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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Puritans - Englishmen Imported The Idea From The Netherlands

This week, I was involved in a discussion about what the bare-bones makeup of America was when Englishmen first landed on our shores.  The overriding phrase that hanged over the discussion was: 

America is a nation of colonists who...

Most of my comrades wanted to attribute American identity strictly to the phenotype of the people who sailed here.

But I'm kinda sorta informed on this matter, and I just had to interject a few facts.

If we are going to talk about what comprises the "pure American" from England (excepting the blacks, the Indians, the Germans who went to Pennsylvania, various Spaniards in the south, the French trapper outposts throughout the Ohio River Valley, as well as the various Catholic Englishmen who came here to hide from persecution), then we should know exactly who the majority of these Englishmen were.

They were Judaized Puritans.  And, in fact, the seeds these Puritans have planted guaranteed that America has been one, big, Jewish colony from the beginning.

The Englishmen who came here in the 1600s were from a people who were originally Catholic, but upon the start of King Henry VIII's new church, England let in a lot of Jewish immigrants who brought many new forms of Protestantism with them from the Continent--Puritanism chief among them.  To learn more about this, simply check Infogalactic to learn about the Resettlement of the Jews in England during the 1600s.  (You must take into consideration the fact that many Jews were displaced after Spain kicked them out in the late 1400s after the victory of the Reconquista against the invading Muslims.)

As a result of this, Englishmen were converted into Puritans by Jewish immigrants to England.

For the Puritans, Anglicanism was too Catholic for them, as they wanted to orient and purify themselves to be as much "the new Jews" as possible. They were Judaized. Jewish scholars even use the term Puritan Hebraism for the circumstance.

This brand of English Whigs would drink in the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and orient themselves against crown and tiara. Even the first American Freemasons were Dutch Jews.  And, oh yeah, let's not forget, kids, that the Dutch slave traders were...Jewish!  And how can any educated man not catch the parallel evidence that the "city on the hill" is a Puritan version of Jewish Zionism?

America's ideas are more than just Enlightenment ideas.  They are Judaic ideas.

Again, the colonists and founders of the USA originated with Puritans who came to this continent throughout the 1600s.

If you ask me about what I mean when I refer to the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, I am alluding to a book written by E. Michael Jones. He details 2000 years of subversive destruction and revolution fomented by Jews. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 11:

In Holland, the Judaizers were often Puritans from England, where they were pilloried for their imitation of the Jews. Addressing his first Parliament, James I described Puritans as revolutionaries, a historically prescient description. They were "a sect rather than a religion, ever discontented with the present government and impatient to suffer any superiority, which maketh their sect unable to be suffered in any well-governed commonwealth,', The Puritan was "naturally covetous of his purse and liberal of his tongue" and naturally inclined, like the Jews he imitated, to "usury, sacrilege, disobedience, rebellion, etc."
Unsurprisingly, beginning in 1604, many Puritans migrated to Holland, where Amsterdam had a reputation as "the Dutch Jerusalem." From the perspective of a Judaizer imbued with imagery of the Old Testament, as Daniel Neal, their first historian said, "It is better to go and dwell in Goshen, find it where we can, than tarry in the midst of such Egyptian bondages as is among US." "In Holland," Tuchman says, "the Puritan settlers who walked in the footsteps of the ancient Hebrews became acquainted with modern Jews, and the Jews became acquainted with this odd new variety of Christians who advocated religious freedom for all, including Jews."
Given the Puritans' affinity with the Jews, it was not surprising that many ofthem became Jews after they arrived in Amsterdam.
The point?  Englishmen were NOT originally Puritans.  They were Catholics whose culture was hijacked by their own selfish king--King Henry VIII--whose greedy, self-centered actions led to the weakening of the English culture to such an extent, that other parasitic forces were allowed to stream into Britain and weaken the bonds between Englishmen for centuries ever since.

It is those broken and misguided men who formed the foundation of our broken, divided, stunted nation.

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