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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Aurini: Donald Trump is Not Our Savior

Today we sit in the wake of Donald Trump's decision to send missiles into Syria. Trump, it is reported, is stating he'll do it again if he has to. Further, we are hearing reports that an attack on North Korea is on the horizon. All of this came after the sacking and replacement of his adviser, Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump is betraying what he said running up to his presidency.

Vox Day and the Dread Ilk are holding out hope that this is some sort of a master plan, and that we cannot truly understand the mind of Trump and all the genius that entails. Perhaps this is true. The former states that although the unhappiness of Trump's constituents is not unreasonable, "as long as he builds that big beautiful wall and keeps repatriating immigrants, I don't really care all that much one way or the other."

Dark Triad Man states that only fools shriek over the Syria strike, and he notes this is definitely a part of some master plan, citing that regime change requires military validation, that superpower military relations go deep, and that the Syria strike was necessary to validate Trump's ability to wage war. Under that logic, I suppose we are to expect some sort of a military strike at the beginning of every new presidency.

Should this truly surprise anyone? As Steve Skojec recently said, did anyone expect "that a guy who used eminent domain to expand his own business empire was going to respect national sovereignty if the right opportunity arose?"

As far as my take on it (today, at least, [maybe something else is going on]), it should be expected that the United States will continue to work its policies against the interests of Christians at home and abroad until the end of the nations, as that's been its motus operandi since its before the Puritans created it.

Long before we were arming ISIS and bombing Syrian bases that Assad used to fight such Christian-killing Islamic radicals, and certainly long before the bombing of Nagasake, where two-thirds of Japan's Catholics lived, in the 1700s the United States was officially opposing the Holy Alliance, subverting Catholicism in South America through Freemasonic channels, as well as burning Catholic settlements and missions throughout Spanish-owned Florida and French-owned Louisianna.

Destroying and depleting Christendom and remnants of it throughout the world is simply what the United States does. Destabilizing Syria for moneyed interests in Syria and Iraq at the expense of ancient Christian communities is par for the course when it comes to the military adventurism of the US. It's in the nature of our Puritan, Enlightenment-founded nation.

Also, in my opinion, it seems more than coincidental that this world-shaking action falls on the 100th anniversary (to the day) of when the US entered World War I.  Furthermore, it is interesting to also note how on this dark day, two tornadoes blew through Washington DC--one going through a military base.

Davis Aurini Offers Us A Moment of Clarity

Davis Aurini: "Deus Vult"

My colleague Aurini, over at his blog Stares At The World, has one of the most sober points of view on this matter. Several of us on the Alternative Right have noted that some of us have skewed into a noxious direction since Trump's victory.
"The problem is that we are not a sane people. We worship a cartoon frog. We try and lose oruselves in mass movements. We're torn between hating the Jew for selling us pornography, and hating the person who says to stop watching it. We want to cosplay at self-righteousness, without ever doing the hard work of becoming righteous men; we want to be Templars without ever going to church, and in our heart of hearts we're no different than the Social Justice Warriors we claim to oppose."
The Alt-Right has been worshiping in the Cult of Kek. I mean...they call President Trump the God-Emperor. If "God-Emperor" isn't obvious tongue-in-cheek idolatry, then what is? For the Right, squaring themselves between a healthy bit of nationalism, while maintaining a proper respect for the pursuit of the Logos (this country has never taken that journey), is a fine balancing act that I have yet to see more than a handful of people pull off.

Instead, the Dissident Right--like most groups--can only follow the most extreme path they can find. For this branch of the extreme Right, Trump has become whatever they want him to be. Shall we say that Trump's mascot, Pepe the Frog, may have become some sort of a weird hypersigil used to codify and project the will of the Dissident Right into power?

Trump's election seems to have been the excuse for an enormous amount of disenfranchised men to start acting like a gaggle of rich, spoiled teenagers. These men are in their thirties and forties, and yet they talk like they're graduating high school in two years. It used to be said in my Alt-Right circles, perhaps as far back as ten years ago, that we should reserve insulting, triggering rhetoric for our stunted and foolish enemies, and we should maintain dialectical conversation with our allies and friends on the Right. But frankly, in the past year, certain branches of the Right have been eating themselves alive, employing the nastiest rhetoric against one another.

This is not a free pass for NeverTrumpers, whose candidates could never accomplish the achievements that Trump has already had. But the facts are the facts. Donald Trump is not our savior. He was a wild card from the beginning.

Aurini states that ours is a generation raised without an identity. So, it makes sense that Alt-Right elements are rallying to claim a White Identity. Yet it's frustrating beyond measure how this group is repulsed by the idea of a true Catholic identity--after all, they are always claiming we need to restore Christendom. Clearly, though, they don't know what Christendom was or could be.

Davis is right on cue when he says that:
"There is no 'us'; there's nothing but different factions in a mock sword battle being put on by the SCA. A generation raised without an identity, locked into the prepubescent stage of putting on costumes. Adults dressing up like comic book characters, and perverts turning their sexual deviancy into an identity. All of them, on both sides, begging--demanding for an authoritarian state to save them from themselves."
The people want a strong and moral leader to take us out of the darkness. And yet, they reject Católica America. It is like watching a man dying from cancer refusing to put away the cigarettes and aspartame-filled diet soda.

And so, as Aurini says, sane men "are driven to the edge, while the mentally ill can subsist in perpetuity." All who rightfully criticize Trump's errors are cucks and snowflakes. The TrumpTrain must go on. Beatings will continue until morale improves.

Nevermind the fact that the Al-Sha'ayrat airbase that was destroyed fired anti-missle SAM rockets at attacking Israeli warplanes two weeks ago. Was this strike a puppet act, launched in the name of Israeli revenge?  Is Trump being controlled by Zionists? Or is that a question that is not permitted by the followers of the "God-Emperor"?

Check out Davis Aurini's excellent article, "Donald Trump is Not Our Savior" at his blog, Stares at the World.

For added perspective, here is Stefan Molyneux's take on Trump's Syria strike:


  1. Your quote regarding eminent domain really made me reflect. I *knew* about that - and I disapproved - but I was nonetheless hopeful that he'd be better than he'd been in the past. Not to the ridiculous God Emperor levels that some people are demanding/expecting - I didn't expect any action from him on sodomy or abortion - but I hoped that he was running because he had some sense of the evil taking over America and the West.

    Maybe he still does, but I'm growing increasingly worried that he'll be another lame duck president.

    1. There's simply no telling. His executive orders and dismantling of the Obama era policies have actually been very significant. But what good is all of that if he leads the world into war? Or, we could also ask: How can we continue to trust and expect good things after something like this?

  2. I voted for and liked Trump until he bombed Syria and is now fighting on the side of ISIS!
    Its so freaking irritating to see John McCain and Lindsey Graham congratulate Trump on behalf of Israel.
    We were fooled and now we hopelessly look on as Obama part 2 is in the White House.