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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Being A Traditionalist Catholic

In recent months, I've been chit-chatting with a new convert to Catholicism.  I was not the one responsible for the evangelism, mind you.  I've never been good or successful at evangelization (though, I just keep on trying).

Nevertheless, this fellow came to me after he came into the Church.  He had a few questions about what was going on in the Church Militant.  Anyone familiar with the problems stemming from Pope Francis, Vatican II, the priest pedophile scandal, and Freemasonic modernist infiltrators and the like will be familiar with the kinds of questions he asked.

Ultimately, my friend was having a moment of psychoanalysis.  And, in the end, he had to ask the question: What Does It Mean To Be A Traditionalist Catholic?  Click on the link, and it will take you to his blog where you can read the article.

I wish my friend all the best in taking his new-found faith in Christ and His Church seriously, in spite of all attacks from modernists.

And one thing I must repeat to him and everyone who reads my writing: this stance I've taken with Traditional Catholicism has taken almost a decade to realize.  The problem with the Catholic Church right now is complicated.  There's a lot of history and a lot of factionalism.  To make it even more complicated, the axioms of this stance are also built on some rudimentary knowledge of dogma and moral teaching that a lot of people do not look into.  And I think that this is the reason that Traditional Catholics are rare and often pedantic.

But I recommend Traditional Catholicism to everyone.

It's a shame that we are left to fend for ourselves in the social jungle to find out the truth about Jesus Christ's Church.  There's deception and confusion all around us.  Gone are the days when graces were an easier thing to attain, and the realm was ordered in such a way as to foster the liberty of your faith.  Now, the converts are comprised of stragglers who may or may not find their way to what is going on.

We're sent out to seek what's left of the Faith in the wilds.

Below are his questions and my (expanded) answers.  I answered to the best of my ability, and I know there's many out there who could do a better job than I ever could at answering him.  

What Is The Objective of Traditional Catholicism?

My words to him were that I suppose we are to hold out for as long as possible, and perhaps win new ground and converts, so that perhaps one day, the Church will expel the errors of modernism like a rejected tumor.

Yes, a lot of people are beginning to see that modern forms of the Church seem severed from Rome.  However, I think it would be more accurate to say that modern forms of the Church are severed from the Church of Old--the institution itself.  Modernists are cutting themselves off from what has been built up since Jesus Christ.  Modernists are throwing away their inheritance, and even pissing on its discarded remains.

Rome has become very corrupted.  This was all foretold by Pope Leo III in a mystical vision he had when he foresaw that God would allow Satan to test the Church.  Although, there are tons of other prophecies that foretell this troubling time we're in.

Can The Traditional Movement Be Defined Simply By Older Catechisms, Missals, And Bibles?

I'm not sure.  Can a movement be defined by manuals that never intended this kind of underground movement within Catholicism?  Although much of the Catechism seems to dictate how people should live in a just society, the words of Christ in the Scriptures definitely seems to prepare us for a catacomb-styled outlier existence.  Perhaps this Traditional Catholic movement has already had the way paved for 2000 years.  Perhaps the way has been shown to us this entire time through the Gospels, and we've had the manual for how to survive in such heretical eras.

But who are you supposed to ally yourself with, or which faction are you supposed to pay attention to?  Are people even yet aware that these various factions exist yet?  I think the majority of modernist Catholics are still unaware of the Traditional Catholic world.

Where Does The Traditional Catholic Fit Into Our Current Trends?

A question like this (and like the last question) ask what's happening with Traditional Catholics at this time in history.  What form do Rad Trads like me take?  What is our objective?  Our strategy?  And so on.
The problem is that, since Satan has moved in, good people who simply want to do the right thing are scattered, confused, and isolated.  You have SSPX attendees (I've been one of those for 2 years), and then you have diocesan Latin Mass attendees (I've done that for 10 years).  You have the sedevacantists who don't believe there's a pope anymore (I've spoken out against them, but I have my doubts about Pope Francis), and you have the Resistance, which is independent priests using their leftover faculties to say private independent Latin Mass, because there's a suspicion that the SSPX has sold out.  There are other groups like these last few, but I am not familiar with all of them right now.

Then, you have the FSSP, which like the diocesan Latin Masses, is officially recognized by Rome.  But the FSSP, although recognized as traditional by Roman authorities, is a few shades different from the SSPX holdouts.  Furthermore, there has been a clear animosity from FSSP authority directed towards the SSPX.  And then, of course, you have people who attend and have no problem with the 50-year old Novus Ordo Mass that was crafted for Protestants, and still yet, you have some very liberal Novus Ordo people who pretty much tow the Democrat Party line.  And even then, there are many Novus Ordo people who are simply good people and choose not to actively engage in this factional battlefield.

Where Do Traditionalists (Such As Pat Buchanan) Fit In Current Trends?

We do not fit into any trend.  And, as Charles Coulombe states at the end of one of his latest talks, American Catholics have not really formulated any trend whatsoever in this country.  American Catholics have been lazy.  For 200+ years, we have been content to just go along for the ride and get our portion at the American table.  There's lots of little groups of Traditional Catholics trying to create their own cliques.  And very FEW of those folks are trying to unite everyone to a single table.

Michael Matt of The Remnant tried a few years ago to get all of the Traditional Catholics to stop shooting at one another and agree to fight the common fight against modernism.  However, all of the little factions ignored his plea.  I think that's a tragedy.  Too many of these little cells are busy arguing against one another as to who is truly "doing it right."  And yet, they have a common vision as to what is, generally, being done wrong.

The only thing, it seems, that could unite these small cells of Traditionalist Catholics is either God Himself or a reversal of all papal compromises going back a century. This does not seem like it will happen any time soon.  The moral and doctrinal primacy of the pope and many of his people in Rome is in question these days.  We all need authority--but Satan has clouded and muddled the papacy's image and position beyond acceptability.  Now the Church is rife with sodomy and its apologists.

If You Read The Big Green Catechism, Are You Missing What Traditional Catholicism Is Trying To Promote?

No.  It is all there.  However, in about a decade of being Catholic, a new convert who's sharp enough will begin to see the vague places where the writers of that Catechism left room for...interpretation.  I do quote often from the new Catechism.  I don't reject it.  But it has been left intentionally vague in parts.

What Undergirds Us Traditionalists?

A threat.  That is what undergirds us all.  We all recognize a threat that has developed in Rome.

Freemasonic modernism has put itself in power, and we all recognize this fact.  We just can't get our act together in figuring out how to fight it. And honestly, this is why there's a lot of infighting in the Traditional Catholic world.

Perhaps it would be best to look at the word "Traditionalist Catholicism" as more a taxonomic labeling term.  It's sort of like the term "Alt-Right" in U.S. politics--there is no definitive movement.  There is only this understanding that unites us against this mutual threat.

"The board is set.  The pieces are moving."
-The Wizard, Gandalf, in the Lord of The Rings


  1. The one group that is targeted by every one of you is we who hold the V2 sect to be a satanic false church and every claimant from 1955 or 1958 (depends upon who you talk with.I hold Pius XII lost his office in 1955.Others say Roncalli was the first anti-pope) to be an anti pope.
    Now I don't call myself a 'sedevacantist' because there is a 1% chance we may have a true Pope hidden from the World.
    In the early church there were a few Popes hidden from the World for his protection & safety.
    Bishops Priests Deacons and Laity didn't know his name.
    Our chapels simply keep the Catholic Faith alive during a time of apostasy & emergency.
    Your friend Michael Matt prays the "Church" he belongs converts and,he "prays for the Pope's conversion".Sorry both quotes sound ridiculous in print.How can a non-catholic be Pope and how can the Catholic Church be full of error & heresy.
    He also comes down on all who don't obey the supposed "pope" who Matt himself disobeys.
    I have no problem with SSPX types.With that said the official SSPX goes out of their way to denounce all who reject the Novus Ordo.
    Can't have unity if the indult and R&R groups are bashing and renouncing Catholics who simply profess and keep the true faith alive.

    1. Adding to my comment,our former priest who recently died had a good idea.
      Reject every change and compromise after December 1950.
      He enforced the after midnight Holy Communion fast & the Easter Vigil was celebrated very early on Saturday morning.
      (A lot of chapels do "pre-55" not realizing Pius XII changed the Easter Vigil in 1951)
      He used to tell us that until Catholics start receiving Holy Communion properly,this never ending division will continue and metastasize like a cancerous growth.
      Why?Because men like Pius XII,Cardinal Bea,and Bishop Bugnini,who implemented changes to the oldest traditions in the Church circa 1950's,were a heretical cancer and they needed to be cut out and removed.
      Fell free to disagree but I personally feel he was on target.

  2. I read the article you linked.
    "1950's Catholicism" is ALWAYS bashed and ridiculed,ALWAYS!
    Do these people ever realize the early 1950's was the last era in which Catholics were united and literally posed a threat to the current Satanic communist globalism we inhabit?!?!
    Give me 1951 Catholicism anyday over the ineffectual,mealy mouthed,half traditional Catholic mindset of today.
    No offense,I am just sick of seeing the term "1950's Catholicism" bashed & insulted.