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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Guest Post: Civil War II

A friend on Facebook posted the following yesterday, and it resonated with me very much.  There are myriad ways to deconstruct and explore the depravity of the Left.  But I find that my friend Kevin Kane has encapsulated the Left's current pettiness so adequately this week, that in my opinion, it merits being shared with as many people as possible.

* * *

Just after the election, the Democratic Socialist Party leadership claimed they knew why they lost. They admitted they ignored middle America, the blue collar workers in the Rust Belt and elsewhere. They spoke about how they would win them back after years of neglect. I'm here to tell you they have absolutely no intention of doing that, and I will prove it.

Since that phony declaration, where several of their leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others repeated this plan to win back the hearts and minds of those they had disenfranchised which cost them the election, they seemed to let go of that idea.

Instead of concentrating on reaching out to the electorate, they decided to sit on their hands and watch in silent approval as their army of brainwashed malcontents trashed our cities, blocked highways, assaulted Trump supporters, and held marches and rallies filled with vile hate speech which included a washed up rock star,Madonna, openly talking about blowing up the White House,while women cheered her on, dressed in costumes designed to look like vaginas.

While chaos reigned in the streets, the leaders of the party schemed to undermine the president-elect. They came up with a number of excuses why Hillary lost the election. First it was her staff, primarily Robby Mook and John Podesta. A side note:you may be amused by the fact the word 'mook' is defined as a "stupid,incompetent person." Apparently Hillary thought so, because some who were in attendance at her campaign headquarters on election night reported she physically attacked both men, yelling and pushing them, fueled by a few premature celebratory cocktails.

The other excuses consisted of the FBI, Wikileaks, the basket of irredeemable deplorables i.e. Tea Party folks who the Democrats have labeled as racist,xenophobic,homophobic,and sexist

Finally, they blamed the Russians, and without a shred of evidence have spent months driving this false narrative. As I have written in an earlier comment, they don't really care if any evidence is ever found. They know quite a few of their band of thugs who will do anything for them already believe Trump is guilty. It's the reason MSNBC's ratings are so high.They expect the announcement President Trump will be impeached anytime now, and stay glued to the network 24/7.

The reason they are not in any way interested in appealing to those they ignored during the campaign is easily explained. Trump wants to create an environment for job growth.He wants to lower taxes.He wants and is moving to deregulate industries choked with job stifling regulations under Obama.He wants illegal immigration stopped. He wants to fix Obamacare preferable by repealing and replacing it.He wants to cut spending in the vote buying "entitlements" strengthen he military, repair infrastructure and bring people together in a divided America.Those are reasons people voted for him.He said those are things he wanted to do.

The Democrats have opposed everything he has done, with the exception of the budget, which was really Obama's budget which will be gone in September.Since they oppose nearly all these things, the Democrats have made it quite clear they just don't have it in their hearts to try and woo back blue collar workers and others who used to support them in large numbers.

And that is why they are trying to win back their power by sheer force, a dishonest media, deception, covert activities,and violence. They are no longer American. They are the new Confederacy. That is why they want Civil War monuments taken down. To make room for the Civil War II heroes, because this time they think they are going to win. How can they win if they refuse to change direction and do what the people have made clear they want?


  1. Exactly correct analysis. Democrats caused the first Civil War and are on their way to causing the second. It all about feeling of superiority and selfishness.

  2. If Civil War monuments reminds the communists of slavery,then every mosque should be removed because they remind americans of 9/11/01.