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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Officer Shelby Innocent. Will BLM Start A Riot Here Tonight?

Tonight, as I write this, there's over a hundred losers trying to start trouble downtown, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This is because tonight, Officer Betty Shelby was found not guilty in a jury trial.  This officer ended up shooting a black unarmed man who was drugged and uncooperative with the police in a traffic stopover last year.  Instead of obeying the police, this man reached into his car, causing the police to believe he was reaching for a weapon.

Tonight's potential rioters protesters are there because they have nothing better to do, probably because they have no jobs, and perhaps because they were bussed in from Chicago or some other city with a concentration of the black KKK Black Lives Matter cult.

Everyone in my family is keeping their eyes and ears open for noise from the street, should someone decide to throw a Ferguson-styled chimp out in our neighborhood.  When news of this ordeal first broke last year, race pimps came into town to make damn sure to foment whatever discord they could get away with.  Word on the street back then was that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol stopped, delayed, or rerouted several busses carrying Black Lives Matter protesters, although other sources later denied this story.  Is that what's happening now?  There's no telling.

It's quite possible that nothing like a riot will happen.  Although, a colleague I know who is married to a SWAT team member has said in the last few hours that her husband was called in.  Either way, we have taken measures to protect ourselves since last year.

We'll see what happens.  If anything new happens, there will be updates to this post.


  1. Christ, have mercy. You and yours are being prayed for.

  2. Our Catholic clergy need to step up & address this brewing orchestrated race war.
    How are we supposed to deal with this on a daily basis?
    This is why they were called to the eternal priesthood.They are supposed to help us with the big questions!
    Also,any thoughts on Hank Hannegraf converting to Eastern Orthodoxy?