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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Davis Aurini Podcast: The Eternal Boomer

I just got home from grocery shopping for the wife and kids.  While doin' the shopping, I was listening to Davis Aurini's Patreon podcast about The Eternal Boomer, and other topics.  Very good show, this one.  Quite often, Aurini's commentary are one of the few places where we see the potential meshing of Alt-Right and Traditional Catholic commentary. Both Davis Aurini and Argent Templar are both Catholic men.

If you have any time to tune in, perhaps when you're cleaning your house or you're on a long drive, I recommend you give his show a listen.  They talk about short-sighted Boomer liberalism, to the new "locust" phenomenon of liberals moving to Right-leaning states.  And as always, Aurini touches on a myriad of other little topics that make it an overall fun show to listen to.


  1. I wish 'traditional' Catholics would have more of united mindset.
    As someone who attends a catacomb type chapel (sedevacantist being the generic term) (non sspx-
    non conciliar indult) I have first hand experienced being pushed away and shut out by sspx/indult crowd.
    I have been around 2 sets of liberals in the past year and believe me they hate all of us equally.It doesn't matter if someone is diocesan indult-sspx-traditional-sedevacantist,etc..
    These people (libs/shabbos goy) are VERY nasty hateful insulting bitter and FULL of hate towards any non communist/shabbos goy leftist.
    I love all of my Catholic brothers and sisters no matter what type chapel you attend.

  2. So is Forney, for the record - though a bit more lapsed than Argent or myself. But he's on his journey back.