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Saturday, December 10, 2016

We Are Becoming Feral Sheep

Shortly after I reported how Bishop Konderla shut down the local order of exorcists, there was an immediate outcry from the Traditional Catholic community to not make a big deal about it. Different people were trying to hush each other up. I'll admit that I fell for this at first. I withdrew the breaking story from my blog for a temporary period of time.

Everyone was saying that we should avoid talking about the suppression of this group of exorcists, that it was horrible gossip, and that it would endanger the careers of Fr. Ripperger and the priests of the Doloran Fathers.

At first, I said nothing about the matter. I was never told by Fr. Ripperger or any authority to keep quiet. I'd even written to Fr. Ripperger, himself. Even after telling him that I was the one who broke the story, there was no reply. His fans screamed that I should just keep quiet, and various bloggers and Catholic news agencies retracted their news stories.

Time passed. It was said that Fr. Ripperger needed time to find a new home, and that once things had simmered down, it would be okay to talk about this incident. We'd get some kind of a green light, or something.

That time never came. It never would. It was hoped that the repression of the Doloran Fathers in Tulsa would just go away, happily forgotten as the rest of the world moved on.

Knowing that there would never be a "green light" of any kind, I re-released the post on my blog. This story would otherwise have been subdued indefinitely.

It is not our job to protect the careers of priests.

It is not our job to stand by and pretend that there is nothing wrong, hoping that perhaps they can work their way into new, comfortable employment. I will happily help a priest stand up for truth, and help give a priest cover fire in the public square if he is getting hammered publicly by one party or another.

However, being quiet and subdued got us into this post-Vatican II mess in the first place. For decade after decade, priests and laity have pretended that there has been nothing wrong with the Catholic Church. They do this in order to preserve the remaining integrity of the Church’s institution--all the while, it's being eaten away right in front of them.

This apathy, this neglect--for the sake of careerism--is one of the primary factors responsible for putting us into the situation we are in today.

It is not the job of the sheep to look after the shepherd. Even if the sheep want to protect the shepherd, they are not equipped to do so.

Ordinarily, when sheep are protected by a shepherd, they are fed, cleanly groomed when the time comes, and they congregate in the open pasture. However, without a shepherd, disturbed feral sheep run for cover. They grow a thick woolen fleece, and their horns grow long. If cornered or protecting their young, they will stomp their foot at an enemy and kick at whoever approaches.

No matter how wild or long-horned a feral sheep becomes, it isn't suddenly a guard dog that can protect a shepherd. Wild feral sheep do not protect shepherds. Yet, there are endless ways that a shepherd is able to protect sheep. This is how we are designed. We require leadership.

The Church hierarchy serves as our shepherd. We laity are the sheep flock. Our priests are given the earthly and supernatural tools to tend to our needs. Priests, also, are risk takers. They sometimes will put their life on the line--or sacrifice it altogether--for the sake of God and His cause. Such people are known as martyrs. And God bless them for that.

Priests do this because they hear the call of God. They go on a mission. They devote their entire life to it. Their priesthood is not a side gig or a weekend project.

We laity, with our ho-hum lives, perpetuate society with our careers, child rearing, and educational efforts. We are not distinguished. Priests are. We are lower in the vocational hierarchy. We do not have special God-given authority. It is priests who are distinguished for the special things that they do and the risks that they take in our fallen sinful world.

So, if a priest rides a Pope Benedict XVI wave of false security, and he carries on in a diocesan structure that would ultimately cannibalize him for his Traditionalist leanings, what did he expect? What can any priest expect--particularly with a pope like Pope Francis, who only just this week carried on about shit-eating sexual deviants? Would it be wrong to say he has a perverse mind?

There have been murmurings on my turf that Bishop Konderla has been looking at other traditionally-inclined groups. Rumors only, mind you. The rumors appear, and then they disappear. But still, one cannot help but feel under more and more pressure in this circumstance. People in the community are wondering where the hammer will fall next.

Various instances occur, in which Bishop Emeritus Slattery will appear in a service, or there will even be a sudden unannounced visit by Cardinal Burke. These men are pillars of the Traditional Catholic world. Yet, by the time we hear about them, they're already gone. Could this be intentional? Okie Traditionalist seems to think the local diocese is minimizing the footprint of Traditionalism in this diocese.

Listen, if you will, to this podcast of Bishop Konderla. "Howdy!" he begins his homily, over there in Collinsville. His words linger on and on in perfect meaningless Novus Ordo style, nebulous and irrelevant--ho hum and banal--and it's as though he's not speaking to a congregation but to children. Towards the end of the homily, he throws in a sentence about supporting illegal immigrants, and I can imagine him pacing back and forth on the stage sanctuary as he's pouring out this forgetful pabulum.

It is as though Bishop Konderla is imitating Pope Francis by purposefully remaining aloof, hidden, and unclear about his intentions. And yet, as it is with Pope Francis, we can see the character of this bishop through the lens of how he leads the diocese. For, in another example, we can read about how one particular man was left with going to the last remaining exorcist in Tulsa, only to be blown off. And sadly, it's only after the incident is reported on a blog two months later that the exorcist gets back to him.

This is what we have now, and yet, some people say he's great and that he's a living saint. Why? Because he takes selfies and rides a bicycle?


  1. I never took anything down. These complainers are insufferable nancies.

    1. Who are you? And WHAT did you never take down? Re-scanning Laramie's post, the only thing he talked about being taken down was the Doloran Fathers exorcist society, kicked out of the diocese by new Bishop Konderla.

      Are you Bishop Konderla?

    2. "I never took anything down. These complainers are insufferable nancies."

      I do not know what you're referring to.

    3. He's the Eponymous Flower blogger. It seems he thinks you said he took something down from his blog.

      I don't get his insult. A trad attacking a trad. The modernism you've talked about a few times in your own local diocese is the same Church-wide modernism he talks about daily on his own blog.

      I don't get his comment.

    4. Yeah, I wasn't saying anything about the Eponymous Flower blog. He's fine.

    5. Maybe the "complainer" "insufferable nancies" are the naysayers who said to stay silent right after you released the Fr. Ripperger story. Mainly a few people on FB. Skojec removed his post, but not Eponymous or CMTV. Since then there has been mostly positive support for holding Konderla accountable.

  2. I cant help but feel that Traditionalist are going to be the most hated group on earth. The lack of shepherds is disheartening and hard when you lead people to the church and you have no one to help them. "Blessed are they who are persecuted..." We must continue to pray.

  3. I'm one of the insufferable nancies. Though I certainly agree the Church is facing massive problems, I don't think that this particular episode of tradistani outcry makes much sense. "well, he told the community as a whole to shut the hell up about it, but when I emailed him personally to ask if he really meant it about me in particular he didn't take the time to reply, so I guess I'm good to go".

    To frame Fr. Ripperger's respect for obedience, his specific request to not gossip, and fellow traditionally minded Catholics' desire to remain charitable in a situation that has had little to no clarification from any of the actually-involved parties is awful; and dismissing the intentions of priests and dissenters without having any clue what they're actually thinking as "protecting careerism" is just insulting.

    The grapevine is just endless. It's as if no one has actually listened to Fr. R's homilies and talks.

  4. You are quite right, jem. It was unreasonable to expect a celebrity priest with so much on his plate to respond to a blogger. Even though, it was the case that the news broke out to tens of thousands within the space of a few days.

    I had not heard a single request from Father Ripperger or any priest in the diocese to not disclose the bishop's public act of shutting down his predecessor's approved creation. I wrote to him seeking guidance on this matter, but I've been on my own to "figure out the morality of it all." You can read why I've said what I've said in previous posts on this matter. Discussion of this topic, at this time, is my station and my role. Please refer to previous posts for the facts; you will find that there is even a public memo from the chancery.

    * http://thehirschfiles.blogspot.com/2016/09/pope-francis-new-tulsa-bishop.html
    * http://thehirschfiles.blogspot.com/2016/09/new-tulsa-bishop-does-away-with.html
    * http://thehirschfiles.blogspot.com/2016/09/exorcists-kicked-out-part-3-satans.html
    * http://thehirschfiles.blogspot.com/2016/12/importing-catholic-modernism-from.html

    I have observed nothing but charity from the laity, as they wait meekly in hushed silence to see what Bishop Konderla will do next. As for my charity, I have instructed the ignorant, counseled the doubtful, comforted the afflicted, and I patiently bear a wrong. Perhaps meaningless to you, but that's what I've done.

    You are right that it is awful that there has been no clarification from any of the actually-involved parties. Everyone is pretending that nothing ever happened, and I feel like this whole event is some sort of a microcosm of Vatican II, where none say a word about it--except for those "toxic trads" like myself.

    Finally, I am not accusing Father Ripperger of wanting to protect his career. Rather, I implicate the "hush-it-up" laity, his devotees and fans, of being "careerists on behalf" of Fr. Ripperger. These people would have our diocese in a blanket of ignorance for the sake of Fr. Ripperger's well being and future projects. I truly wish him well and hope he achieves more than he ever did in Tulsa. However, I find this "hush-it-up" policy to carry a rather sneaky Ecclesia Dei spirit about it--which ultimately and inadvertently subjects a large swath of people, my diocese, to the whims of an unknown factor.

    It is likely that I've insulted not just you, but also and unfortunately Fr. Ripperger--and most certainly Bishop Konderla. But these public acts are public, and my community can now gird themselves for whatever befalls them. I do not wish for Roman sneakiness to thrive in my quarter.

  5. Jem,

    Here's why Konderla was able to SNUFF OUT the Doloran Fathers: because he knew they would just be silent, and that many traditionalist laity of the diocese would also just be silent. Trads are often understandably afraid about how the bishop will treat them if they voice their protest, which the modernists use to their advantage.

    What Laramie and others realized was that what Konderla did was much more than an attack on Fr. Ripperger or his Society, but on traditional Catholicism in his new diocese. Hence the public discussion. In our understanding, the question of the traditional Mass (vs. the new MAss) is a question of the Faith more than one of liturgical preference.

    At this point still, we feel compelled not to give the details we had direct access--from primary sources. But maybe we are wrong and people have a right to know.

  6. Kick his ass C-Bass!!!