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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Puritans - Englishmen Were Displaced By Immigrants And Judaized By Them

Much is being made of Colonial America's white Englishmen Founders in the circles that I travel. There is this constant Stormfront-brand desire to direct the American demographic backwards towards a moment in history when North America was in its golden heyday, back when we were populated and dominated solely by English Protestants. Sometimes you will hear an Alt-Right commentator state that other ethnicities are simply not capable of grasping "the Rights of Englishmen."

So, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss just how wonderful our English forefathers were, primarily by focusing on those "wonderful" Puritans.

So, to start, the Puritans were judaized heretics.

"Look at the Judaized Christian!"
Rabbi Raphael Haim Isaac Carigal on the left.  Cotton Mather, Puritan minister, on the right.

More interestingly, however, is the fact that Puritans were a foreign immigrant force that divided Englishmen forever, transforming the land of King Arthur into a dysfunctional island of strife, conspiracy, and destitution. The Puritans were not a native, spontaneous phenomenon to England. Puritanism was brought to England. By Jews.
When the ecclesial bond uniting England and Rome was severed, the bond uniting Englishmen was fatally weakened too, because once England stopped being Catholic it became an ideological nation favoring aliens who supported the new regime over the natives who opposed it, but also over those who simply didn't understand what was happening. The recusant and the clueless were swept away by the same tide. The Protestant was the alien par excellence. His secret allegiance was to the shadowy conspiracy emanating from Geneva, not to his native country. Not surprisingly, many of these aliens were Jews, either crypto-Jews like Marco Perez using the facade of Calvinism in Antwerp to cover his identity as a revolutionary, or descendants of Jews expelled from Spain.
E. Michael Jones describes in his book Jewish Revolutionary Spirit how the native Englishmen who were originally Catholic were displaced by a new wave of Jewish globalism that was taking place. At first, the Jews were kicked out of Spain en masse, later settling down in the Netherlands. But there in the Low Countries, licking their wounds, the rise of Protestantism gave European Jews an opportunity they couldn't turn down. They would become a global network--a world power--which would ride a tide of Protestant heresy into every country they immigrated to.

And so, coming into England, they not only spread the seeds of the Protestant Hydra, but they also brought with them the same revolutionary spirit that opposed Christ, which has infected the world with its revolutions to this day. In fact, the entire world would (and has) become judaized. And in such a world, there would be no room for the traditional Catholic Englishman.
"By mid-16th Century," Tuchman concludes, "it was possible to talk about a revolution, an international political movement bent on overthrowing the medieval view of the world and replacing it with something new.'' In England, that "something new" was the rationalization of greed, appetite, and libido dominandi later known as capitalism. Whenever that age referred to its new system of economic exploitation, it used the vocabulary of a by gone era. And so it referred to the dawn of a new age of mammon and usury, and to the rise to power of revolutionaries well off from the theft of Church property and bent on imitating the Jews in theology and economics. None of these advances in finance could have been accomplished without the willing collaboration of the Jews. Like the Jews, the thieving English families supported "the forces of heresy in religion and liberalism in politics.'' That meant usury, a system Lord Bacon would defend explicitly in an essay on economics. England became Jewish not because it read the Bible, but because the leading families promoted widespread distribution of heretical translations, which everyone had the right to interpret, as a front for usury and their consolidation of political power. Freedom meant the right of the powerful to determine what was true. Everyone was free to interpret the Bible as he saw fit. When that interpretation did not correspond to the interests of the powerful, force majeure would become the ultimate explicator
The Jews helped knock out Catholicism--the Church that was instituted by Christ, which had sustained Europe since the collapse of Rome. In place of Christendom, Jews not only imported heresy, but they brought usury as well. It was a societal move that the elite adored, as it would be easier to attain wealth and power after leaving behind the strictures of Christianity, which forbids usury. Just as the Protestant Revolts on the Continent would lead nobles and kings to confiscate and loot Church property for their personal wealth, so too would this happen in merry olde England.

But the Jewish immigrant theological heresies were absorbed as well. Puritanism is judaized Christianity. Ignoring the spirit of the law and focusing on the letter of it allowed wholesale abuse of England's traditional social rules and laws. Nothing would ever be the same again. Without any of the traditional church structures or authority to guide them, each man--intelligent or not, capable or not, educated or not--had the ability, now, to become his own pope, and live his life based on his own desires. Spiritual leadership was thrown out the window, and an opening for the accumulation of power over the unprotected lower classes was made available for the wealthy and powerful oligarchs and political class.
"This judaizing tendency reached its full flower when Thomas Cromwell's great grandson became dictator in England. As Tuchman says, "With the Puritans came an invasion of Hebraism transmitted though the Old Testament."ll Tuchman adverts to the notion that Scripture is a front for appetite, saying the Puritans "followed the letter of the Old Testament for the very reason that they saw their own faces reflected in it.""But she takes the idea no further. Puritanism meant the end of Christian morality and the importation of "Jewish habits." According to Cunningham, as cited by Tuchman, "The general tendency of Puritanism was to discard Christian morality and to substitute Jewish habits in its stead." The natural consequence was "retrogression to a lower type of social morality which showed itself at home and abroad."' The first manifestation of that moral retrogression was the widespread poverty characteristic of English life for centuries thereafter."
American Puritans doing away with Christmas and living in a dreary, black and white, humorless, Old Testament style was a result of doing away with Christendom's Catholicism and racing towards the Jews for a new, heretical, Judaic, utopian life.

 It is easy to argue that modern Protestant Zionism has its roots in the Puritan movement of the seventeenth century. Modern Protestant Zionists have no problem with tossing out various rules and precedents, so long as it favors the children of Israel. Furthermore, "discarding Christian morality" and "substituting Jewish habits" is a frequent phenomenon in America, a nation that has often been considered by scholars to be a grand Jewish colony.

With the ostracization of England's native Catholic laity, the slaughter of English Catholic priests, the confiscation of Catholic property, the enabling of usury, and the rise of heresy, England would never be the same again, becoming a dysfunctional and ever-deteriorating version of its former legendary status.

In the fullness of time, being so Jewish in their psychology, the Puritans would eventually leave England. Dissatisfied that Anglicanism was too Catholic and not Judaic enough, they left the spiritually ravaged island of Albion to come to America, where they would spend the next two gloomy centuries subverting their far-too-Catholic English kings, burning Spanish missions, slaughtering Indian Catholic converts, and conquering the Canadian French Catholics.


  1. America becomes a traditional Roman Catholic nation (not a novus ordo SSPX type! I mean true traditional Catholicism) or america becomes like the Balkans i.e. former Yugoslavia.
    It's truly that simple Laramie.

  2. Why does the Novus Ordo have the "Anglican Ordinariate?"
    It seems this is urinating on the graves of British Catholic martyr's.
    Today the Anglican book of common prayer will be read in St.Peter's Basilica!!
    Why did Pope Leo 13th condemn Anglican orders and liturgy only to have it incorporated into the novus ordo 2 centuries later?

  3. Why does the Novus Ordo have the "Anglican Ordinariate?"

    Because the Church has been infiltrated by modernists who don't care about Catholicism.

    It seems this is urinating on the graves of British Catholic martyr's.

    You are correct, it is.

    Today the Anglican book of common prayer will be read in St.Peter's Basilica! Why did Pope Leo 13th condemn Anglican orders and liturgy only to have it incorporated into the novus ordo 2 centuries later?

    Because today's modernists don't care.

    Let me put it to you this way. Have you seen video of ISIS in Iraq using jackhammers and explosives to destroy Iraq's national archaeological treasures? That destruction is what the ENTIRE WORLD is about to behold. Most everything precious to you is about to be stripped away--and that includes the buildings.

    The thing that is about to happen to this world and Catholicism--I liken it to a glacier skidding through a valley, leaving nothing but the bare bones rocks in its wake.

    1. I agree with you and as a catholic holding the sedevacantist position I came to this same conclusion 6 years ago.

    2. To have no pope for 60 years is to say the Catholic Church no longer exists. No priests, no bishops, no Cardinals. Bingo, no church.

    3. To say the Novus Ordo is catholic is to say the gates of hell have prevailed.
      Good day Sir.