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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Race Issues 2b: The Tower of Babel - God Segregated Men For Their Benefit

"O sole god, without another of your kind, you created the world according to your desire...you set every man in his place...their tongues are separate in speech, and their nature [or form] is likewise; the color of their skin is different: you distinguish the peoples."
-14th century BC, Egyptian Hymn to Aton
The Confusion of the Tongues
The story of the Tower of Babel thrills the world to this day.  People love talking about it.  Tonight, I am mentioning Babel once more in order to drive home one particular point: God made sure to segregate men, and He did it for an important reason.

I cited only the Holy Scriptures last time.  Let's take a look at some statements outside of the Bible.

Nations, Once Made, Were Given Guardian Angels

Early Church fathers repeatedly mentioned how God had separated men and placed boundaries for them. But not only were the tribes and races of men separated, but they were so distinct, that each tribe and group had an angel who looked over them. There is a clear and ordered separation of men in this world, with individual spiritual personalities presiding over each nation.

 The world is not a hodgepodge of people who happen to have different features by coincidence. Evolution is a myth.  There has been a design for mankind's division.
For regiments of angels are distributed over the nations and cities. And, perchance, some are assigned to individuals.
- Clement of Alexandria, The Stromata, Book VI
According to the apparition of Our Lady of America,
the archangel Sardus rules over America,
while the archangel Sultra rules specifically
over the United States of America.
It is He who also gave philosophy to the Greeks by means of the inferior angels. For by an ancient and divine order the angels are distributed among the nations.
- Clement of Alexandria, The Stromata, Book VII
Accordingly, in the Holy Scriptures we find that there are princes over individual nations; as in Daniel we read that there was a prince of the kingdom of Persia, and another prince of the kingdom of Graecia, who are clearly shown, by the nature of the passage, to be not human beings, but certain powers. In the prophecies of Ezekiel, also, the prince of Tyre is unmistakably shown to be a kind of spiritual power.
-Origen, De Principiis, Book III
 St. John Crysostom will concur with these men, as well as Dionysius the Areopagite, who in his work, The Celestial Hierarchy, stated that:
"[T]he Word of God has assigned our hierarchy to angels, by naming Michael as ruler of the Jewish people, and others over other nations. For the Most High established borders of nations according to number of angels of God."
Finally, Consider the ancient Jewish writer, Philo of Alexandria:
"But it is not our creation that has established these boundaries, but reasons, which are older than we, or than any thing upon the earth; and which, moreover, are divine. In accordance with which the law also has declared the same thing, charging every one of us not to adulterate the coinage of virtue, in these words, "Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour's landmark which thy fathers Established."{38}{#de 19:14.} And in another passage he says, "Ask thy father, and he will tell thee; ask thy elders, and they will make it known to thee, how the Most High, when he divided the nations, dispersed the sons of Adam, and fixed the boundaries of the nations according to the number of the angels of God." 
 - Philo, in On The Posterity of Cain and His Exile XXV
Origen discusses what happened at the Tower of Babel.  He explains that different groups of people were sent to different environments and climates, the harshness of which depended on the level of their involvement with the building of the Tower.  The agents for this separation were the angels themselves:
[E]ach one was handed over (in proportion to the greater or less departure from the east which had taken place among them, and in proportion to the extent in which bricks had been converted into stones, and clay into bitumen, and building carried on out of these materials) to angels of character more or less severe, and of a nature more or less stern, until they had paid the penalty of their daring deeds; and they were conducted by those angels, who imprinted on each his native language, to the different parts of the earth according to their deserts: some, for example, to a region of burning heat, others to a country which chastises its inhabitants by its cold; others, again, to a land exceedingly difficult of cultivation, others to one less so in degree; while a fifth were brought into a land filled with wild beasts, and a sixth to a country comparatively free of these. -Origen, Contra Celsus, Book V Chapter 30 
According to Origen, men were punished after Babel according to different degrees of how much work they put into the Tower.  This division of men was a penalty for them to suffer.  

God's segregation of men was due to their sinful condition.  Segregation was not a good in and of itself.  Segregation of men is a neutral act that can serve as either a good or an evil action.  In the case of Babel and most other instances, splitting one tribe of men off from the rest was a punishment--a sort of anti-Pentacost.  But it was also for the welfare of the men that they be set apart.  Like little children, ancient men couldn't play together. They had to be separated.

The separation of men was deliberate on the part of God. This was no accident. Mankind has not been organically evolving into different subspecies, giving us the different ethnicities of the world. Nor was the separation at Babel unforeseen, for God knows all. The office of angels as guardians over nations attests to this. Men were eventually made to be different from each other, and they were separated throughout history.

Ven. Catherine Anne Emmerich - Segregation At Babel

In the visions of Venerable Catherine Anne Emmerich, she saw that the two main groups who worked on the Tower of Babel came from the tribe of Ham and Japeth.  Shem's tribe, however, stood to gain from their isolation from the other two tribes:
The children of Sem took no active part in the work. They dwelt in a level country where palm trees and similar choice fruit grow. They were, however, obliged to contribute something toward the building, for they did not dwell so far distant at that period as they did later. The descendants of Cham and Japhet alone were engaged in the work; and because the Semites refused to join them, they called them a stupid race. The Semites were less numerous than the children of Cham and Japhet, and among them the family of Heber and the ancestors of Abraham studiously refrained from encouraging the enterprise. Upon Heber who, as we have said, took no part in the work,
God cast His eyes; and amid the general disorder and corruption, He set him and his posterity apart as a holy nation. God gave him also a new and holy language possessed by no other nation, that thereby his race should be cut off from communication with all others. This language was the pure Hebrew, or Chaldaic. The first tongue, the mother tongue, spoken by Adam, Sem, and Noe, was different, and it is now extant only in isolated dialects. Its first pure offshoots are the Zend, the sacred tongue of India, and the language of the Bac-trians. In those languages, words may be found exactly similar to the Low German of my native place. 
- Venerable Catherine Anne Emmerich, The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations 
So, yes, we see that God segregated men as a punishment for building the Tower of Babel.  But not only did their separation work to their advantage, but Shem's tribe, the Semites, benefited from their segregation from the other two tribes.  Though they were reviled and called a stupid race, the Semites' refusal to participate in building the Tower of Babel earned them rewards from Heaven.  They were given a new and holy language that no one else spoke, which isolated them and protected them from the corruptions of the other populations.  The act of being cut off from the others kept them safe and holy, as the other gentile nations fell into darkness.

The separation of men disarmed a madness for globalist self-worship, set men apart so that they would not hurt one another, and as an added perk, distinguished one particular tribe who was to be pampered and coddled up until the crucifixion of the world's Savior who came from them.  

Emmerich - Segregation for Cain's People

In a previous post, I discussed Ven. Emmerich's vision of Ham as he was being cursed by his own father, Noah.  But I also shared the account of what happened to Cain, the first murderer. 

Cain, son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel. His punishment was to be exiled from men, and a mark to be upon his head. He was cursed, and his mark would warn others of his curse.

The murder of Abel
Cain responded that everywhere his fellow men would seek to kill him. There were already many people upon the earth. Cain was very old and had children. Abel also left children, and there were other brothers and sisters, the children of Adam. But God replied that it would not be so; that whoever should kill Cain should himself be punished sevenfold, and he placed a sign upon him that no one should slay him. 

Cain's posterity gradually became darkened, as they all carried Cain's mark upon them. They who were distinguished by a particular mark engendered children of the same stamp; and as corruption increased, the mark also increased until at last it covered the whole body, and people became darker and darker. But yet in the beginning there were no people perfectly black; they became so only by degrees.
God pointed out to Cain a region to which he should flee. And because Cain said: "Then, wilt Thou let me starve?" --(the earth was for him accursed)--God answered no, that he should eat the flesh of animals. He told him likewise that a nation would arise from him, and that good also would come from him. Before this, men ate no flesh. 
 - Ven. Catherine Anne Emmerich, The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations
Cain was mercifully allowed to live on, and he had his own people.  But he was exiled.  He was separated from other men.  This was to his benefit--and that of his marked descendants--who would have been killed by other men who did not bear the mark.
Cain is exiled.

This segregation worked out for Cain.  His tribe's separation from mankind was both acceptable and beneficial.  Cain was the first murderer, and he bore God's mark. It is even likely that the tribe's appearance kept hostile parties away, preserving them from attack. Likewise, the other tribes of men knew to stay away from the children of Cain, as the entire tribe would have been known to have been fathered by a murderer. Though Cain's descendants became estranged from the rest of the children of Adam and Eve, a nation arose from him, and good also came from him to some degree.

Ven. Emmerich - When King Jamshid Segregated His People

Good does arise from the segregation of different men from one another. For example, a rich high culture has developed in the lands of India and China.  Long before Marco Polo, these were faraway lands that lay isolated on the other side of Mesopotamia.  For a long time, Japan itself was considered only a legend, so richly regarded was its culture.

The isolated men of Europe had learned to handle their European winters adequately enough to wage petty wars on each other when times got boring.  And let's not forget that God had a special plan for His particular chosen race, the Hebrews.  Indeed, God had the Hebrews kill off several local tribes who apparently merited a collective death sentence akin to that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

So with that, let us hearken back one more time to another vision of Ven. Emmerich, as she recounts the mission of the Persian King Jamshid to preserve his people: 

On account of his knowledge, Dsemschid became the leader of his people. They soon became a nation, and were led by Dsemschid still further south. Dsems­chid was very distinguished; he was well-educated, and had embraced Hom's teachings. He was unspeakably lively and vigorous, much more active and better also than Hom, who was of a dark, rigid disposition. He practiced the religion formulated by Hom, added many things of his own thereto, and gave much attention to the stars. His followers regarded fire as sacred. They were all distinguished by a certain sign which
King Jamshid
their race. People at that time kept together in tribes; they did not intermingle then as now. Dsemschid's special aim was to improve the races and maintain them in their original purity; he separated and transplanted them as seemed best to him. He left them perfectly free, and yet they were very submissive to him. The descendants of those races, whom I now see wild and barbarous in distant lands and islands, are not to be compared with their progenitors in point of personal beauty or manly character; for those early nations were noble and simple, yet withal most valiant. The races of the present day are also far less skillful
and clever, and possess less bodily strength.

- Venerable Catherine Anne Emmerich, The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations
The Hebrews were not the only player in town who sought to keep away the outsiders.  

Jamshid sought to preserve his race's originality, and to strengthen it. I suppose you could call him a true ethnonationalist. Neither he, nor his tribe intermingled with other tribes, and they were stronger and more intelligent than people today.  In time, King Jamshid became known as the greatest ruler the Pishdadian Dynasty had ever known.  He is a Persian legend.


Good fences make good neighbors, they say. Most men of the ancient world thought so.  After all, we didn't see the different men of the world scrambling back together at Babel a second time after they were separated.  And the arrangement has worked out well, for the most part.  Mankind hasn't been drowned in a cataclysmic Flood just yet.  Society, crazy as it is, still holds together.  When God confused the tongues of men, He bought us time.
Great Wall of China

Separation from the rest of society preserved Cain's descendants up until the Flood.  Ham and a majority of his descendants were able to preserve themselves on the continent of Africa to the south without severe interference from the outside world until the arrival of Islam.  The men of Babel were pushed apart, and prevented from destroying their souls in their attempted globalist cult.  The tribe of Shem became cherished by God, and eventually the Hebrews, who were sheltered from the surrounding tribes and nations, particularly benefited from His many graces and miracles.  The kings of the Far East, including Jamshid's people, became rich cultures that boast a long and fruitful history that has yielded fruit to this day.  

Segregation, though not an evil in and of itself, can be beneficial when implemented rightly.


  1. This is all very fascinating, I've never read anything like it. When you are done the series on the blog, would you consider putting it all together and publishing it in book form? I'd love to have this on my bookshelf as reference. I don't know much about self-publishing but I think Lulu and Createspace might be good options (I think they are print on demand). Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  2. Do you like the big name white nationalist groups?
    I had no idea how confused,historically ignorant,and kosher they are (using old testament law to ban race mixing.. Esau marrying Canaanites..seriously?!?!) until I looked into the traditional youth workers party.(or similar name Mr.Heinbach is associated with them)
    They're either working for Shekelstein & Assoc or are seriously badly misinformed on many issues.

  3. The white nationalist groups believe in the one drop rule.
    One drop of any non-white DNA & you're "non-white".These groups also practice & believe in paganism.
    What's the solution for Catholics who may or may not have .05% Cherokee DNA?

  4. When you are done the series on the blog, would you consider putting it all together and publishing it in book form? I'd love to have this on my bookshelf as reference.

    I might. I've thought a lot about doing such a thing, actually. I'll think more on this.

    Do you like the big name white nationalist groups?

    No. I'm not really a white nationalist. Nor am I a white supremacist. Though the conversations from these groups make for interesting discussions. That being said, I think that the white Japethites of the United States now have the task of fighting for their right to exist and have their own space without being harassed, molested, or driven into Diversitykult. After all, blacks and Hispanics are allowed to exist in their own safe spaces. And it is DEFINITELY true that, right now, everyone is playing the "identity politics game" except for whites. If the whites are going to survive, it's time for them to use the tactics they've been taught by the Left as well as the other tribes. Whites have taken many slaps in the face over the past four decades in spite of their hari-kari tendency to devalue themselves to lift up the minorities. This must end, and the godless Diversitykult must be defeated. AND YET simultaneously, whites ought to hold a value in actual true Christian Universalism--which doesn't really exist to a great degree, and is quite different from Diversitykult. We NEED a Catholic Monarch to rule over us, lead us culturally, and make these distinctions.

    I had no idea how confused,historically ignorant,and kosher [white nationalist groups] are.

    Yes, I know. If I had all the time in the world, it would be fun to pick apart their Old Testament "justifications" for their views. Right now, for me personally, marveling at their tangled webs of O.T. justification is an entertaining exercise. These people are not stupid, but I do think they are only partially correct in some of their conclusions.

    The white nationalist groups believe in the one drop rule. One drop of any non-white DNA & you're "non-white".

    Quite true. If you're half white and half black, America will regard you as a black person. If you're half Asian and half white, America will look at you as an Asian. I think that if you are to be white, you need to be the third or fourth generation away from another ethnicity in order to retain enough white features to be regarded as white in our society. That's just how it is. It's all perception. Obama is as much a white man as he is a black, yet people call him black. So there you go.

    What's the solution for Catholics who may or may not have .05% Cherokee DNA?

    There is no solution because there is no problem. You aren't going to Hell because of that. Nor are you lower on some sort of a race chart that earns you cash and prizes. If you're .05% Cherokee, you probably do not even feature the phenotype of a Native American. And even then, if you do, they are probably not immediately discernible.

    1. I respectfully disagree & think some of these white nationalist groups are Jew funded.
      One group claims to be eastern orthodox yet encourages men to leave their wives & disown their children if they aren't white.This rule is for wives/kids who converted to Christianity and they also want this for men who wives may not pass one drop rule.
      Secondly,the USA has a large % of Whites who have native American or traces of African DNA.Of all countries in the World,why would these "white" groups outright reject men who are 95% white & 5% other races.
      Sounds like a Jew plot to divide & conquer.
      I could be wrong but these 2 rules are idiotic and not Christian yet these groups claim to be "Eastern Orthodox"

    2. Wait. Disagree with which point?

    3. I disagree on white nationalist parties
      I firmly believe they're funded by Jews.Of all countries to choose DNA purity,the U.S. has a majority of ppl who have 25% or less mixed DNA.
      Its a classic divide & conquer strategy.