
    Its not healthy for me to watch our impending imminent defeat & replacement.