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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Western Fascination With Islam Kills Girls In Manchester

Chaos and mayhem in Manchester
"Islamic State supporters celebrated on social media on Tuesday after a blast at a concert venue in the north of England killed at least 19 people, although the militant Islamist group has not formally claimed responsibility."

Or, at least, that's what Yahoo News is reporting right now.

UPDATE: It's 22 dead, now.

We still have yet to determine who, exactly, it was.  But the fact is that this was a suicide nail bomb.  I suppose the usual suspects are to blame.  And who are they, but the Muslims that Europeans continue to welcome in with open arms.

This does not happen in China.  This happens to us.  It happens to us because we fear to be ruthless.  We fear to be cold.  There was a reason that Vlad the Impaler had to be grim and callous towards the Muslims and is regarded as a national hero to this very day.

"I hate Americans.  I hate America."
-Ariana Grande
Imagine sending your daughter to this concert.  Over 50 people were injured.  What kind of a vengeful creation would you become if this bullshit killed your daughter?  What in the hell would you do if you had to rush to the hospital to meet up with your daughter because her leg was blown off?  What?  Would you start a blog?  Would you go back to work the following Monday?  

I have daughters, and I will tell you, if this happened to my girls, my life would not be lived the same from that day.

If you took a look at the auditorium, you would immediately notice that the venue was decorated with pink balloons.  Pathetically enough, some officials at the venue actually tried to say, at first, that the loud bang was the sound of bursting balloons.  In reality, the "burst balloon" was a hailstorm of nails and shrapnel flying into the flesh of almost a hundred people.

Here are a couple of accounts from the news reports:
"Peoples skin/blood & feces where everywhere including in my hair & on my bag. I'm still finding bits of god knows what in my hair." 
“There looked to be at least six people potentially fatally wounded. I saw one woman’s leg off. It is mayhem.”
The West wishes death upon itself.  It wants to die.
This is your new normal.  This is how it is from now on.  Plurality led to this.  This is merely one of the many gifts that multiculturalism has to offer.

This will never stop because the West continues to welcome Islam, and because of the curious marriage between godless Christ-deniers and Muslims.  This does not happen in China.  Yet, we Westerners lack the strength to say "no" to this.

After she finished the concert, Ariana tweeted that she is "Broken from the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words."  She also suspended her world tour.  I do not know the politics of Grande, but I hope she doesn't suddenly start courting sympathy from Islamic audiences as she virtue-signals her multicultural self-righteousness.  I truly hope she does not do that.

These three pillars of black cloth are actually
shrouded Muslim women.
Meanwhile, ISIS brides have been returning to Great Britain.  At first, they ran off with their Muslim husbands to join the Satanic Horde in its ongoing effort to kill Christians in Syria.  But after their husbands were killed, they began to return to the British Isles.  Do you suppose they have a patient and open-minded attitude towards the Western neighbors they're returning to?  Could it have been a Muslim woman who did this?  Also, it bears mentioning that there are still 3,500 Islamic terrorist suspects in the UK.
In Germany begins a dance, which passeth through Italy, Spain and France.  But England shall pay the piper.
-1580 prophecy of St. Francis of Paula
UPDATE:  Yes, of course, it was a Muslim.  A Muslim man by the name of Salman Abedi.  There are even descriptions of his behavior before his murders.

Salman Abedi
Islam currently does not fear
anything about the West.
You may be a generation of cowards now.  But I assure you, when your generation is dead and gone, and the next generation comes of age, they will be more cruel and intolerant towards this than you can understand.  These will be the fighters.  It is the generation after mine, and the one after that which will have no qualms about expelling these aliens from the West by force.

Take your faith in Christ seriously.  Learn and cherish your Christian heritage.  The current and previous few generations have failed us.  The West currently has a cuckold fetish.  Raise up your progeny to not tolerate this.

UPDATE:  Here's some insight from Hilary White, who apparently has family roots in Manchester:
Gill tells me that now Wythenshawe is overrun with Pakistani and Arab Muslims, nothing but burkas as far as the eye can see, and the native English people have been driven out by the hostility and racism of these invaders. Their “religion” is a satanic death cult. Their culture is violent, oppressive, racist and evil. When are we going to have the courage to say that it must be pushed back and overcome? When are we going to wake up and see that Christian civilization has civilized half the world, and is the only one worth fighting to preserve?
And much, much more to the point, what is it going to take for the people to rise against the men who continue to insist that this is the way, that this carnage, this foreign, Islamic horror, is the future?
When are we going to say no to the people who continue to genocide us in our own lands?


  1. Spot on analysis!!

  2. Read a great article by Andrew Anglin.
    He asked the question,
    "What if the roles were reversed?"
    The pics were 1 group of very attractive oriental girls,beneath that picture are 3 white men holding a sign reading "refugees welcome"