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Monday, April 10, 2017

Countering "Pro-Illegal Immigration" Archbishop Jose Gomez

Archbishop Jose Gomez
On March 23, Archbishop Jose Gomez of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles decided to give a talk at the Catholic University of America, where he defended amnesty for the invaders of United States sovereign territory. This makes sense, as he was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and hence, does not have his own blood and history invested in the nation.

Let's go through and pick apart some of the statements from the EWTN article:

“For me, and for the Catholic Church in this country, immigration is about people. It is about families.”

Yes, we know. That is what immigration means for you. Yet for us Americans--particularly those born here--immigration and unenforced illegal immigration in particular has, since 1965, been about a continuous invasion of the United States and a displacement of the population that has had roots here for centuries.

Indeed, for the Catholic Church's bishops in this country, they definitely claim that immigration is "about people and families." However, it's arguable that "people and families" are merely pawns in a greater chess game of liberation theology to an ever-leftist elite faction within the Catholic Church. I am definitely sure that these bishops care not one wit about the citizens who feel displaced here and flee entire regions from foreign cultures that have nothing to do with them. Nor do these bishops care about the legal immigrants who have had to pass through many hoops and pay many fees for the privelage of being here.

“We are talking about souls, not statistics.”

Yes. That's right. In the case of illegal immigrants, we are talking about souls who commit mortal sin when they break the laws of the United States for a convenient life, depriving their home countries of good and decent workers. It is a troubled, dark, and cloudy soul that continuously encourages this kind of dyscivic behavior. I would say that the souls of clergy who continuously advocate for illegal immigration invasion in the United States are preparing the way for a civil war in this country.

In regards to the state of souls, the clergy are responsible for the ill fate of their own consecrated souls, the souls of the politicians they encourage, the souls of the misguided illegal immigrants invaders they support, and the souls of American citizens they inflict with their continuous excuses, discord, and erroneous rationalizations.

“The Church is alive here – and active,” he said. “And we are really a Church of immigrants.”

The Church is not alive here. It is dying. Illegal immigrants are converting to Protestantism in droves. As for liberal parishes, they are tokens of sentiment that are dead parishes. Parishes are being shuttered and demolished across the land. In fact, between 2007 and 2014, according to Pew, the percentage of American Catholics dropped from 23.9% to 21%. The Catholic Church is constantly ridiculed in American culture. Most practicing Catholics, in fact, feel like they are under siege.

No, the Church is not alive here. That is just an emotional sentiment of Archbishop Gomez.

“Everybody right now knows that our immigration system is totally broken and needs to be fixed.”

Yes. But for Archbishop Gomez, the solution is to fix it so that there is no borders, no checks or balances, and no restrictions on immigrants whatsoever, not to mention blanket amnesty.

For actual Americans who were born here, are invested in living here, and deserve to have secure borders, the REAL solution is for sanctuary cities to get off of their high horses, stop challenging the federal government, and cooperate with ICE and other federal government services, so that they may enforce the rules that are already on the books--which President Obama and others before him ignored.

The alternative is a fourth-generation war of attrition

“For many years our country did not enforce its immigration laws,” Archbishop Gomez said. “Why not? Because American businesses were demanding 'cheap' labor. So government officials looked the other way.”

And by just throwing the laws out of the window and granting an emotionally-happy-for-you blanket amnesty, you will be "legitimizing" the non-enforcement of our laws and the greed of these "evil" businesses and corrupt politicians.

“Business is to blame. Government is to blame. “And you and I – we have responsibility, too. We 'benefit' and depend every day on an economy that is built on the backs of undocumented workers. It is just a fact. Immigrants grow our food, they serve us in our restaurants; they clean our rooms and our offices, they build our homes.”

Archbishop Gomez is to blame. For inciting ethnic, cultural, and racial tensions. I've seen many people being persecuted and attacked during many Donald Trump rallies. These people were attacked by anti-white, racist, hateful bigots who could give a quantum damn about the integrity and security of Americans. His eminence is standing on the side of brownshirt fascists.

His responsibility certainly is not to play the liberation theologian. His responsibility is to rescue souls from Hell by preaching against immorality. If he has actually preached against immorality, word of his deeds have not stretched beyond the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Please don't go off saying that "American capitalism" is to blame.  It also does not help when there are bishops who maneuver among the political class and grease the skids when it comes to willfully neglecting immigration law.

It is a tragedy that the American people have become dependent upon the labor of invaders. The simple jobs that these foreigners do should be worked by the youth of America--who cannot find jobs, thanks to being displaced in the workplace by illegal immigrants. And also, there should be MORE youth in America, but unfortunately, they are being aborted at a breakneck speed in our infanticide nation.

“We aren’t putting business owners in jail or punishing government workers who didn’t do their job...The only people we are punishing is the undocumented workers.  They are the only ones.”

Have no fear, your Eminence.  It appears that Donald Trump's administration is about to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities that dare to subvert the laws of the United States.  Plus, the Trump presidency has only just begun.  We have not even passed the 100-day mark yet.

In regards to deporting illegal immigrants: “That is not fair. It is cruel, actually...These are just ordinary moms and dads – just like your parents – who want to give their kids a better life.”

Wrong.  Quite wrong.  These are NOT ordinary moms and dads.  These parents have broken the law of a soverign country and built their lives on an illegal act.  Their house is rickety and ready to collapse in on itself, and they have no one to blame but themselves for making such a poor choice.

If I were to illegally immigrate to Mexico and start a family there, my family would constantly be in jeopardy because of the very poor choice I made at the beginning of my life in Mexico.  I would be a fool to make such a decision.  Becoming an illegal immigrant in Mexico would be a criminal act towards the Mexican community that did not agree to take me in.  If I were to start a life there, it would go up in smoke in a matter of years.  

Committing such an act is not something that a law abiding and respectful person would do.  It is not an ordinary act--it is a disordered act that has had large and deleterious consequences for the people of the United States.

“Every immigrant is a human person, a child of God,” regardless of their legal status or background. The second Catholic principle to consider is that"immigration should keep families together.”

Yes.  Every immigrant is a human child of God.  The Huns were also children of God, who, when allowed to cross the Danube by the hesitating Romans, managed to slaughter their hosts and lay waste to the towns and cities they were welcomed into.

The Catholic illegal immigrants that Archbishop Gomez is courting should have thought about keeping their families together when they decided to subvert our laws and run over our society with abandon.  Now, we get to be the bad guys when we kick them out and ruin their hollow plans.  Archbishop Gomez expresses his glee at reminding you Americans that you are the bad guys.

“I do not believe there is any public policy purpose that is served by taking away some little girl’s dad or some little boy’s mom. We are breaking up families and punishing kids for the mistakes of their parents. And that’s not right.”

No, the parents have punished their own children when they went through with this terrible choice in the beginning.

“But immigration to this country has never been easy.” He pointed out that immigrant groups like the Irish have faced discrimination and hardship.

You just keep getting it wrong, your Eminence.  There weren't even any laws in the United States for immigration until the late 1800s.

There was the Page Act of 1875, which excluded undesirables such as Asian slaves and prostitutes, as well as convicts.  Then there was the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act that was a ban of the Chinese for ten years, though continued as the Geary Act of 1892.  Then the Immigration Act of 1903 banned anarchists, epileptics (!), beggars, and prostitues.  The Immigration Act of 1907 banned disabled and diseased people, and The Immigration Act of 1918 allowed the government to deport foreign subversives.

Want more?

- Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 - numerical limits on immigration from Europe
- Immigration Act of 1924 - expanded the caps to non-European countries, specifically restricting Jews and Arabs to preserve American homogeneity.
- Immigration and Naturalization act of 1952 - allowed more Asian immigration, but eased deportation of communist foreigners

The point?  Immigration to the United States was quite easy for the Irish.  Though, immigration has been a challenge to many groups starting in 1875.  And it should be hard to immigrate to a country.  A people have a right to their sovereign territory, just as a family has a right to the house they own.

For many liberals, the saying goes: "Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!"

If you're white, then apparently you have no right to your own country.

“For me – American history begins with Our Lady of Guadalupe,” Archbishop Gomez reflected. Before the founding fathers were born or before the Revolutionary War was fought, Spanish and Mexican missionaries and Philippine immigrants were settling in what is now the United States, celebrating the nation’s first Thanksgiving and establishing churches.”

On this, Archbishop Gomez and I agree.  The story of the North American continent was begun by Catholics.  Unfortunately for us all, Catholic-hating Puritans moved in, burned the missions, ravaged Catholic settlements, jailed and lynched priests, forbade Christmas, betrayed Catholic Spain, opposed the Holy Alliance, and resented and exterminated the Indians that the monarchs befriended.

I love talking and promoting the idea of the Kingdom of Católica America, but the reality is that for now, this is an idea that must live only in our hearts.  In the meantime, we have what we have: the United States Federal Government and the people who already have a history here.  We do not have the luxury of being utopian, and that is why I ascribe willingly to the Alt-Right movement and the 16 points thereof.  Because we need to be practical at this moment in history, not fantastical and unrealistic.

“Something we should think about: the first non-indigenous language spoken in this country was not English. It was Spanish. We need to really think about what that means.”

Yes, Spanish was the first non-indigenous language spoken here.  And the Puritanical powers of the US Government burned the Spanish missions in the late 1700s, not respecting the sovereignty of Catholic Spain's claims.  Very imperialistic.  Very immoral.  I don't excuse it.

But what is the good archbishop getting at with this comment?  Is he saying that the United States owes it to the Latin Americans that we give them blanket amnesty?  Is Archbishop Gomez slyly trying to demand a sort of reparations for what English America has done to Spain?

Sounds like he's on board with the Atzlan movement, which is not sympathetic to American interests--your interests--at all.

Just as a reminder:
"We declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny...for the race everything.  Outside the race, nothing."
-Alberto Baltazar Urista Heredia, Chicano activist
It's fine for anyone who's not white to play these games.  Until now.

"We can no longer afford to tell a story of America that excludes the rich inheritance of Latinos and Asians.”

Yes, this is true as well.  We must promote the idea of The Kingdom of Católica America.  And to promote this idea of The Kingdom of Católica America, we must look back in history to our roots and see all of the places where the Enlightenment Nation went wrong.

However, you must do it legally, respecting the rights of the people you are talking to.  To allow invaders to run rough-shod over Americans--as Archbishop Gomez promotes--is to disrespect Americans.

“That is what’s at stake in our immigration debate – the future of this beautiful American story.”

The story of America is bloody and cruel.

“Our national debate is really a great struggle for the American spirit and the American soul.”

Then respect the souls of the illegal immigrants, and tell them to correct their errors, for the good of their own souls, and for the welfare of the citizens of America that they currently disregard.

And if you want to respect the souls of Americans and change them for the better, talk about turning from vice and sin more often.  Maybe even--dare I say it--preach against sodomy.

As things are, your Eminence, you are merely serving as another front in a culture war against rightful Americans.


  1. Screw this guy,he is a doubtful presbyter anyway.

  2. The loudest of our bishops, like Gomez, constantly clamor for No Borders, even though immigrants of all kinds vote 70-80% pro-abortion. But we all know that very few of our bishops are actually bothered by abortion.

    1. Personally,I don't consider him a bishop.
      Let's say for argument sake he is a valid priest/bishop.
      He's advocating lying and stealing plus bearing false witness.
      I would avoid this man like the Talmud.