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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Agreeing with VD: Modern Writing Sucks

I always felt like I was drowning in a lake of bullshit when I was forced to read modern "literature" at the university. One of my degrees was English Literature, so I had to read a lot of it.

The classics always offered clarity, while the new stuff about fags or failed sexual encounters always seemed self-serving to the writer. Why lit professors or others of that brand keep tagging themselves to that pointless charade will always bewilder me. It's one of the most flaccid things to take an interest in, and their literature preference can probably serve as a beacon warning others of their sodomitical lifestyle.

From today's Vox Day post, Modern Literature Is Bad Writing:
Speaking of bad writing, this 2001 Atlantic essay on the form and purpose of modern literature is magnificent. The author, BR Myers, rightly crucifies several doyennes of modern literature, including one, Cormac McCarthy, whose popular appeal I have never understood in the slightest(...):
"While inside the vaulting of the ribs between his knees the darkly meated heart pumped of who's will and the blood pulsed and the bowels shifted in their massive blue convolutions of who's will and the stout thighbones and knee and cannon and the tendons like flaxen hawsers that drew and flexed and drew and flexed at their articulations of who's will all sheathed and muffled in the flesh and the hooves that stove wells in the morning groundmist and the head turning side to side and the great slavering keyboard of his teeth and the hot globes of his eyes where the world burned.
(All the Pretty Horses, 1992)
"This may get Hass's darkly meated heart pumping, but it's really just bad poetry formatted to exploit the lenient standards of modern prose. The obscurity of who's will, which has an unfortunate Dr. Seussian ring to it, is meant to bully readers into thinking that the author's mind operates on a plane higher than their own—a plane where it isn't ridiculous to eulogize the shifts in a horse's bowels."
I know a copywriter. He was basically my mentor through college. He writes (and edits) damn well. He wrote a book about the rodeo lifestyle not too long ago, and I recommend it to y'all heartily. Any male with a working set of testicles who likes to read should check this one out.
It's called Ride On, by Michael Hearing


You should probably have some classic country playing in the background while you read it. (Waylon, Nelson, Hank Jr., etc.)

I suppose I could always push this book that some have attributed to me.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Two Fathers: A Rolling Stone and An Abuser

In the last three years, I have read two articles about each  of the latest two popes being described as a literal father figure in a nuclear family.  

The perspective differs according to the different dates they were written.  The first article is a little more sedate and pleading, as it was written after the first two years of Pope Francis' pontificate.  But the second article is readily more cutting, gritty, and unforgiving, as it was written recently, four years after Pope Francis was elected.  

The Abuser

The blog article that I actually featured here in January 2015 described how Pope Francis was an abusive father.  It is called: A Verbally and Metally Abusive Father.  This vision of a father is one of a man who seems self-absorbed, disconnected, and indifferent to the sufferings of the family.  If the children are having a problem, and they go to this father, he yells at them abusively:
"Imagine a father who lives in the picturesque suburbs. He has a good job, a loving wife, and several beautiful children of various ages. Many people look up to this man as an exemplary model within the community. Most say he is on his way to sainthood.
"As an outsider, this is only a part of the full picture. Now imagine if this same father spends more time playing with the other children in the neighborhood than he does his own children.When his children ask why their father would rather play with the other children and not his own, he in turn starts teasing them, making fun of them, and insisting that they are being whiny brats, instead of getting a loving answer in regards to why he is neglecting their emotional health.
"Additionally, his children are victim to several bullies in the neighborhood, tormentors who are relentless and look for any flaw in these children in order to persecute them. The father’s words and actions give these bullies ammunition to use against his children. Then the aggressors pounce upon the children and use the father’s own words against them.
"When some of the children get rightfully upset and complain about their father supporting the bullies more than themselves, their siblings yell at them and force their ideas into submission. “You can’t criticize Dad! He’s our father! You have to be obedient and submissive to his will, after all, he knows better than you do.” With this, the family has become more divided than before. Not only is the father allowing the world to abuse his children the same way he does, but some of the children viciously defend his abusive actions."

The Rolling Stone

There is a second article that came out recently that a lot of us are better acquainted with.  This is the article written by Ann Barnhardt: Letter From An Absentee Father To His Children.  It is very cutting, and sadly, it seems as something a lot of us are able to relate to.

Unlike the first article I mentioned, this one actually discusses the fatherhood of Pope Benedict XVI, who a lot of us originally thought was going to be a good pope.  In this description, we envision a father who decided to abandon the family to "go do his own thing."  This is a father who places emphasis on "finding himself" at the expense of his family's welfare.  And in his place comes a foster father who is very abusive and destructive.
Dear Children,
It has been over four years since I abandoned you and declared myself your “father emeritus”, but I wanted to write this letter to you in the hopes that it would console you.  As I said when I was walking out the door, I have not ceased to be your father, I have just chosen to only be your father in the passive, contemplative, inactive, absentee sense. After all, who is to say how many “fathers” a child can have?  What’s important is not who is or is not your father, but rather what fatherhood MEANS.  Fatherhood for me means withdrawing from the active duties of fatherhood while maintaining the spiritual aspect, and in doing this, stepping aside and making way for another man to become your “active father”.  In doing this, I have expanded fatherhood, thus permanently transforming fatherhood into a collegial, synodal paradigm. At least, that is what I tell myself.
I want you to know that I am fully aware that since I abandoned Your Mother and all of you, that a raging psychopath calling himself your “active father”  has moved into your house and is now raping and beating Your Mother before your eyes on a daily basis. I am also aware that he is beating you, emotionally abusing you, poisoning you, and is exposing you to his cabal of friends, almost all of whom are sodomites/boy rapists.
I want you to know that I am aware of this, and assure you of my closeness to you in prayer.  I hope this consoles you.
Further, I want you to know that things are going to get much, much worse.  Don’t ask me how I know this.  Let’s just say that when I was still your Active Father, I … was made privy to certain… secrets.
The psychopath and his sodomite/boy raping friends are going to rape and beat Your Mother so badly that it will literally require a supernatural miracle to save her life.  She will not die, but she will be raped and beaten unto death.  All of this will be done before your very eyes.  In fact, the psychopath and his sodomite gang will luxuriate in the fact that you, the children, will see this happen.
As for you, my dear, dear children, many of you will not survive this.  You will be beaten, berated, poisoned and some of you will also be raped.  For many of you, this abuse and terror will be so intense that you will abandon Your Mother and commit de facto suicide.  Others of you will turn into exactly the same kind of psychopathic monsters as your “active father” and his gang.  The only promise I can make to you is that at least ONE of you will survive.  It is possible that ALL BUT ONE of you, my children, will be lost.
But take heart!  I am aware of what is happening to you, and I am close to you in prayer.
Since this second article was written a full four years after the Church welcomed Pope Francis, we have the full benefit of hindsight.  There is no longer room for giving him the benefit of the doubt.  We are fully aware of what kind of man Pope Francis is.  But we are also fully aware of what kind of man Pope Benedict XVI is.  The latter is a quitter who fled for fear of the wolves, leaving us all to be eaten alive.

I could wholly connect and relate to each of these articles.  I expect them survive into the future and be read as historical literature by future generations, in order to better help our descendants understand what, exactly, we went through at this time.

A quick note for the unsavvy: I did not include all of the articles.  You can read them in their completed form by clicking on their hyperlinked titles.      

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Scandalous Victorian Horror Is Incomparable To FrancisChurch

"Just my soul?  Seems like a good idea!"
I wonder if perhaps it seems excessive to a lot of Catholics to keep harping on this horrific scandal of a drug-fueled priest orgy in the Vatican.  But...uh...this was your pope's buddies.  And honestly, Pope Francis and Friends™ have royally screwed over the Church from now until the Chastisement.  Before, in 2001, there was the scandal of priest pedophilia.  That was pretty damned bad.  But a fag train of men snorting cocaine off of each other's backs--right over there in the Vatican itself, and someone this close to the pope, no less--well, I simply cannot see how the Church's reputation will ever recover.

Matthew Taylor
Successful writer, age 20
The entire scandal sort of brought me back to an old Victorian horror novel I read in college.  This book was called The Monk, by Matthew Lewis.  I sort of doubt my readership is going to run out and buy this novel.  It was written in 1796, and it's been lumped in with Vathek, The Castle of Otranto, Frankenstein, and Dracula.

The very existence of a book like The Monk reminds me of a line from the prophecy of The Virgin at La Salette, where she says:
Evil books will be abundant on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening of all that concerns the service of God.
I cannot help but wonder if The Monk would be considered such an "evil book." It has always seemed to me to be written with the intention of delighting the reader with the scandalous ruination of a Catholic in a religious station.  The pleasures and schadenfreude that this work offered weren't exactly wholesome for the time it was written.  The Monk was condemned by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as being blasphemous and obscene, but Lewis was praised by the Marquis de Sade.

It goes without saying that this sultry and sensational work was an immediate best seller.  Lewis was only 20 years old.
Hear me out, and let me tell you this story.


Summary of Matthew Lewis' The Monk 
The story takes place in Spain, which at that time was a land of heated, romantic, unbridled passion.  There, in Madrid, the people have unquenched desire.  They clamor all over one another, there at the Church of the Capuchins.  They are a fomented, overzealous mob.  
Do not encourage the idea that the crowd was assembled either from motives of piety or thirst of information.  But very few were influenced by those reasons; and in a city where superstition reigns with such despotic sway as in Madrid, to seek for true devotion would be a fruitless attempt.  
One cannot help but wonder if Lewis is painting his target audience here.  
After some waiting, the man of the hour arrives.  The monk himself, "The Man of Holiness," Ambrosio, Abbot of the Capuchins, steps out to give his sermon.  And his sermon is a demonstration of his ability to spell-bound the crowd.  And, for that matter, the crowd is not a devout collection of the faithful.  The entire episode is a show.

Now, there are a few fresh victims characters I should introduce at this point.  There is the strapping young Lorenzo and the beautiful Antonia who meet during Ambrosio's sermon.  There is a second couple named Raymond and Agnes (Lorenzo's sister)--and real quick, these two get separated, but are reunited at the end; Agnes, who was pregnant, was cruelly kept in a convent by a prioress at the bottom of a secret staircase in a crypt.  

A couple more characters I should mention include Elvira, Antonia's mother.  And then there's Matilda, a mysterious woman who comes to Ambrosio (the monk) because she's infatuated with him.  Oh, and even the ghostly Wandering Jew makes a cameo appearance.  I'll never forget that scene.  (Let me know in the comments if you want me to provide you with that scene.) 

Amid all of the scandal, demons, and ghosts, the story goes like this.  

Ambrosio seems like a pious monk to the public.  But then we get a scene of him where is admiring a painting of the Virgin in a highly inappropriate sexual manner:  
"Oh!  If such a creature existed, and existed but for me!  Were I permitted to twine round my fingers those golden ringlets, and press with my lips the treasures of that snowy bosom!"
This is the interior mind of this "man of God."  He is not holy, but compromised.  

When he is eventually approached by Matilda, who seems to be a witch, her charm overcomes Ambrosio.  This woman appears obsessed with him.  As a matter of fact, at a point in the story, Matilda admits that she was the object of study in that portrait of the Virgin he admired:
"Yes, Ambrosio; In Matilda de Villanegas you see the original of your beloved Madonna.  Soon after I conceived my unfortunate passion, I formed the project of conveying to you my picture...I heard you daily extol the praises of my portrait."
As expected, the monk breaks his vows and has sex with Matilda, who seems somehow more aloof to the natural order of the universe than Ambrosio realizes.  

Ambrosio then becomes overcome with lust for Antonia--the innocent young girl I mentioned in the beginning.  He keeps visiting her family's house.  He deceives the family and says he's there to counsel Antonia's ailing mother, Elvira.  But Elvira, seeing through the pretense, tells the monk to leave before he harms the girl.  

"This deal seems legit!"
Matilda, at this point, helps Ambrosio by summoning a demon for him.  The demon gives the monk a magic myrtle branch that unlocks the doors of Antonia's house.  When Ambrosio the monk goes into the girl's house one night, her mother catches Ambrosio.  So...the monk kills her mother and runs off.  
Later, when Antonia is stricken mad with grief because she thought she saw her mother's ghost, Ambrosio the monk rushed "to her rescue" to take advantage of her.  He is advised by his lover Matilda to give the girl a drink that makes her sleep.  The monk then takes Antonia down to a dark crypt, rapes her, and then stabs her to death before she can escape.  

Ambrosio and Matilda are turned over to the Inquisition, as they are at this point known for rape, murder, and sorcery.  But then, Matilda convinces Ambrosio to sign his soul over in blood to the devil in order to avoid the execution.  

At that point, a devil appears to Ambrosio and helps him escape:
"'I have triumphed!  You are mine past reprieve, and I fulfill my promise.'  While he spoke, the door unclosed.  Instantly the demon grasped one of Ambrosio's arms, spread his broad pinions, and sprang with him into the air.  The roof opened as they soared upwards, and closed again when they had quitted the dungeon."
"Goodness, what a surprise!  I
totally didn't expect this to happen!"
The fiend reveals that that Matilda was also a demon all along, that Antonia was actually his sister, and that Elvira was his mother.  Ambrosio is then carried upward, dropped onto a sharp rocky precipice, from which the monk tumbles down to a river bank, and while still barely alive, his blood is being drunken by swarms of insects, and his body is ripped apart by the crooked beaks of wild mountain eagles.

The Monk Ambrosio Compared To Today's FrancisChurch Priests
I can remember the awkward confusion I felt as I witnessed my professor get a perverse thrill from teaching us about this novel.  It was downright naughty for its time, and certainly, it paints the Catholic Church in a bad light.    

So, yes it is a very horrible thing when a monk involves himself with sorcery, breaks his vows of chastity with a woman, rapes his sister, and kills his mother.  That's pretty bad.  BUT IT IS NOTHING COMPARED TO A COCAINE-FUELED GAY ORGY IN THE VATICAN THAT'S HOSTED BY A HIGH-RANKING VATICAN MONSIGNOR.    

I do not think that even the writer Matthew Lewis could have conceived of the kind of evil that now takes place in the center of what was once Christendom.  In The Monk, Ambrosio is led by his passions from one trainwreck into another.  His actions are not thought out.  They are hasty.  They are rash.  He gives into temptation, but he's no warlock.  He's a fool who got played by the Devil.  

For those not in the know, this homo-erotic
picture is actually a mural in a church, commissioned by
Archbishop Paglia.  That's him in the picture, with the hat.
A Vatican apartment filled with a drug-induced naked sausage party is another thing altogether.  It requires premeditation, arrangements, coordination, and a thought-out schedule.  "Let's all get together on this night in this place, purchase these drugs, have this kind of sex from this time to this time.  Be sure to contact this guy, this guy, and that guy, and make sure they tell so and so."  This is nothing like what Ambrosio did.  

At least Ambrosio the monk was attracted to women.  But this orgy...this vile thing that happened this year...this is planned evil.  These men have engaged themselves in a long-term commitment to wickedness.  This kind of diabolical depravity is a systemic groupthink with those priests, and their lives are attached to a program of sorts that enables this kind of crime.  

Ambrosio was merely a lustful heterosexual idiot bumping into one demon after another.  At the end of his life, cornered by the demon, he actually gave a thought to repentance shortly before the devil destroyed his hope:
   "On hearing this sentence, dreadful were the feelings of the devoted wretch!  He sank upon his knees, and raised his hands towards Heaven.  The fiend read his intention and prevented it--
   "'What?' he cried, darting at him a look of fury: 'Dare you still implore the Eternal's mercy?  Would you feign penitence, and again act an hypocrite's part?  Villain, resign your hopes of pardon.  Thus I secure my prey!'"
The monk Ambrosio had a touch of remorse.  Although out of self-preservation, he at least gave Heaven a glance with regret, and desired a last chance to correct his soul.  

Msgr. Capozzi
But the sodomite club in the Vatican is not populated by monks.  It consisted of priests, which is a much higher office and greater responsibility than a monk.  In fact, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi--the drug-running host of these recurrent orgies--was set to become a bishop, courtesy of his boss, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who has often said that Catholic leaders should focus on the "positive elements" of faggotry, and emphasize the "positive realities" of such homosexual relationships brief encounters.

Cardinal Cocco
Sodomites typically have no remorse.  They're usually narcissists.  And narcissists are unlikely to care about anything external to their own egos and pleasures.  Narcissists like that scoff at religion, and they are happy to try to change the Faith if they can--as we have seen with Cardinal Cocco.  Groups like the Coco Club don't bump into one accidental fling after another as the monk Ambrosio did.  Instead, they flaunt their gay pride, and they look at traditional morality as a societal and temporary inconvenience.  

If these men remain unrepentant, then their afterlife tortures will resemble a fate far worse than Ambrosio's death:

As He said this, darting his talons into the Monk's shaven crown, He sprang with him from the rock. The Caves and mountains rang with Ambrosio's shrieks. The Daemon continued to soar aloft, till reaching a dreadful height, He released the sufferer. Headlong fell the Monk through the airy waste; The sharp point of a rock received him; and He rolled from precipice to precipice, till bruised and mangled He rested on the river's banks. Life still existed in his miserable frame: He attempted in vain to raise himself; His broken and dislocated limbs refused to perform their office, nor was He able to quit the spot where He had first fallen. The Sun now rose above the horizon; Its scorching beams darted full upon the head of the expiring Sinner. Myriads of insects were called forth by the warmth; They drank the blood which trickled from Ambrosio's wounds; He had no power to drive them from him, and they fastened upon his sores, darted their stings into his body, covered him with their multitudes, and inflicted on him tortures the most exquisite and insupportable. The Eagles of the rock tore his flesh piecemeal, and dug out his eyeballs with their crooked beaks. A burning thirst tormented him; He heard the river's murmur as it rolled beside him, but strove in vain to drag himself towards the sound. Blind, maimed, helpless, and despairing, venting his rage in blasphemy and curses, execrating his existence, yet dreading the arrival of death destined to yield him up to greater torments, six miserable days did the Villain languish. On the Seventh a violent storm arose: The winds in fury rent up rocks and forests: The sky was now black with clouds, now sheeted with fire: The rain fell in torrents; It swelled the stream; The waves overflowed their banks; They reached the spot where Ambrosio lay, and when they abated carried with them into the river the Corse of the despairing Monk.       


Friday, July 21, 2017

Republicans Fail. Next? Zionist Laws!

So the Republican aristocracy, our oligarchs, have demonstrated to us this month that no matter what we give them--majorities in the House and Senate, and a very fiscally conservative, guns-loaded, ready-to-go president--they will continue to fail us.  This means that no matter what we give the Republican Party, there is pretty much no realistic hope to ever reverse any kind of insanity the government brings down on our heads.  

And then, there's this:
But now, a group of 43 senators — 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats — wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.
So, if I here on this blog support a boycott against Israel, I will owe the federal government more money than I can possibly muster--at least $1,250,000--and I will go to prison for 20 years where I will be harassed and trained in the criminal arts, while my family becomes destitute and leaderless without their husband and father.

The religion of America is Zionism.  This law is a blasphemy law.  It makes perfect sense that the American Overlords would even consider this insanity, as we are a rebel nation based on Hebraic Puritanism.  

Vox Day is actually the one who brought this to my attention today.  Both of us recognize that the problem is the fact that we suffer under an oligarchy.  His solution, however, is to make America a direct democracy, while my solution is to go the other direction and have a monarchy, where there is a single man we can hold to account for everything.

The Three Forms of Government:

Democracy, Aristocracy, Monarchy

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Sins of Our Oligarchs...

...could be used for blackmail.

After all, why else would these people do a complete 180 from their previous positions on Obamacare?  In fact, two senators who voted to repeal Obamacare in 2015 now refuse to do the same.

I'm probably entering conspiracy territory on this one.  But oh well, conspiracies do exist.

Let us to return to something that Limbaugh said earlier this week on this matter:
In the real world, they would be scared to death to be such hypocrites. To openly pass legislation that repeals it, knowing it isn’t gonna happen, and in the campaign promising to do it for real if they get control of the House and Senate. Then they don’t, and they then go out for reelection, what do they expect is going to happen? Do they think the public’s gonna forget? Do they think voters are not gonna mind? Do they think voters are gonna understand why they couldn’t do it?
My point, something matters more to them than what they’re going to face during reelection. They are willing to incur the wrath of the voters by failing to repeal it after promising to do so. They would rather incur the wrath of voters than to face whatever else it is that greets them if they do it. They’re afraid to do it. They’re afraid to repeal it. Why? Afraid of what? Who are they afraid of? What in the world has them more frightened than facing you on the reelection campaign trail? You answer that question, we answer that question, and we will know a lot more than we know now.
Consider the possibility that these people are being blackmailed.  Recall how just recently, we have read about the deaths of the following people investigating the Clinton Foundation: Seth Richards, Peter Smith, and Hatian government official Klaus Eberwein.  For that matter, recall that shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was recently shot down during baseball practice.  Little do most people know that Scalise was fighting pedophilia and human trafficking.

Blackmail is real, and it happens in both U.S. politics as well as in the Vatican.

Now, I'm unsure these senators are taking the Lolita Express to Epstein's orgy island.   Yet when I heard Limbaugh talk about senators who were more afraid of something unspoken, rather than the rage of voters, blackmail was one of the first things that came to my mind.  But what else could be so incriminating than some sort of sexual scandal?

No telling.  I could be completely wrong.  For all I know, maybe they'll vote to repeal Obamacare next week.  However...it's just a speculation, and there you have it.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Healthcare Bill: American Oligarchs vs Americans

This week featured such a momentous occasion.  The Republicans have failed to destroy Obama's socialized healthcare program.  After seven years of easily passing token votes through the House and Senate--all the way to President Obama's veto pen, the Republicrats of the Senate have demonstrated that they were never serious about their promises to the American people.

For seven long years--ever since the Senate Democrats snuck socialized medicine into America that Christmas weekend, briefly after the death of their good ol' buddy Ted Kennedy--the Republican party has passed nothing but "show votes."  I would say that their votes meant nothing.  But that would be wrong.  The votes of the Republicans do mean something in this instance.  Their votes indicate that they hate you, the people.

During times like this, it is always interesting to see what Rush Limbaugh has to say about such a phenomenon:
"[I]t is abundantly clear that the career Republicans in Washington don’t want to touch Obamacare. They don’t want to repeal it. And they don’t want to do tax reform. And they don’t want to build a wall. They don’t want to do any of the Trump agenda.
They were not going to contribute. They were not gonna make this easy for Trump. It has never been about Trump unifying the Republican Party in order to beat the Democrats, and that’s been the mistake. That’s not the fight here. The fight is not Republican versus Democrat. The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you, the Trump base, versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that and nothing more."
And now, clear for one and all, we can see the perils of being run by an oligarchy.  That grand democratic myth that the politicians really speak for the people as a whole has shown itself to be nothing but a fiction for the gullible.

Cornered, Trump will do the only thing he can do now.  He will allow the madness of Obama's horrific program to continue on.  It will build and build, the stench filling the land, growing more horrible with each passing year.  Our healthcare will become completely unaffordable as the premiums and deductibles rise higher than any common man can afford, and we shall fall out of the status of a first-world nation.


It is not easy to blame a single particular person for this.  That is because this work is not the fault of one man.  It is the fault of a committee.  We can see these senators in their public lives, but there are also those who run them who hide in the shadows.  This is the nature of oligarchy.

As Nassim Taleb states:
The problem is that by creating bureaucracies, we put civil servants in a position to make decisions based on abstract and theoretical matters, with the illusion that they will be making them in a rational, accountable way.  
Indeed, who are we to blame for this?  As I've argued before, now that things have become terrible, there is not one single person to pin this problem to.  The villain is an amorphous committee.  Blame can be shifted from one person to another in this matter, until we've reached a point where blame cannot be assigned to anyone.  It's the fault of "a process."  Or, one might argue, "there's not been enough communication."  All of this translates to: responsible parties do not take any blame.    

At least we have a name for these people.  We call them "the Republican Establishment."  And who is The Establishment?  They are a group of people who live and breathe Washington D.C. liberalism.  They are a group of people who know nothing about the kind of world that you live in.  They are individuals who have never worked in healthcare, yet have all the answers.

Rush Limbaugh expands on the nature of these beasts:
You think these people in the establishment are paying a scant bit of attention to what the public thinks? They’re not. They hold the public in contempt. In their view, the public doesn’t know enough to know the right thing.
Not all members of the establishment are equally powerful. There are those who run it. You don’t know who they are. They don’t seek office. They’re not officeholders. They are the chess players, the puppeteers.  These are the people who assign roles. These are the people who determine how much money from the pile goes where, how much they get, and they then have the power (because of their ability to disburse the money), who gets it and therefore who remains loyal to the power and the elite club known as the establishment. They’re all aligned and unified now to deny Donald Trump — and if they can, to sabotage his presidency.
This is what America is subject to.  When we "fight for freedom" with our proxy wars, this is what we are working to preserve.  For whatever reason, this is the political system we revere, defend, and argue for.

Godless, pluralistic, unprincipled America produces bad characters when it comes to our politicians.  These people who become our archons are the product of our culture.  We are a raft of debris floating in the ocean.  We have no direction, no rudder, no propeller, nothing.  We drift according to our lusts.  We cannot command our own urges, and so the populace begs to be exploited.

Look forward to more hard times ahead when it comes to getting medical treatment.  When Trump says he's going to let Obamacare implode, that means he's going to let the stability of your lives implode.  Trump has no control over this; he has been on your side in whatever faculty he could.

Your welfare instead rests in the hands of this system controlled by an establishment of oligarchs who probably do not have your interests at heart.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump: Winning. Congress: Continually Losing

The Republicans in Congress have failed us again.  Socialized health care was not repealed--once again.  Our president and Republican Congress have the bully pulpit and the mutual support necessary to pass anything through in Congress if they were of one mind.  Yet, pettiness still reigns.

But I want to be positive today.  There is much to be positive about.  

Most people who read this blog are thinking men.  And as thinking men realize, Trump is not the Republican Congress and the Republican Congress is not Trump.  In fact, the "republicrats" are thoroughly cucked passive-aggressive enemies of this president.  And this president is clearly the choice of the people of the United States, as is seen from the drama of last year's presidential election.  The mask was ripped off of the pollsters--who, as we now know, were shown to be public liars and truth benders.

So hated is Trump, that he is not even allowed to fill the top jobs in his own administration, as Senate Democrats have been using obstruction techniques to ensure that the president has only 33 confirmed administration positions as compared to Obama's 126 confirmed officials at this point in office.

It is argued by the New York Times that Trump has not nominated enough senior officials fast enough.  But is it not possible that he simply doesn't bother to try too hard, realizing that the Congress opposes him as an outsider?  Perhaps it may be that Trump intends to run a skeleton crew while in office.  It may also be that this is one of his strategies for cutting government waste.  Building up the oligarchy, after all, doesn't seem like a Trump thing to do.

Others on the Right, such as Michael Savage, were yesterday denouncing Trump's administration for admitting 15,000 additional temporary workers into the United States this week.  Savage argued that we are somewhere in one of the five stages of grief with Trump, and he argued that this is not what he worked towards for a year and a half.  (Savage argues we are in the Denial stage.)

We Have A Good President So Far

I would like to throw some cold water on the situation.  If Trump did absolutely nothing at all during his presidency, he would be one of the best presidents we've ever had since Calvin Coolidge, who once said: "The business of America is business."  Coolidge spent most of his presidential time fishing.  I can think of no better activity for an American president at this point than fly fishing.

30th President of the United States, doing what he does.  Fishing.
The next ten presidents after Trump should do this.

Trump is not only allowing America to catch its breath for four years.  He is also reversing things in whatever capacity his blackballed-by-Congress situation allows.

For example, just yesterday, the Border Patrol Union President has praised President Trump for the sharp dropoff in illegal border crossings.  They've never seen such a drop in illegal immigration like this.  Obama, to the contrary, actually kept border agents from performing their sworn duties.

But to assist you in realizing just how decent this "wild card" president has turned out, allow me to cite some of Trump's achievements from Conservapedia:

Trump has been whittling away at Obamacare, halted Obama's transgender policies, and weakened the Johnson Amendment that prevents churches from their 1st Amendment speech rights.  Last month, he even refused to proclaim June 2017 as LGBT Pride Month.

He extened the Veterans Choice Act, allowing veterans to seek medical care outside of problematic VA systems, and he signed the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act.  This latter act expands protection for VA whistleblowers, ends bonuses to convicted employees, and makes it easier and quicker to fire bad VA employees.

Under Trump, Attorney General Sessions has called for the resignation of 46 leftist U.S. attorneys appointed by Obama.  Local control has been given back to police departments, while Obama was working to actually federalize police departments to a certain degree.  James Comey was rooted out and fired.  Sessions also ended the Obama era of pursuing light sentences for criminals.  As of last week, the DOJ charged 412 people for health care fraud schemes that defrauded taxpayers of $1.3 billion.

International Planned Parenthood has been defunded globally.  Trump stopped funding the United Nations Population Fund (pro-one-child policies).  Pro-life advocates have been appointed to the Department of Health and Human Services.

As far as gun laws, under Obama, a background check registry included a mental disability check.  To have a gun under Obama, you had to not be mentally disabled.  But the process was so murky and nebulous, that perfectly competent and mentally healthy citizens would have been barred from owning firearms.  Trump repealed this.  Now, it will be ten years before the Social Security Administration is allowed to come up with any kind of new criteria at all for supplying names to the background check registry.

Trump has ordered the Secretary of Education to review Department of Education regulations.  He intends to return the power of public schools to local governments and out of the Federal government's hands.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is to look at the U.S. tax code and investigate what unnecessary regulations can be removed.  Federal regulations on job-training programs are to be loosened.  Apprenticeships and vocational learning are now being encouraged.  After Trump's first 100 days, the national debt has actually decreased under this president by $100 billion--something we haven't seen in the eight years of Obama's presidency, where the debt grew by almost $600 billion by the same point in his presidency.  Credit scores of Americans have never been higher, the economy rose rapidly, and so far 222,000 jobs have been added to the American economy.  Jobless claims applications and benefits have fallen, and U.S. factory activity rose to hits highest level since August 2014.

Improvements in energy and immigration policy have been remarkable.

Trump greenlit the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline projects.  He's ordered that all pipelines be made with quality American steel, and that manufacturing regulations be streamlined.  He forced the G-20 to remove mention of climate change from its joint statement, and to add to the hilarity, he refused to sign the G7 joint statement.  He repealed Obama-era coal regulations and revitalized the industry.  The coal industry is now in a rebound after being at historic lows during Obama's disastrous presidency.  President Trump also repealed an offshore drilling ban signed by Obama.  Land in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve has been opened up for drilling.  Much for our delight and to the chagrin of Obama and liberal world leaders everywhere, our American President withdrew from the Paris climate agreement.  He closed the bureaucratic Office of International Climate and Technology.  

Though the wall we've been waiting for has not been built yet, Trump nevertheless signed two executive orders ordering the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.  Five thousand additional border control agents have been hired.  Catch and release policies for illegal immigrants have been halted.  Trump has banned admission of Syrian refugees for at least 120 days, and he has made it clear that he would help Christian refugees--something our previous Muslim-friendly president was not known for at all.   Last month, the Supreme Court came down in Trump's favor to ban refugees from countries with a high risk of terrorism.  Deportation of imprisoned illegals has sped up.  There are now tougher vetting policies at U.S. border crossings.

The government has been cracking down on MS-13 and other illegal immigrant gangs.  ICE now has a Spanish media outlet in order to combat media distortion.  Illegal immigrants no longer are granted privelages in detention centers.  Even those illegal immigrants who were given a quasi-amnesty in the form of "administrative closure" by Obama have begun to be repatriated back to their home countries.  An old policy of Obama's, DAPA, almost gave amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants, but the federal courts under President Trump's control have cancelled this policy.  Also, Obama wanted to speed up the vetting process for people seeking visas; Trump rescinded that policy.  ICE agents continue to enforce U.S. immigration law in "sanctuary cities," despite constant opposition by liberals.


Do you feel better now?  Do you feel edified and healed?  I do hope so.  I hope that boosts your morale.  All week, we'll probably be hearing about the failed passage of the Obamacare repeal.  But that's Congress' failure.

What I have written is not even half of what President Trump has achieved so far in this nation.  The Right's "wild card" vote has so far paid off.  Even without the feckless Congress, President Trump has been healing and restoring this country.  He has taken many bullets and attacks from the media and every Leftist rabble-rousing critic for our sake.  

Yes, it is true that more could be accomplished if only the Republican House and Senate were of one mind on policy.  And let's not forget, many congressional Republicans hate both Donald Trump and the lowly Republican voters who put him into office.  They are pretty much Leftists with an "R" beside their name.  

But in considering these achievements, and after considering that it's only been 6 months since Trump has been in office, I cannot wait to hear him rattle off his achievements at the next State of the Union Address in front of a pugnacious congress that wants to impeach him.  Trump has been a man of the people thus far.  The oligarchy Congress has proved itself otherwise.    

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Kingdom of Católica America 12: Today, John C. Wright Opposes Monarchy

"I hope to be able to encourage conversations tending toward a definition of Christian monarchism in the abstract."-Charles Coulombe, Star-Spangled Crown

Recently, in a blog post titled Uanswered Inequality Challenge, I've had some brief conversation online with a fellow who is strongly opposed to monarchy.  What I find surprising is that this man is none other than John C. Wright, a fantasy and science fiction writer, and a Catholic convert.

His distaste for monarchy is amazing to me for several reasons.

For starters, like me, he is a Catholic convert.  This means that at some point he has opened his mind to a new idea, a new philosophy, and a new way to go on in life.  Typically with converts, we become very intense and full of zeal for our new faith.  This happens because the Faith can fill our insight if we choose to let it, and so the knowledge and wisdom of the Church is rushing into our minds like a jet stream of water from a fire hose.

Yet, on this issue--when it comes to government--Wright has either turned down the flow of Catholic influence, or shut the valve completely.  I am uncertain he has read any of the arguments put forth by either Coulombe or Medaille.  I am even more uncertain if he has read what St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Bellarmine had to say on the issue.  Yet supposing Wright has read these writers' opinions--how could he disagree?  After all, the Catholic Church Herself is a monarchy.  That alone should open a Catholic's mind to the subject.

There is a second reason I find Wright's distaste for monarchy surprising: he is a fantasy and science fiction writer.  People who write such fiction are usually capable of imaginations that transcend the bounds of reality.  Writers like him derive a certain inspiration from even the overlooked things of this world.

But when it comes to monarchists, Wright scoffs: "I suspect a romantic attachment to tales of King Arthur is to blame."  And, in fairness, he describes himself as a "cold and remorseless thinker, as logical and dispassionate as a Vulcan."

Yet, ought not a fiction writer be inspired by such things?  Is not the mind of a fantasy writer naturally subject to inspirations from Scriptures, the mundane features of life, and the extraordinary tales that we grow up with as children?
"We’re all born Monarchists. Or, at least, we used to be. Every boy raised by parents who want their sons to become gentlemen will be given the example of Prince Charming. Every little girl should be lucky enough to be Daddy’s Little Princess. Every child wants to live in a castle, sees his father as a king, or her mother as a queen. No little five-year-old dreams of living in an executive mansion or imagines his mother to be a charming and able politician’s wife."-Michael Davis, "Why I'm a Monarchist"
History has shown that it is kingdoms, not republics, that last the longest.  The inspiration of leaders and heroes is what helps a nation endure through the ages.  Archetypes instill a lasting impression in even the hearts of children.  Not administrators or representatives who cave in to lobbyists.  "The hands of the king are the hands of a healer," as Tolkien once wrote.

There is one final reason Wright surprises me with his strong and outspoken opposition to monarchy.  Not only is he an active Catholic who appears open to reading and writing about extraordinary things, but he could also be categorized taxonomically with the current batch of men on the Right who have abandoned the self-imposed restrictions that prevented any kind of outside-of-the-box thinking.  

It is true that Wright firmly states he does not wish to be a part of the Alt-Right (see also HERE).  Yet, honestly, I can think of few other currently-published fantasy and sci-fi authors who think more outside of the box than Wright.  For proof, I would direct you to read his work Awake in the Night Land.  A reading of that book will help you to conceive just how original, surprising, deep-thinking, and marvelous his writing can be.

Despite the fact that Wright is living through a sort of Renassiance on the Right, however, there are some stifling boxes he prefers to remain in.  The American Myth has a firm hold on his heart, and he is an adherent to the spirit of the "Shining City on a Hill."  His politics seem four parts Catholic and one part Hebraic Puritan.  A step towards Christendom is simply not the direction he desires for America, as we shall ever be a rebellious Lucifer among the nations.  

Time will tell if his thinking develops on this issue.  The fact that Wright is a staunch Americanist, however, should not deter you from reading his amazing fiction.  He is truly a taste of the times, and I recommend supporting him with your patronage.  He is a good and thoughtful Catholic who has worked to argue against some of the more unfavorable directions of the Alt-Right.  Namely, he has taken a bold stance against the hopeless ethnonationalist tendency in some extreme circles (see HERE, and  HERE).  As my readers know, for what it's worth, I have certainly joined him in efforts to steer away from blatant American ethnonationalism and to bring some sort of a direction to this new political energy.

In spite of our slight political differences, I do still think a lot of Wright's ability, and I continue to remain a fan.  That being said, though, I think that Tolkien would be on my side when it comes to monarchy:
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Catholics: What do we do? How do we hold out?

A friend and I were chit chatting this evening.  We were lamenting about how most people lack the knowledge and wisdom necessary to overturn the present corruption that has infested both secular government, as well as the Church hierarchy.

We recalled the latest news of our pope's right hand man, that he was involved in throwing a cocaine-fueled gay orgy in the Vatican a couple of months ago.  We lamented about something Ann Barnhardt recently related to us all, when she reported from a Vatican source that
there is now a resignation to the fact that the infiltration of sodomites and Freemasons  is so severe that it is not humanly possible to remove the infiltration. This can ONLY be solved by supernatural means, which all understand means a Sodom and Gomorrah type event, except on a much, much larger scale. Massive destruction, with many, many people dying on a level never before seen by mankind, just as the Blessed Mother has warned so many times, particularly over the past century.
There are those who blow this kind of news off and roll their eyes, scoffing, and telling us the world has always been this way.  It's always been like this.  

But history has not always been like this.  It has never been this bad.  Though there is an immense availability of knowledge these days, there is hardly a scrap of wisdom to be found in people.  

My friend and I wish that authority would come to its senses and grab hold of the reins, putting the West back to right.  But that will not happen.

What to do while waiting for the asteroid?

Well? What now, then?  

First, I want to tell you about two definitions.  

#1. Secular clergy - Clergy who are engaged for the most part in pastoral work and who are not members of a religious institute. They are not bound by a vow of poverty or community life. But their celibacy, in the Latin Church, is under solemn oath and they promise obedience to a bishop as their immediate superior under the Pope.

#2. Religious communities - These are monks and nuns, orders, and the small folks that you don't hear about too much.  There are many different kinds of religious communities: apostolic communities, contemplative, monastic, and cloistered communities, missionary communities, motherhouses, knighthood orders, and more.

Now, considering these two important definitions, I would like to repeat what the Virgin Mary told us in Ecuador 400 years ago.  I gave you this quote last week, but it is crucial to drive this point home.  

Our Lady of Good Success foretold of these very times that we are living in.  But tonight, specifically, I want to again focus on this paragraph:
"Religious communities will remain to sustain the Church and work with courage for the salvation of souls.… The secular clergy will fall far short of what is expected of them because they will not pursue their sacred duty. Losing the divine compass, they will stray from the way of priestly ministry mapped out for them by God and will become devoted to money, seeking it too earnestly."
Does this not clearly speak to the troubled times we Catholics are dealing with this very week?  Throughout the Church hierarchy, on the whole, from priests all the way up to the pope, we have been witnessing the secular clergy "fall short" of what we need from them.  And, in fact, perhaps the Holy Mother was making an understatement.  I would argue the clergy has fallen quite far from their duties.  Not all of them.  But a majority?  That's arguable.  

And so, as the secular clergy fails, let me now direct you to the religious communities.  Once again, I want to direct you to what Hilary White said in one of her recent Remnant articles.  In it, she makes a list of "the holdouts."  White is referring to those religious communities that I am referring to, and to whom the Holy Mother was referring.  White calls them "The little guys out here in the big and little pockets of resistance."  She goes through a list of religious orders and Catholic organizations who are still holding the line.  White is showing us those religious communities that the Holy Mother talked about, and who can help us retain our sanity through the times to come.  

If you need to know who to support with your tithe money, your presence, and your public support, might I suggest you turn to the religious communities for your inspiration?

Secular clergy falls short, but religious communities can sustain us.

As for you people who disregard prophecy and private revelation, pay no heed to this article.  I am but a silly fool applying perceived words from Heaven to the present reality.  No doubt, you consider it a frivolous exercise.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Obsessing Over Englishmen, Brawling With Anti-Monarchists

We return to 250-year old arguments.

This post serves a dual purpose.

1. It's sort of a public reminder note for me which obligates me in front of you all to return to these public arguments.

2. It alerts you good people of the dust up that's going on.  I like a crowd, after all.

"Rights of Englishmen" Obsession

Vox Day is once more bringing up the Rights of Englishmen, which I have addressed in detail here:

The "Rights of Englishmen" Series

Vox Day's post, The Magna Carta and Posterity, is his attempt at ramming home his mistaken perennial point that only English people descended from England are capable of cherishing and perpetuating the rights that stem from the Magna Carta.  Never mind the fact that the Englishmen who became the first Americans argued, fought, bled, killed, and died for the idea that these self-evident rights were actually universal.  John Adams said we are to be "a government of laws, not men."

I have entered the comments box for some salty discourse.  We shall see what happens in the fullness of time.


Catholic Convert Writer Argues Against Monarchy

Back in 2014, an article was circulating that discussed the Dark Enlightenment--which, as we now know, would later morph into or fall under the designation "Intellectual Alternative Right."
"The Dark Enlightenment is an ideological analysis of modern democracy that harshly rejects the vision of the 18th century European Enlightenment—a period punctuated by the development of empirical science, the rise of humanist values and the first outburst of revolutionary democratic reform. In contrast, the Dark Enlightenment advocates an autocratic and neo-monarchical society. Its belief system is unapologetically reactionary, almost feudal."
Unapologetic indeed. 

So, as you know, I'm a big fan of promoting a Catholic Monarchy.  The order that a traditional Catholic Monarch offers is quite substantial, once we stop to consider how insane this latest era of republics has become.  

The Kingdom of Católica America Series

That being said, it is easy for me to forget that the path that led me to the conclusion for Catholic monarchy took some time and convincing.  I was not fully on board with the idea at first.  I never even considered it.  The path that led me to this place took time in much the same manner that it took time to accept the legitimacy of the SSPX.  

Yet, I could not help but be surprised when I read that the thoughtful and brilliant fiction writer, John C. Wright, appeared vehemently opposed to our growing movement of Catholic Monarchists, in his recent post: Unanswered Equality Challenge.  But, to give him some leeway, it is likely that he has not given monarchy the benefit of the doubt.  It is likely he has not read any arguments for that form of government with an open mind.  

So, for my own personal intellectual growth and amusement, I shall accept his challenges.  In the near future, I will examine his statements and arguments against Catholic monarchy.  My expectation is that my stance will be bolstered and axioms added for this noble cause.  


The "Rights of Englishmen" Series

This is a list of the posts from my "Rights of Englishmen" series, as well as some others:

- The Rights of Englishmen Part 1: "Some Good Whig Principles"
- The Rights of Englishmen Part 2: Nothing New?
- The Rights of Englishmen 3: Catholic Europe Produced The Idea of Human Rights
- The Rights of Englishmen 4: More Basic Rights From Not Just England
- The Rights of Englishmen 5: The Magna Carta Is The Alt-Right's Saxon Hammer!

- The Magna Carta, In Full

Further reading:

- Puritans - Englishmen Imported The Idea From The Netherlands
- Puritans - Englishmen Were Displaced By Immigrants And Judaized By Them
- America Was Not To Be A Part Of Western Civilization

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Immediate Future for Catholics

Recently, Cardinal Pell has been charged by Australian police for sex offences, and he is now being thrown under the bus. Two months ago,  Vatican police threw a wrench in a cocaine-fueled gay priest orgy in the apartment of Pope Francis' personal advisor. And earlier this year, it was revealed that a homoerotic painting in a public cathedral was commissioned by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

Meanwhile, as temporal, narcissistic deviancy flourishes among the clergy of the Catholic Church, a program of normalization has begun throughout the Catholic hierarchy. This systematic, piecemeal engineering is designed to avoid approaching a modernist "correction" or "reform" of doctrine or dogma.

Masked in the disguise of pastoral ecumenism, Pope Francis, the St. Gallen Mafia, and all Jewish and Freemasonic-friendly forces who've embeded themselves into the Church intend to attack the institution of the family itself and normalize degenerate sexual behavior, putting an end to the Catholic Church as you recognize it.

This new cadre of rebels and destroyers may as well parrot the Catholic-hating Thomas Jefferson, who once opined that if the Christian religion is to maintain its ground, then true Catholicism, "which has prevailed for fifteen hundred years, has received a mortal wound, of which the monster must finally die." Ladies and gentlemen, we are being sold out to our enemies. The powers that be would rather have us act as Americanist Unitarians than Catholics.

In his book Pope Francis in Context, E. Michael Jones supposes that a great split in the Church was created at the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Of course, many of us in the know consider that split to have occurred at the Second Vatican Council which took place from 1962-1965. And so, it seems that we have a group of holdouts--priest and laity--who are doing their best to hold onto the Tradition of the past. As Bishop Williamson would say, we are trying to keep a pilot light on through this present darkness.

This act of speaking about a Church vs a Counterfeit Church brings us into the territory of Catholic prophets who speak of "a false church," as Emmerich calls it. As Our Lady of Good Success said, it now seems that we are being weekly scandalized by "enormous public and hidden sacrileges," and the sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with the Church" is being thoroughly attacked and profaned.

What's next?

As Hilary White stated this May, now that Pope Francis has served as a sledgehammer for pulverizing major chunks of the Catholic world, there is now knife work to be done. It may be that the next leader of this Leftist movement will pull out a scalpel to cut away all goodness from the Catholic brand:
"But the problem the Revolutionaries have is that there are still people around like us. The little guys out here in the big and little pockets of resistance. People like Matthew Festing and the Professed Knights of Malta, the Franciscans of the Immaculate, the Norcia monks, the Anglican Ordinariates, the London and Toronto Oratories, the parish of St. John Cantius, the Norbertines in California and the Augustinians in Lagrasse, the FSSP, Bon Pasteur, and the ICK. There are certain bishops of the JPII/Benedict 'old guard' all over Europe, the Americas and Asia who have influence and who have and continue to attract many 'conservative' young vocations. There’s noisy guys like Cardinal Zen and quiet ones like Bishops Laun, Rey and Jugis.

"There are the 'new conservative' religious orders of the JPII era, and the holdouts who refused to go along in the first place, like the Rosano nuns in Tuscany - more or less the only women’s monastery in the country who kept the Latin monastic Divine Office and have 60 nuns and flocks of vocations to show for it. There are some like Heiligenkreuz Abbey, who tried the Vaticantwoist proposal for a while and decided it was better to go in reverse. There are pockets of resistance among the Dominicans. There’s the little start-ups, new communities in formation, the Benedictine houses like Gower, Missouri and Silverstream in Ireland, and those little independents who were founded locally in hope and who want to adopt habits, common life, even the traditional liturgical forms. There are the Benedictines whom everyone knows are counterrevolutionaries: Fontgombault, Le Barroux, Kergonan and Jouques, Clear Creek and St. Cecelia’s in Ryde. And of course, there’s all those Carmelites and Poor Clares praying and praying without cease. 
"Going down a few levels there are publishing houses, think tanks and university rectors, liberal arts colleges and postgraduate study centres. There are pro-life organizations, scouting groups and adoration societies, Chesterton Societies, young adult groups and Legion of Mary chapters, all that might be termed the 'civic society' of the Church, laity acting in accordance with their state in life.

"And then, there’s Summorum Pontificum, that turned out to be a bigger problem than anticipated: sitting there in the bright sun, digging its roots deeper and deeper every day, flourishing and sending out shoots and vines and flowers that are rapidly developing into fruit. 
"There’s all that to think about. And for that one doesn’t need a wrecking ball. One requires a Surgeon."
I imagine that what the entire Catholic world shall now live through will be something akin to what happened in Recusant England. Silver-haired Novus Ordo dupes will laugh and guffaw with their liberal bishops, as the latter joke about mundane things. And if any trace of the Right-leaning Traditionalists pop their heads up, the zombie class will uniformly turn their collective faces towards us, and rush at us to eat us alive. We will be exposed, doxxed, disemployed, called out, and shamed.

Daring to continue to even blog about this will put a target on you. I'd say give it five years.

If there is to be Traditional Mass said anywhere, it will be hidden and unannounced in official diocesan bulletins. And should the time come for good priests to suffer persecution, we will begin to witness the phenomenon of priest hiding holes in Catholic homes for when the authorities come to shake us down.

Our primary strength will remain, not with the secular clergy, but as Our Lady of Good Success stated:
"Religious communities will remain to sustain the Church and work with courage for the salvation of souls.… The secular clergy will fall far short of what is expected of them because they will not pursue their sacred duty. Losing the divine compass, they will stray from the way of priestly ministry mapped out for them by God and will become devoted to money, seeking it too earnestly."
I believe that the monster birthed during Vatican II is advancing beyond its larval stage, and a catalyst has been introduced to grow the "modernist virus" at a rapid rate. Many of us have braced for this period. Most have no idea about what's going to happen.

Fortunately for us, however, the difficult years of turmoil and confusion have educated and hardened us. We have become Mithridatized against poisonous harm that would otherwise slay previous, more tender generations. The few strong Catholics that remain are inoculated to a degree, as we have been exposed to one small dose of poison at a time.

We will hold the line and keep the fire lit.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

America Was Not To Be A Part Of Western Civilization

Happy Independence Day, I suppose.

Many in the Alt-Right these days like to argue about how much we need to save the West.  "The West," in this case, includes the United States and Europe.  There is even a sub-group in the Alternative Right called the Alt-West.  Vox Day argues for this cause often, and even recently, he once again indirectly argued about how Americans should understand "The Rights of Englishmen."

What all of these "save the West" figures tend to not realize is just how un-European America's cultural forefathers meant for us to be.

Let's consider Noah Webster, the author of the Webster Dictionary:
"A national language is a band of national union.  Every engine should be employed to render the people of this country truly national; to call their attachments home to their own country; and to inspire them with the pride of national character.  However they may boast of independence, and the freedom of their government, yet their opinions are not sufficiently independent; an astonishing respect for the arts and literature of their parent country and blind imitation of its manners are still prevalent among the Americans."
Webster was not talking about Somali immigrants or Hindu Indian guest workers.  The "parent country" Webster was referring to was England.  That very same Whiggish realm that fed the propaganda of oligarchical rebellion, those "Rights of Englishmen."  So important was it to Webster to separate Americans from Englishmen, that he changed the spelling of basic English words, labeling the effort as a reform.

Just say "No" to Homer!
As Charles Coulombe explains in Puritan's Empire, "There must be, in as many ways as possible, a radical divorce from both the mother country and the rest of Old Europe."  The word honour was to be spelled as honor, centre as center, and recognise to recognize.  The goal of Webster and others was to cut off the younger generations from the old  country

Webster and others desired to banish the old, European, and Catholic culture from the shores of America forever, in the hopes of making this a continent of Unitarians.

More than just language, Webster desired to ban classical and British literature from classrooms:
Another defect in our schools, which, since the revolution, is become inexcusable, is the want of proper books. The collections which are now used consist of essays that respect foreign and ancient nations. The minds of youth are perpetually led to the history of Greece and Rome or to Great Britain; boys are constantly repeating the declamations of Demosthenes and Cicero, or debates upon some political question in the British Parliament...
But every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country; he should lisp the praise of liberty, and of those illustrious heroes and statesmen, who have wrought a revolution in her favor.
Webster did not want American children to read any non-fiction from anyone other than Americans.  The classical literature of Greek and Latin fame were to be ignored.  British life was to be erased from the memory of all generations after the Revolutionary War, and all eyes were to be turned inward from the shores of the Atlantic (and later, the Pacific).

On this matter, Coulombe continues:
In a word, education ought not to be the expansion of the mind so as to assist both in life and salvation, but at base, ideological indoctrination.  Rather than teach the student, via the great minds of Western Civilization, how to think (and so evaluate things himself) he was to be initiated into the sort of nation-worship which was then being forumlated, but which has been the mainstay of education in this country ever since.  
Schools were to be--and are--centers of indoctrination.  Longing for the good-old days of American education is to long for a more infantile version of what we already have.  Today, America's parents shove their children off to be ground down and processed into a judaized Nickolodeon/MTV culture, where they will learn to cherish sodomy and cheer anti-white racism.  Looking back, as we observe the efforts of those like Noah Webster, we begin to understand that what we have now had its beginnings in Puritan Hebraism.  American education was not to be an extension of the greatness of Western Civilization, but an indoctrination factory for an isolated people.

Factions within the Alt-Right are obsessed with somehow returning us to the cultural purity of post-1776 American society.  They argue that we need to restore Western Civilization.  I can't help but chuckle.  The Founders were trying to isolate us from Western Civilization.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review: Pope Francis In Context by E. Michael Jones

"I think that people have a far greater ability to sense seismic (psychic or spiritual) shifts than we often realize. Especially in the aggregate. Be on guard, people, and say your prayers. I suspect you're picking up on something that may be coalescing beyond the reach of your rational mind."  
-Steve Skojec
For quite a long time, I have noticed people wondering if and when E. Michael Jones will ever share an opinion about the current pontificate of Pope Francis. Today, the fans of Dr. Jones no longer have to wait. His newest book is titled, Pope Francis In Context: Have the End Times Arrived In Buenos Aires?  Not only does Jones deliver the careful research, surprising perspective, and thoughtful subject background that he is famously known for, but more than that Jones even shares a truly startling and alarming conclusion about the current state of the Catholic Church.

 Traveling down to Argentina this year in order to see things for himself, Jones discovers a post-Catholic nation torn apart by Jewish and Jesuit liberation theology. Argentina, possessing "a coherence that is completely missing from politics in the United States," nevertheless has managed to suffer Jewish infiltration in the typical Western style, culminating in a cultural breakdown that much of Europe and America has grown used to.

Under Bergoglio's tenure in his native land, the country's bishops went from defenders of Catholicism to diplomats and commissars who took the side of Christ-denying Jews. He quotes Antonio Caponnetto, who states:
"Rather than staking a claim for the social kingship of Christ, something offensive to their pluralist conception of society, the Argentine episcopate have accepted as completely natural the syncretism of religious pluralism, convinced that Catholicism is nothing more than one option among many."
Argentina crumbled to the forces of the Freemason and Jewish cabal that has thrived since the Enlightenment.

A close look at Bergoglio's roots reveals a historical backdrop that compelled him towards an obsession with appearing modest, to the point that his behavior resembled "a grotesque pseudo-humility." He became a man who wanted to avoid confrontations, and a cleric who would happily build an affinity with Jews.

Jones' book details how Catholic institutions were opened up for Jewish celebrations and anniversaries, how Bergoglio wrote prologues for Talmudic rabbis, and these same rabbis would write prologues to his own books. He was a member of Zionist organizations, and was quite sloppy with how he handled marriage annulments.

A man who disdains Thomism, Pope Francis shows himself to not be any kind of a scholar, disdaining what he considers "intellectual decadence." After the collapse of Peronism, and at the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, Begoglio's "intellectual formation" was left neglected by his Jesuit mentors--to the detriment of us all.

Pope Francis in Context also examines the leadership style of Bergoglio when he served as spiritual adviser to the Peronist group, "Iron Guard," which tried to reconcile Marxist guerrillas and Peronist death squads. During Argentina's Dirty War, he was faced with ideological pressures that persuaded him to adopt an anti-philosophy approach to settling disputes, thus helping to explain his off-the-cuff, theatrical, authoritarian style of leadership.

From his disdain of the Catholic Hispanic tradition to his influences by Colonel Juan Domingo Peron, Pope Francis appears to have surrendered unconditionally to the enemies of Catholicism. "The enemies of the church in Buenos Aires now attack her with impuity," Jones reports.

The non-confrontational policies of Church clerics that we have lately been witnessing were ratified by Bergoglio's election into the papacy, vindicating the Church's enemies and emboldening them "to escalate the conflict to new levels of violence and blasphemy."

Beyond all of the fascinating insight that Jones provides throughout his well-researched and annotated book, there lies a surprise at the end. Jones actually shows himself to prefer Traditional Catholicism of a sort, though not of the American brand. Integral Catholicism is the preferred mode of thought towards the conclusion of the book, which was a surprise to me. For Jones, it has become clear that with the rejection of Aristotelian Thomism, the doors have been opened by Bergoglio for Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Marx, and others. The idea of defined dogma has disintegrated and is replaced with the "evolution of doctrine."

Jones even makes mention of the conspiracy of the Sankt Gallen Group and Cardinal Kasper's propgation of the concept of duel covenant theology:
"According to that theory, Christians could be saved by accepting Christ as Lord through baptism, but Jews could be saved by affirming the rejection of Christ that found its culmination in the Lord's crucifixion at their hands."
Through the efforts of Jesuits, Jews, Peronists, and conspirators, the Church now has "a general who does not want to fight the culture wars," a man who will not defend the church's non-negotiable principles, a man who believes that truth is a matter of consensus, and that "philosophical arguments do not change anyone's life."

While it is possible God may reform Pope Francis' soul, returning him to the path of Christ, the outlook is quite bleak. And it is on this point that one of the most startling statements in the book is made:

"The cabal of cardinals and bishops and progressive clerics appear to be enchanted with what appears to be 'a new spring' in the Church. The Church returns to a predicament. It returns to be a 'valid reference' for the world. But this world is not just any old world. It is the world which rejected Christ and 'the abolition of man.' It is the world of the Antichrist. Any possibility of Francis returning to the path of Christ would require a miracle, the miracle of Francis' conversion. This miracle isn't impossible, because 'nothing is impossible with God.' Naturally speaking, however, the eclipse has already taken place. It's only possible to see a dying halo behind the opacity which is hiding it. In a terminal situation like this, it is possible that Christ Himself will assume the power of the keys."
The academic, detail-oriented, anti-Traddie E. Michael Jones is giving us the worst prognosis for the Catholic Church and the state of affairs in the world. The Church is breathing Her death rattles, and it is likely that a terrifying, miraculous, cataclysmic, seismic Divine Intervention will shake the world like a blanket.

Jones acknowledges that there are "now two 'popes' in the Vatican," They are two bishops "dressed in white." One pope emeritus, and one who would rather be called "bishop of Rome." The older pope is regarded as a symbol of the Church of Philadelphia, while the newer pope is a symbol for our new age, the age of Laodicea. And so, we continue to be outgunned in the culture wars.

Pope Francis In Context is one of the most startling books of our time. It is, by far, not the longest work that E. Michael Jones has ever published. Yet, this book carries a lot of weight because of what it demonstrates. For what we have here with Jones is a deep intellectual who has always remained a skeptic of the usual suspects of American Catholic Traditionalism. And yet, even this skeptic of that brand has himself recognized an eclipse in the Church. His very words towards the end of the book elicit imagery from Catholic prophecy, even though Jones does not veer into those mystical quarters of Catholic thinking.

It is an eerie and sobering thought to realize that the rational and academic efforts of the most logical mind begin to resemble the most fantastical, spiritual, and most ridiculed narratives from the Catholic world. But nevertheless, Jones argues that the Church is at a terminal point of no return without the aid of Jesus Christ Himself.

Anyone familiar with the author--and everyone who is concerned about the current pontiff(s)--should read about this Argentinean backdrop that Jones has provided. The context of Bergoglio's background will enlighten you, while the implications for this world's future will astound you.