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Friday, June 23, 2017

Catholics Should Be Concerned About Power.

"If this country--and indeed the other countries that make up what was once Christendom--are to survive, they shall require both a new animating principle and a new myth of governance."  - Charles Coulombe, Star Spangled Crown
A recent question has been asked of me. "Why do Catholics need to be concerned with power? It has never been a concern of the Church, and it certainly will never be a concern of Jesus Christ."

This question betrays an apathy and an ignorance of what Catholics are supposed to be doing in this nation and in this world.

If America is to survive at all, it will need to reorient itself towards Christendom. Moreover, it is our jobs as the salt of the Earth to convert this nation. When He came to this Earth, Christ may have preached to the needs of the individual before He ascended into Heaven. But the full spectrum of Christ's reign was intended to reverberate beyond individual and to the rest of society.

As Charles Coulombe says, orthodox American Catholics have a particularly habitual way of looking at our country and our place in it. We are merely guests at a table getting our share. We regard the United States as perfect in its current religious and political condition. We are merely concerned about coexistence with our heretical neighbors, not their conversion. And so, since the majority of Catholics blithely accept the religious status quo in America, we are actually no friend to this country, its peoples, or their liberty. We insult God and commit treason upon our fellow Americans.

To borrow some recent words from Camille Paglia (words actually aimed at the Trump-hating Left), Traditional Catholics in America occupy an amorphous meta-realm of subjective emotion, theoretical abstractions, and refined language. Catholics need to instead become builders who can deal with the tangible, obdurate, objective world of high-impact physical action.

It is good, I suppose, to evangelize non-Catholics lightly in passive conversation. To hand out Catholic Christmas cards. To invite people to baptisms and confirmations. But that is not enough. Strength and power is also a powerful and influential witness that has the power to convince. In fact, the American mind is drawn toward strength.
"Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time. That's why Americans have never lost and will never lose a war. The very thought of losing is hateful to Americans."-General George S. Patton
Without Catholicism, the Right in America will fail. The Right--even the Intellectual Alternative Right--will fail because it stands for nothing, the only common denominator being that they are not that other group, the Left.

It is our job to Catholicize America.

This blog is not positioned to provide you with, as Davis Aurini calls it, "narcissistic supply, a source of identity, or feelings of inclusion."  There is an end goal in this long-term strategy. Our aims are written down in revelation, tradition, and the successes of Christendom. We cannot achieve much with only our online memes, t-shirts, and slogans. We cannot attain heroic glory without armaments and uniforms. We require influence. We require solid, real representation.
"When men once recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony."- Pope Pius XI, Quas primas
Power is certainly a concern of the Church. We Catholics have a duty in this world. We are on a mission. We are not here to rest on our laurels, sitting on our hands, hoping to end a cushy life with a good death, perhaps even martyrdom. This is defeatist thinking. When Rome was collapsing, it was the Catholic Church who held up an edifice for civilization to recover. It was the Catholic Church who the kings looked to for spiritual and civic direction. The separation of church and state is a hideous lie that is an abomination and a heresy from the French Revolution, and Catholics should recognize it as such.

David Hines covers this mode of thinking very adequately over at Jacobite:
"There’s a famous cartoon by Sidney Harris that shows a couple of researchers at a blackboard, on which is a series of complicated mathematical equations. In the middle of the blackboard are the words 'then a miracle occurs.' The cartoon’s caption, dialogue from one of the researchers to the other: 'I think you should be more explicit here in step two.'
"'And then a miracle occurs' is a long-standing fringe-right temptation. You see it in all sorts of places: in Ayn Rand’s hugely influential Atlas Shrugged, once a lone scientist moves to Galt’s Gulch and doesn’t have to worry about the leeches, he literally cures cancer. In the much less influential wish-fulfillment novels by literal Nazi Harold Covington, his Mary Sue goes from poverty-stricken and railing into the ether to the inspiring force behind a mass white nationalist movement because, for no reason, white people suddenly start listening to his screeds and mailing him five-figure checks. Bluntly put: 'and then a miracle occurs' is the equivalent of 'I don’t have to change or put forth any effort; someday I will be great and people will like me for who I am.' As Righties know, this is something lazy and inadequate people say."
I am always hearing the Traditional Catholics in my circle moan about the Crisis in society and in the post-conciliar Church, and these same people state that the Crisis can only be solved through Divine Intervention. These people wait for the wrath of God in the same way that the protestants of the megachurches wait for the Rapture. This is a presumption on God. We were not set on this Earth to wait for Him to act. Mankind has a free will to choose his path, and we are called to act.

Catholics should be concerned with power. More needs to be done. Apathy is a betrayal to God and country.


  1. As a new Catholic I continue to struggle against the Protestant dichotomy that pits the material against the spiritual, Earth against Heaven, Man against God. The relatively new idea of a miraculous "Rapture" aligns with the idea that Satan rules the universe (the material world) and Christians are merely pilgrims moving like hunted spies through life, trying to get whoever we can to the lifeboats before Titanic goes under.

    Complete inglorious defeat in the name of faith.

    1. The relatively new idea of a miraculous "Rapture" aligns with the idea that Satan rules the universe (the material world) and Christians are merely pilgrims moving like hunted spies through life, trying to get whoever we can to the lifeboats before Titanic goes under.


      This world is Christ's. He is the King. It was created by God.

  2. I agree 100% Laramie!!
    Great post brother have a blessed weekend.

  3. Excellent Laramie. I'm still in favor of divine intervention given that it is impossible to sell the Catholic faith when the Pope and most Bishops will not stand up for the fact that it the only true faith. Accordingly, potential converts would just laugh at anyone who tried to convert them saying that "your own leaders have no faith."

    1. Accordingly, potential converts would just laugh at anyone who tried to convert them saying that "your own leaders have no faith."

      Scathing and true.

      How can we possibly convert anyone when our own leaders are against us and the principles of the Organization?

      There must be an angle.

  4. Appreciated.

    I do see Catholic commentators advocating for the "Social Reign of Christ the King," but they rarely get specific. Wouldn't the Social Reign of Christ the King have as its goal a confessional state and require the overturning of the First Amendment?

    The Left is now more and more openly advocating against the First Amendment and for speech restrictions, and the Alt Right kids are pointing out that the liberties guaranteed by classical liberalism are self-destuctive. Separation of church and state and freedom of speech are not the eternal ideal for society and politics but an anomaly - perhaps this now becoming something that can be openly discussed?

    Perhaps Trad Catholics need to say what they mean by "the Social Kingship of Christ" - an end to the separation of church and state and limited restriction on speech aimed to dissuade people of the Truth. Leftists and Muslims are advocating for totalitarian heresies of just this integral Catholic way of organizing society, and the Alt Right kids are looking for an alternative. If Catholics would be straightforward about what they are advocating for they might attract many people to their cause.

    1. "I do see Catholic commentators advocating for the "Social Reign of Christ the King," but they rarely get specific."

      I'll get VERY specific in a post next week.

    2. Jesse, the post I had planned to type up for you turned into a dud. I thought I had a lead, but it turned out to be bad. Forgive me. You won't be hearing anything specific this week. I'll try to contact you via e-mail as well.

  5. I've heard it said that the devil said if there was more than one Saint John Mary Vianney, he would be in real trouble. In addition, I think about the huge influence that Mother Teresa had in the world by saying Yes to God and doing His will and not worrying about worldly power or money. Yes, one person doing God's will can make an immense difference and even change the world.
    However, evil flourishes when good men do nothing. Sadly, there are a lot of selfish, cowardly, self-preservationists around all over the world, today, and many of them call themselves Catholic/Christian. I remember when, a few years ago, our local group of pro-lifers were out at a local Catholic Church basically begging people to come out to pray in front of the nearby abortion "clinic" for just 15 to 30 minutes once or twice a month. The reading at Mass was, "If you hear His voice, harden not your hearts." Unfortunately, the people were fleeing from us as if we were lepers and my friend even mentioned that to the priest, who just smiled. I remember how rude the people were as they would just rush out and back away and close the door as they were in the middle of talking with us. I even said to a couple of them, "If you hear His voice, harden not your hearts." Even most of the ones who actually signed up to come out to pray NEVER showed up or contacted us.
    I've heard so many excuses about not being comfortable and about not being about to stand outside for much time, from the same people who stand out in the church parking lot for 1/2 to 1 hour talking in all sorts of weather.
    Many of the Protestants can put the local Catholics to shame, because they drive a long distance and come out in all kinds of weather and stay for hours praying and sidewalk counseling. However, they do look at us few Catholics out there hour after hour, week after week for years and start to wonder about the Catholic faith. Recently, one had the courage to ask me about Our Blessed Mother being considered sinless and where was that in the Bible. He's not pushy, just wanting to learn, because he said he sees a light in the eyes of one of the Catholic pro-life sidewalk counselors.
    Despite the nonsense coming from the Vatican, it's still important to evangelize and teach the true Catholic faith. We are not embarrassed by our true Catholic faith and are happy to share it and proclaim it to all who come near or go by us on the sidewalk. We are to boldly proclaim the truth. The Truth will set you free.
    Sadly, I believe that a lot of Catholics are frustrated, discouraged, and fearful and need prayers for increased faith, hope, and love/charity and especially for courage to do God's will. However, God is wanting to give us many graces, if we only ask Him. God bless you all.

    1. How would you all react if a Roman Catholic holding the sedevacantist position,such as myself,wanted to pray with you all in front of the infant murder clinic?
      I am being serious and not sarcastic.

    2. Many of the Protestants can put the local Catholics to shame, because they drive a long distance and come out in all kinds of weather and stay for hours praying and sidewalk counseling.

      We need to take notes and observe our competitors and enemies. It couldn't hurt to also adopt their tactics if they are not immoral.

      There is nothing noble about accepting a self-righteous noble defeat.

    3. I've had the same exact thoughts regarding adapting Muslim tactics.
      They kick a** & take names while effortlessly conquering every city,state,province,and nation they forcefully inhabit.
      We should be more vocal and active in public regarding traditional Catholicism.
      Today at Walmart I made the sign of the cross after the cashier said the Lord's Holy Name in a negative way.
      A girl saw me do this & laughed.I explained we must make sign of the cross whenever Jesus Christ' holy name is mentioned,especially if its negative.
      I asked if he noticed Muslims always say
      "Muhammad may Peace be upon him" when mentioning their Prophet?He shook his head yes and I explained its the same idea.
      Finally I said
      "Islam is a catholic heresy,that's why they have some of our beliefs & habits."
      Both the girl and man looked genuinely bewildered.They had never had someone talk to them in this manner or about these subjects.
      Its not a great moment in history nor is it fascinating.With that said,I wouldn't have done this small little action 1 or 2 years ago.
      America is an extremely decadent lost dying country.
      We need to start being vocal and inform anyone that crosses our paths.
      The Novus Ordo is hopeless and saving our civilization is up to us,everyone of us!

  6. Catholics must strive for a confessional state. The anointing of kings was a vivid expression of how intimately the State must be in harmony with the Church. There is a need, I think, for Catholics to found some sort of political societies with the express aim of striving politically to overthrow the false principles of democracy in the State. These societies could serve as meeting points for counter-revolutionaries to find each other and to forge networks, and also as havens of intellectual formation so that new Catholic elites may take birth and rise. Seeing the corruption of the European royal houses, and the simple absence of North-American nobility, these societies could be cradles of a future new Christian noblesse.

    Something that all Catholic militants should realise is that they will not win by voting in elections. The oligarchies decide whom you can vote for, while any man of sound Catholic and political doctrine will be systematically obstructed from climbing the political summits to a point where they can even appear on electoral lists.

    Militants must stay out of party politics and become a visible counterforce from outside of those fields of Hegelian conflict between "right-wing" liberalism and "left-wing" liberalism.

    A Counter-Revolution on a broad scale will only succeed with the support of the Roman Pontiff, surrounded with a strong battle-ready army of right believing prelates, though, and therefore it is important that the Counter-Revolution begins in Rome.

    Benjamin Van Dyck.

    1. I will not accept the novus ordo leader.
      Since 1963,every one of them have been ecumenical judaizers.
      The current 2 novus ordo leaders aren't even valid Bishops.One of them isnt even a valid priest.