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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Shall Cease Funding to: PBS, NPR, Smithsonian

Donald trump has proposed to cut all funding to PBS, NPR, and the Smithsonian.

Trump’s budget would zero out the $445 million budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a relatively small source of funding for programming and broadcast operations on public TV stations and NPR radio stations nationwide, per the Washington Post.
The budget would also eliminate the budgets for both national endowments, which stood at $148 million each in 2016, as well as $230 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which supports libraries and museums. Additional cuts would affect two tourist mainstays in Washington, D.C., the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art.
This is absolutely great.  This action holds America's feet to the fire in a certain kind of a way.  Patronage and support for artisans is an act of kings and royalty.  Supporting artists is a characteristic of monarchs who have a character.

Our nation struggled mightily in its genesis to ensure that it had no character whatsoever, other than the selfish pirsuit of happiness.  America has spurned the idea of kings since its inception, and shortly after its founding, America's forefathers worked tirelessly to divorce itself from any semblance of traditional Western European nations.

Our very education system is not designed to bolster and strengthen the spirit of men or fortify the mind.  Instead, American education is a utilitarian expansion of the mind for the purposes of assisting in socio-economic life and to indoctrinate the pupil even further with Enlightenment values.

Besides, I have no idea what in the hell we've been doing all this time funding very famous partisan talking heads of one political party against another.  PBS and NPR are liberal mouthpieces that squawk constantly against the Right, and frankly, I'm tired of my tax dollars funding Piss Christ.

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  1. Bout damn time someone stopped this Bolshevik funding
    He needs to send Bow Wow & Bitch Dogg to a forced labor camp in North Alaska (Serious not being funny)