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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Signs in the Sky for 2017: New Year's Eve Comet Serves As An Omen?

And God said: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years. -Genesis 1:14

This New Year's Eve, we were treated to a comet in our skies.  Just think: on the first day of a very ominous year, we were greeted with an astronomical messenger.

I'd rather call this: Comet Tribe-Bringer

The comet's name? 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova.  How romantic.  They sure do know how to name them.  Designations like that, friends, is what happens when science divorces religion.  I'd probably name it Comet Tribe-Bringer, seeing as how the comet comes at a time when the world's populations have democratically opted to revert to tribalism and populist ethno nationalism (none of which I necessarily disfavor).

This particular comet was only visible with binoculars, and it comes around a little over every five years.  On this New Year's Eve, if you had a clear sky, you'd see this comet right up near the moon.  Also, if you had a telescope that night, you would've had the chance to observe a conjunction: the redness of Mars right next to the blueness of Neptune.  A sort of water-meets-fire spectacle.
You know, when it comes to comparing Neptune and Mars, Aleister Crowley once said:

"The influences of these planets are so opposite in nature that not even their strongest and most favorable combination seems productive of much good...
"The conjunction is usually disastrous in the long run, though it may spell temporary success. It is the strength of fanaticism and we find it in Wilhelm II... and also in King Ludwig of Bavaria, the patron of Wagner, a monarch whose tragic history is well known, and in that more terrible apostle of an idea--Robespierre."
Yes, I think Comet Tribe-Bringer sounds quite nice when I consider that last paragraph.

But fear not, kiddies!  Let us not dwell on the madness of Beatles Album-inspiring black warlocks.  The majority of us are, after all, good Catholics.  The quotation is but merely for your amusement.  I consider the latter with about as much seriousness as I place upon the Nibiru phenomenon.

Though this New Year's comet does seem to me a possible grave foretelling of this year's prospects, I take its coming with a grain of salt.  The only conjunction that has my real attention this year is this one:

The Constellation Virgo, with Jupiter resting in her womb.



  1. Old horndog homosexual Crowley was a 33rd Freemason.

  2. Yup. He was a crazy old bastard. For a while there, he lived in a mansion off of Loch Ness Lake.

    1. He was a spoiled trust fund kid with a penchant for heroin opium and homosexuality.
      His father was a Protestant Brethren preacher."By faith alone" is where he learned "do what thou wilt"

    2. Isn't that always the case? Seems to be a problem that has increased exponentially in the Western Hemisphere: too much luxury, no hard work, and half-baked ideals.

  3. American people in general have embraced his ideology.
    I find myself disgusted with & not able to spend any time with American people nowadays.
    For the first time in a VERY long time,Men in general are more conservative than women.
    My wife's BFF from childhood & her liberal Jew boyfriend disgust me,I can't stand them.Recently had to spend with them and it was repulsive.
    Crowley would be proud of our modern World especially the West.
    If not for older white men & our Grandparents,Donald Trump wouldn't have won.