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Monday, January 30, 2017

An Index of Laramie Hirsch's Race Blog Posts

Here is an index for the race posts I have written.  This should help people to discern what my views are on race.

I will be updating this as I continue to make posts on this topic.

Race Issues 1a: Catholic Thoughts On The Curse of Ham Extending Back Two Centuries
Race Issues 1b: Christendom's Thoughts On The Curse of Ham Extending Into Antiquity
Race Issues 1c: The Curse of Ham - What To Do With It?

Race Issues 2a: The Tower of Babel - When God Segregated Men
Race Issues 2b: The Tower of Babel - God Segregated Men For Their Benefit
Race Issues 2c: The Tower of Babel - An Optimistic, Hypothetical De-Segregation Scenario
Race Issues 2d: The Tower of Babel - A Pessimistic, Realistic, Hypothetical De-Segregation Scenario

The Kingdom of Católica America Part 7a: Race
* The Kingdom of Católica America Part 7b: Race - How An American King Would Ideally Unify Us
The Kingdom of Católica America Part 7c: How a Catholic Monarch Would Deal With A Racist America

White Nationalism Will Kill the Alt-Right

Race In the United States

Cubans Become Traditionalists, Catholic Media: Enter the Manosphere!, Segregation and Integration

Talking About Ethnic Groups Versus Talking About Individuals


  1. I'm finding this series fascinating. I never heard any of this before (excluding the Bible stories of Noah, Tower of Babel) - but not all the details. Wow! I also clicked on a couple of the other above links and found that you stated that the NAACP was started by Jews and a couple other statements negatively towards Jews. I am interested as to how this is. I am a Trad Latin Mass Attending Catholic so I'm not accusing you of anti-semitism or anything (altho I bet you've heart that term applied to yourself before?). Do you have a post somewhere about all this? Would love to read it.

  2. I'm adding this to the above. I maybe shouldn't have used the word "negatively" as I really don't know your ideas on this yet.

    1. Google "Talmud"

    2. Google 'Paul VI wears Jewish ephod"