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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Left's Brownshirt Tactics - The Party of Hate

 Libs have high disgust thresholds (they can tolerate,
even enjoy wallowing in, disgusting things).
After the Left's political terrorism at Berkeley this week, many on the Right have readjusted their seats for a new phase in the culture war. Stefan Molyneux was desparing over the idea that "the time for argument is over." John C. Wright told the Left that they have "unleashed the demon of violence," and that "it will not be leashed up again." Milo, himself, said that "There's an inevitable, obvious consequence to this. The media has created this environment in which it's okay to say almost anything about somebody who is right of Jane Fonda."

For those who are unaware of the details, Milo Yannanopolis, an alt-Right entertainment figure, was invited by the College Republicans at UC Berkeley. This was his last stop on what he has named his "Dangerous Faggot Tour." The useful idiots of the Left have predictably and stupidly decried this homosexual libertarian-flavored speaker as a queer basher, a white supremacist, a Nazi, and a whole host of other nonsensical accusations.

At first there were protests, but then there were people dressed in black with cloth masks over their faces. These masks were soaked in milk in order to mitigate the effects of tear gas, as the subversive anarchists were planning on there being some resistance. People were injured by these rioters, property damaged, fires set. It was like a replay of the manufactured Soros-funded rioting during President Trump's inauguration. The mayor gave a wink and a nod for the police to stand back, and there was only one arrest.

Meanwhile, in following days, liberal-appointed judges throughout the country have continued to defy the president, international adversaries and Leftist leaders have been testing his resolve, and Leftist celebrities have called for his assassination.

Various people on the Right have given their take on this madness already. But I think that Michael Savage's reference to the Nazi Brownshirts is the most apt.

Pure Brownshirt Tactics

In 1919 Germany, there was an advertisement for a meeting in the Hofbräuhaus. One hundred and thirty people attended this meeting that November. But there were hecklers. The speaker's military friends violently threw them out, and the agitators "flew down the stairs with gashed heads." The following February, there were more communist protesters who tried shouting the speaker down, but the speaker's friends were armed with rubber weapons and forced the dissenters out once more.

Eventually a group coalesced. Their purpose was to provide protection for their speakers during rallies and assemblies. They also served to disrupt the meetings of opposing parties and fight against the paramilitary units of opposing parties--the communists. This group also intimidated their political opponents.

This group was the Brownshirts. The speaker was Adolf Hitler.

Gathering tit-to-tit and fagface-to-fagface by the thousands, hoisting obscene placards and wearing obscene costumes, and cursing for hours at the top of one’s lungs feels disgusting to cons. Libs, otoh, practically live for the degenerate slop life.
The tactics we've been witnessing by the Left in America are the tactics of the same Nazi Brownshirts who would eventually serve as the SS under Nazi Germany. The difference is that, today, the agitators who utilize these tactics are not Nationalists. These subversives are Marxist communist racists. These anarchists seek to subvert and destroy the order of the United States. They are funded by international powers--of whom George Soros is chiefly recognized. They do not have the interest of Americans at heart. They are instead driven by Leftist ideology which seeks the destruction of American society.

Instead of nationalists bullying and agitating, we are seeing communist globalists stop traffic, brawl and skirmish with the police in the streets, interrupt seminars they were never invited to, vandalize, and oppress decent Americans. Their behavior is disproportionate to the civility seen on the Right. Indeed, it can now be stated that the Left is the side of hatred, bigotry, and fascism. If the chaotic hostility we've witnessed this week at UC Berkeley is not enough to convince you that we have crossed a benchmark in this nation's history, then perhaps the shooting of a man at a previous Milo event will sufficiently convince you that we've entered a time of pitchforks, torches...and soon, guillotines.

This is nothing like the peaceful and tranquil Tea Party gatherings or the March for Life. No, what we are seeing this week is a manifestation of pure evil.

Expect to see more Brownshirt behavior coming out of the Left. Also, expect the Right to be forced into adopting some of these tactics in order to protect themselves. Expect more action to come out of the White House. And expect these events to intensify in number and severity.

What Does This Mean, And What Do We Do?

Vox Day has been on top of this issue for a long time. His stance is that there is no place for Leftist ideology in Western Civilization. They've made it clear that there is no place for us in their society. There is no place for friendship.
"What we're seeing here is the SJWs [social justice warriors] doubling down," he says. "The lies that the Left have been pushing on us for the last 50-60 years are no longer working. What do we expect them to do?"
The Left is not going to engage us in hypothetical dialectic about cabbages and kings. That is something the Right does with its own members. The Left only knows how to feel and emote and react. You cannot reason with them. They did not take their philosophical positions through reasoning.
"What has been happening over the last 50 years has not been a battle, it has not been a conflict, it has not been a war; it has been nothing but a retreat on the part of the Right. This has happened because the Right has been led by cucks and cons--cuckservatives and conservatives--who have absolutely no idea how to defend, much less how to retake ground."
If you are a regular reader of The Hirsch Files, just consider the various places I've been kicked out. Tracy's Fisheaters, KK's Suscipe Domine Echo Chamber, and Church Militant TV's comment boxes. I've been blocked by Mark Shea and Rick Delano, as well as dumped by the SSPX Faithful Facebook group. These people do not know how to fight. These people have no idea how to win a social space. All they know how to do is to preserve their little special places, build up a following, and reward the ridiculous pets who rise to the occasion to lick their masters' boots.

These so-called Catholics would rather shoot their supposed allies in the back of the head, rather than "wage a one-man war against all sorts of stuff." Such people on the Right have no idea how to preserve anything, other than a self-congratulatory applause club. In war, if they tried to assemble a firing line against the enemy, it would resemble a circle.

Vox Day backs this point up:
"It is all very very clear that conservatism never had any ability whatsoever to defend society or to even maintain a status quo."
The only answer is to win the day and push the Left back. The Left is upset because the Right has leaders now, and they are effectively pushing back against leftist advances. This enrages Leftists and frightens timid cuckservatives, such as Glenn Beck, who claim to be on the Right. Cowardly groups on the Right will huddle together in fear, ignorant of the fact that the Left is coming for everyone on the Right.

This naked aggression is the true face of the Left. They will call us Nazis and fascists, but it is actually their side that is simulating the German Nazi Party.

Vox recommends that those on the Right take three steps:

#1 Talk to your friends about what is going on. Make them aware of what is happening.
#2 Get together with like-minded people, and prepare to defend allies and friends.
#3 Purchase SJW's Always Lie, or download Vox's SJW survival guide, and distribute it to your friends.

"What we're seeing now is that the SJWs are coming after your job, they're coming after your health and safety, they're coming after your family, they're coming after your friends."

This will get worse. As we can see going back all the way to the French Revolution and the Protestant Revolts, the Left has always embraced violence and mass murder. Things will probably get very bad, but on the other side of this darkness, the change will be for the better. No longer does the Right have to sit around and let everything happen to them. The time is now. Recognize your enemy and gird yourself.


  1. And they will come after the Libs too. The Libs just don't realize it yet. Si vis pacem, para bellum. https://nonvenipacem.com/2017/02/04/be-safe-america-the-anarchists-dont-care-which-side-youre-on-theyre-just-in-it-for-the-violence/

  2. One of the great virtues of Vox is also his quiet advocacy of mercy. Those SJWs who retreat are not mercilessly attacked. We pray for the strength, courage, and mercy of Bonchamps.

    Mercy, of course, is not the license "conservatives" have granted leftist to violently attack us as they see fit.

    The point made here is very good. But, it goes further, both the libs and anarchists are called "useful idiots" (polezniye duraki) for a reason:

    Indeed, only a subgroup of the elite stands to materially benefit from this madness.

  3. Milo is not alt-right,he is a Homosexual Jew leftist used to divide & conquer.
    Reject him & Stefan Molyneaux who is also a Jew AND mocks gentiles in his videos.

  4. Youre 100% correct about the cucks,novus ordo,and SSPX not being able to defend themselves in any way.They're like helpless little children who aren't righteous enough to stand their ground.
    Thank God I attend a sede chapel.The man in Rome who wears white curses nationalists and is on the side of Jewish/muslim would be conquerors.
    Anyone know if there are any right wing marches planned anywhere anytime soon?!?!

  5. Well said. Liberal/progressives have made a perversion of civility; they use it as a stalling tactic so that they can position themselves to strike at those who are opposed to them. They can not be trusted. (Look at what happened to the Vendee and Christeros)

    I have come to the conclusion that the Church hierarchy is corrupt through and through. I won't be surprised if the coming persecution is not from secular society outside of the Church but by the Church's own hierarchy against the Faithful; deny us the Sacraments and try to drive us out.

  6. I kind of like Suscipe Domine because they aren't crazy like CathInfo. I gave up on Fisheaters when it got weird and since I'm not sure what Tracy really is, I stay away. The SSPX Faithful group seems shell shocked. They've been through so mucht (like any serious Catholic) that they all want desperately to show how nice and regular they are.

    1. Bishop Fellay is handing over the SSPX to the Novus Ordo.
      The "SSPX" has been compromised and no longer safe for Roman Catholics.

  7. Learn from history. Tell your liberal friends. For example, the liberals in the Cuban government supported Castro, thinking they could control him since they considered themselves "the voice of reason." Within one
    year of the new government convening, every single liberal was either dead or exiled.