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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Leftist Violence: An Invitation To A Party :)

A typical, lunatic leftist, deluded fan of Rachel Maddow has decided to try to kill Republicans this week.  He tried to manifest his sedition into something tangible.  He wanted to make his political opinions real and perceivable for one and all through the killing of various people on the Right.

This man was not an outlier.  He was not a lone actor in an isolated and uncharacteristic circumstance.  This shooter was created by the same forces that have encouraged Antifa to spread their violence in major US cities.

The good news is that this is an invitation.

People on the Right generally desire to respect law and order.  And because of this fact, they don't typically go out to create battles with the Left on American streets.  The Right carry and conceals all of the time.  Lots of us carry guns legally.  I recommend revolvers, as they never seem to misfire.

A Trump assassination is lauded in a Leftist play in NYC.
Now, the Left cannot come to grips with the fact that they've lost a presidential election.  After eight years of America's first cocaine-snorting, sodomite, atheist/Islamic, globalist black president, the Left is on a high, and it simply refuses to come down.  I suppose this is akin to witnessing violent crime between people in the meth drug culture, here in Oklahoma.  These people are so addicted to their drug, they will rob and kill to keep the high going.

In any event, when the day comes when you witness violence in your vicinity, do not fret.  Do not feel down.  Do not be glum.  Instead, take the opportunity to participate in the civil war that the Left is inviting you to.  Unholster your weapon, and shoot your enemy in a tight shooting pattern in the chest.  If you have a family with children, and if you are able, flee the scene immediately.  But if it looks like the shit is about to hit the fan, your chance to punch Left has arrived.  You have a constitutional right (for what that's worth) to defend your own life

"How to Foment Civil War," by Kathy Griffin
The impending civil war that awaits us all will not be started by the Right.  It will be started by the Left.  The Right is dependent upon the Left to invite us to the fight.  When these moments break out, we have received an invitation to participate in a brand new level of civil discourse, in which we can express our disagreements in a new contract.  This new behavior on the part of the shitlibs is an unspoken accord.  They are secretly saying: "Please, put us in our place.  Show us you can do it."  And, from the inaction of many police departments during these types of skirmishes, it appears that the powers that be have decided to sit this one out.

So, kids!  Just make sure that the law is on your side when the Left comes out for your blood, and you should be able to make your stance clear and unquestioned with two in the chest and one in the head.  While slow to respond to the summons, I am certain that within five years we will hear many tales from various media sources about the various "debates" that will take place on America's bloodied streets.

What a wonderful world the previous generations have left us!


  1. Snoop Dogg is play acting bitch that lives in Beverly Hills.
    Any thoughts on the traditional workers party?
    Tom Metzger has the theory of sitting back,blending in with society,and taking it over once it collapses.
    Both Tom and TWP offer unique visions and nothing in common with each other.

  2. Bunch of useful idiots murdering effigies in hopes *HOPES* some other useful idiot further down the IQ pike will do the real deed for them.

    They're getting too close.

    The great struggle of our time isn't Democrat v. Republican but these stupid slags can't see the forest from the trees anyways. They're not big picture thinkers and are stuck in some bizarre boomer-wrought hysteria about how contemporary American politics--wherein one party agrees with the other only 99% of the time--is somehow the origin of all disputes and to blame for all violence. There are bigger players at the table than some basic-bitch elected representatives that got shot. Men who've banked power for generations in effort to do something they think neat. Tidy. Efficient.

    Don't worry, though. If this whole affair upsets you it'll be memory-holed quite soon. Sleep well and never wake up!