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Saturday, May 27, 2017

What You Catholics Want

Catholics have particular hopes and wants.

You want to no longer sin. You want to find yourself justified to God, be a worthy follower, and have a meaningful existence in this world and the next. You want to go to Heaven, and you especially want your family to go to Heaven, your close friends, and many other people whom you have prayed for. You want your community, the majority of your nation, and even most of the world to make it to the Beatific Vision. Unrealistic hopes? Perhaps. Wide is the way to Hell, and narrow is the road to Heaven, after all.

But those are your spiritual hopes and wishes. You have other Catholic-brand desires. These desires are temporal, worldly, and not as spiritual as the previous list.

You want Islam to be actively fought and defeated. You want Leftists to either convert or go away somehow. Perhaps you want the Left to be defeated--publicly humliated, shamed, and shown to be unhealthy, a fraud, and a dead end.

You want prayer in schools. You want family-friendly businesses. You want television to stop airing gay-friendly programming. You want infanticide outlawed. You want crime to be brought down so that you're not a prisoner in your home.

Perhaps you want a Catholic confessional state. You want this nation to convert. You want to belong to a noble nation. You want the different ethnicities and cultures to put away their various tribal differences and accept the universalism of the One Universal Church, so that all people in the country can live together.

Perhaps you even want Catholics to have their own power base. You want the Catholics of this nation to come together, with different groups making alliances, and Catholics getting each other's back, always supporting one another. You want the Catholics to turn the tide against modernism and fight the corrupt wave of Leftism that has been washing over the West since the 20th Century. You want potential Catholic power bases to stop abdicating power to corruption. You want Catholics to be prominent, formidable, and unshakeable in the face of our Leftist enemies. You are tired of watching your people relinquish their positions, stepping down and becoming muddied with worldly compromises.

You hate seeing Catholic universities such as Notre Dame succumb to the religion of man. You hate seeing the Knights of Columbus partner up with the Church's Freemasonic enemies. You tire of watching Catholic institutions, such as hospitals, staff themselves with non-Catholics who care less about the very religion that inspired their company. You want the tide turned.
"Thou hast prepared a table before me against them that afflict me."  -From Psalm 22:5 
"Sit thou at my right hand: Until I make thy enemies thy footstool."  -From Psalm 109:1
If you are desirous of these things, you are not a conservative. There is nothing left to conserve. And, in any event, conservatism never conserved a thing. If you are desirous of these things--if you desire to gain not only spiritual achievements, but also temporal, cultural, political achievements for Catholicism--then you are not a conservative at all. You are a radical, and you are a counter-revolutionary. You wish to counter the revolution that has destroyed Christendom.

Such real world goals require real-world tactics. Power must be accumulated. Goals must be laid out. Swamps must be drained. A vetting process should be undergone to weed out internal enemies.

If you want the tide to turn in this modernist post-Christian world, then the time has come for you to consider tangible, real-world strategies.  


  1. Yes, we must be counter cultural to achieve orthodox Catholic goals--first of all against the dismal swamp within ourselves and the Catholic Church itself.

  2. It is time to be the light not seen.

  3. To know, love, worship and believe in Jesus Christ. To bring others to him so that they may know, love and worship him as well.
    I have all this today!
    It does not matter a whit what the Pope (Holy Father), or any Bishop or Priest says. It does not matter what happens at some Godless university (Notre Dame) or what some politician says or does. We all live and eventually die. Christ is in Charge and it is all part of his plan or it would not happen.
    To change the world is not my goal, just to change souls that I come in contact with. This is small but it is all that I have and want.
    I have all this today!
    Nothing else matters.

  4. Holy Cow! I'M a Radical!

  5. Consider Daniel 10:21/12:9 - 'sealed' Book of Truth
    Seal of the Living God: message - 2/20/12
    Benedict: message - 2/19/13

  6. Great timely post Sir!!
    Read the article on
    David Duke.com about William F.Buckley being a frontmam for CIA operations and Judaism.
    Tis written by Michael Collins Piper.
    You are 100% correct,"conservatism" is a communist side show for clueless Goyim.