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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Catholic Priest Retreats, Gives Way to Modernist Advancement

A few other ideas I had for the title of this post were:

  • How To Lose A Cultural War
  • What Happens When Pretending There Is No War
  • Luciferian Modernist Advancement Continue, Catholics Lose Again

Out ya go, Fr. Riehl!
I spoke in April about how a Father Christopher Riehl had accepted the duty of performing Catholic missionary work in  North Carolina, bringing true Catholicism to the confused people of his parish under the benevolent leadership of Bishop Peter Jugis.  But guess what?  The Baby Boomers win again!  

The Charlotte Observer has recently reported that Fr. Riehl of St. John the Evangelist parish complains of being "worn out or burned out," and that he's taking a sabbatical.  

How brave.  
A group calling itself Appalachian Catholics in the Smoky Mountain Region said in a statement earlier this year that Riehl and some other conservative priests assigned by Jugis to small parishes in the mountains “seem to be more intent on taking the church back to pre-Vatican ll days rather than minister to the people. They seem to be steeped in doctrine and theology, but are unwilling to participate in ecumenical activities, and are lacking in compassion, love and mercy. They are doing the job of the theologian, but not the job of the pastor. This is directly opposed to what Pope Francis and Vatican II are teaching us.”
Well yaaay for the Appalachian Catholics in the Smoky Mountains!  What a victory they can now celebrate!  The triumphalist has been expunged, and the precious, silver-haired faithful can continue worshipping Christ in the manner they see fit, without any real demands made of them.  

Of course, Riehl is claiming that his leaving isn't prompted by anything other than his need to take some time away from parish ministry.  However, the Diocese of Charlotte has stated that they don't think Fr. Riehl will be assigned anywhere in that diocese again.  

You will have FrancisChurch.  

Of course, this Baby Boomer victory is to the detriment of younger Catholics who crave for some kind of a link to the Church's past.  The Baby Boomers are doing whatever they can to ensure that all past associations to the Church of Christendom is wiped clean, sterilized, unrecognizable, and similar in most ways to Protestant worship.  

I find it peculiar how, even here in Tulsa, the Baby Boomers breathed a sigh of relief to see that Bishop Slattery--who was a friend to Traditional Catholicism--finally retired from the diocese.  To this day, I still hear from the elderly Boomers that they're glad he's gone, and that they hope the "modern reforms" will become in vogue once more.  

Catholicism will continue to lose, so long as priests and laity continue to retreat in a war they do not even realize is being waged against them.  The current environment in Trad Land is one in which different people make compromises, betray one another, animosities grow, and various people pensively keep their heads down in "defense mode" while various ridiculous things sprout up here and there.  So as long as this remains the pervading environment, we will continue to see defeat after defeat, routs, abdications, embarrassments, ostracization, overthrown strongholds, and effeminate weakness.  
Bishop Fellay, smiling nervously
in an interview he should never
have agreed to

In order to make the gains necessary to actually win in this cultural war, priests and laity must accept that they will have to sacrifice their comfort and reputations.  They will have to suffer financially.  They will have to accept ridicule in the media.  They will have to accept the pressure of hundreds if not thousands of dissenting, hateful voices screaming at them.  

If Catholics cannot take this kind of abuse, then we lose.  


  1. I'm waiting for someone to issue paper titled "Non-Denom," Latin for All Dogs Go To Heaven.

  2. To quote a priest friend who said after 7 years of us trying to get approval from the Diocese for permission to build an Orthodox Catholic school, that if God wants this school He is going to have to help. Low and behold the approval came quickly after this statement, the Bishop became a Cardinal and was moved to the Vatican.
    So, can we now say the same thing about orthodox Catholicism?

  3. I wonder if watching Becket would help weak priests.

  4. I remind people how the Ww2 generation was flaming liberal.
    One major flashing neon sign of proof is they raised the Woodstock/Disco generation.
    Those kids in 1968-1975 didn't just go from Latin Mass to "3 days of peace & love,MAN!"
    They were raised by the "Mr.Roosevelt is God" generation.

  5. When all of the discarded symbolism of the old Latin Mass is explained again to priests and their congregations, perhaps all would go easier.And, regarding Luther and the Protestant reformation being celebrated in Rome, that is an anathema!

    1. If any restoration is to happen for the Novus Ordo,they must reinstate the traditional rite of Holy Orders.(Pre-June 1968)
      All clergy must be conditionally re-ordained & re-consecrated.

  6. At the end of that interview with
    +Fellay, the bishop humbly confesses his own weaknesses as the Superior General. Watch the last moment afterward, the arrogant interviewer appears humbled and even tears up a bit. His Excellency is a meek and mild man, but as they say "he speaks softly but carries a big stick."

    1. That interview was embarrassing!
      Bp.Fellay looked extremely beat down and cowering.
      IMO he didn't look humble, he looked scared and appeasing.
      If you disagree that's cool,this is my opinion though.

    2. Perhaps, but Bishop Fellay has been one of the most active, effective, and unrelenting of Catholic bishops fighting the culture war in society and inside the Church, while taking all sorts of abuse. A poorly chosen interview quells in comparison to the countless good works he has done across the world through the SSPX.

    3. He submitting to the worst conciliar "pope" since 1963.