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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Violent Left

"Meanwhile, the winged heralds by command of sovereign power, with awful ceremony and trumpets sound throughout the host proclaim a solemn counsel forthwith to be held at Pandemonium, the high capital of Satan and his peers.  Their summons called from every band and squared regiment by place or choice the worthiest; they anon with hundreds and with thousands trooping came attended.  All access was thronged, the gates and porches wide, but chief the spacious Hall...Thick swarmed, both on the ground and in the air, brushed with the hiss of rustling wings.  As bees in springtime, when the sun with Taurus rides, pour fort their populous youth about the hive in clusters.  They among fresh dews and flowers fly to and fro, or on the smoothed plank, the suburb of their straw-built citadel, new rubbed with balm, expatiate and confer their state of affairs.  So thick the aerie crowd swarmed and were straightened, until the signal was given."

-A description of the Infernal Court of Pandemonium, the capital of Hell.  From Milton's Paradise Lost

Daily is the Left railing on and on in whatever way they possibly can to impeach the duly-elected president of this nation.  Though there is endless corruption on their side, and though there are endless leads for criminal investigation into their own camps, they continue to throw whatever charges they can at the president that the other half of the nation elected.

Half of the nation is against him.  The chattering class is against him.   The Church is against him.  His own party is against him. Impeachment is demanded.  Every move he makes is viewed with suspicion.  They charge that this elected man colludes with our enemies, when it is actually they who have conspired with our deepest enemies for generations.

This man says that he is on our side, and yet this is a man who could not even prevent his own daughter from becoming a formal apostate, and who now worships in one of the blackest cults the world ever offered.

This man, our president, is the wildest card we ever played.  All we've wanted from him is a win.  And for that, the plotting and conniving Left--the side who has pitted itself against the Logos and given itself in completely to vice and evil--no longer can stand the very sight of our president's constituents.

Now they begin to tear at us.  Now they begin to threaten us in the streets.  Half of the nation has been allowed to go mad, and now they shall strike and spit and stab at us whenever the whim takes them.  The man elected says nothing as all this happens, but it is too late to change things now.  And would we even want to?  Our new leader, whether for us or indifferent to our causes, has served as the catalyst.  The pot is stirred.  The reaction is manifesting.

We knew these days would come.  We've seen it coming for a generation, and maybe longer.  The sick and twisted minds of the Left have been stimulated, agitated, and goaded for too long.  They cannot control themselves.  Have they ever?  And so, now the Left says:  “It’s time to move beyond polite protests within specified boundaries. It’s time to escalate the expression of our outrage and our anger in a massive way.

Civility is being disregarded.  Comity is forgotten.  If it is common for the younger sort to lack discretion, then it can be said that this is an empire of children.  And if that is so, then who is the Lord of the Flies?

How if we become the enemy that they fear?  What is to happen, then, when we exceed their accusations and act every bit the villain they accuse us of?  And what else are we to do when our elected generals in this great war fail us?

The queers have pulled out their stilettos, ladies and gentlemen.  Shall we now brandish our axes?


  1. Prayer is our tool of self-restraint. The Left have no one to pray to so no reason to restrain themselves.

  2. The Left must feel the tide is turning on them, that half the country rejects their solutions and candidates. And now, realizing they can't win with their bankrupt ideas have been driven mad with hate which only demonstrates we were right to reject them.