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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Kingdom of Católica America Part 6: Barnhardt Supports Monarchy

TradCatKnight/Eric Gajewski recently did an attack video on Ann Barnhardt, calling her a zionist heretic, among other things--probably because of her rude rejection for an interview.  When Gajewski invited her for an interview by request of his followers, she said:
"All of your six followers? Absolutely not. You are a transparent fraud. Never contact me again!"

Classic Ann.  At least he got a response, though.  I've never really heard back from her whenever I've sent in a question or comment.

No matter, though.  She is fun to read, and often ahead of the curve.  For example, she's one of a growing number of people who supports monarchy.  

So, let's dive in by addressing those people who are horrified at the idea of being ruled over by a king.  Perhaps today's modern democratic mind sways libertarian, believing that peace is achievable by lending liberty to the masses to do what they will, just so long as they hurt no one.  Basically, "Let everyone be a hedonist, and everything will be fine."

I, of course, disagree with that concept of liberty.  As I continue to repeat, liberty is not an absence of restraint on hedonism and material possessions. Liberty is a good life of virtue, a secure possession of truth--both privately and publicly. Liberty is freedom from the bondage of sin for the sake of eternal felicity. Ensuring liberty is best accomplished by a Catholic monarch.

Along these same lines, Barnhardt states the following (capitalization hers):
- From A Pastiche of Bitterness and Incredulity
You've gotta love those outliers.  That is, those people on the outside who are perfectly situated to see into our society from an external perspective.  Most people would object to the idea of any incursion into their comfortable materialistic lives.  A perfect application of God's Justice would certainly cramp your average person's style.  I'm sure that the very idea of God's perfect Justice causes His Holiness, Pope Francis, to tremble with indignation.

But let's not beat around the bush.  Let's get to it.  Barnhardt quite specifically extols monarchy and tears at democracy:
And now a truth that many of you will find deeply unpleasant. Democracy is a terrible system that rapidly devolves into the tyranny of the mob who then, without fail, install a tyrant. The founders of the now-dead American republic were quite open about this. Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Yup. And the American republic didn’t even survive 240 years. The best system of government is a meritorious aristocracy that elects a monarch. Think about it. Shouldn’t the good, moral, intelligent people be elevated to positions of power irrespective of their family ties? And then, shouldn’t those people elect from among their ranks a “chief executive” who serves as a final authority when needed? Because as we all know, SOMEONE has got to be in charge; the buck has to stop with someone or else utter chaos ensues. Remember the term “subsidiarity”?
- From: Catching Up, the Cardinals and Peronist-Fascism
So, there you have it.  She's bluntly stated it as early as 2013.  Barnhardt is quite unimpressed with our "republic," and I'm sure she would agree that we are pretty much ruled by an oligarchy at this point. Disgruntled with the current state of things, she loves to tear down our current system. As do I.
I look out and see an entire culture of people who have absolutely no sense of the fact that they might, just might have brought all of this shitstorm upon themselves, deserve every bit of what is coming, and that any sort of repentance or extreme behavior modification is needed. Whilst angrily INSISTING that they are depraved, proud of it, and that the depravity is unanimous, and no one had better DARE suggest otherwise. 
- From: Trump, Sodom and Abraham’s Bargaining With God
I tell you, folks, Barnhardt is at Level Jonah.  She is like Jonah outside the city walls of Ninevah, waiting and wondering when God will destroy the city.  The self-destructive policies and tendencies of our people come as no surprise to her, largely because she believes (as I do) that American society is going about it all wrong.  She knows that there is something better out there--a more edifying system than this--but we stubbornly refuse to consider it.  We are like the dogs who eat their own vomit.
The far left is all about totalitarian control by a cadre of oligarchs. There really isn’t any such thing as a true dictatorship, because one man cannot physically force an entire government or people to do his will. He will always have a cadre of enablers and henchmen around him, and if he loses the support of that cadre of henchmen, they will kill him. Thus even the most seemingly solitary dictator is really just a frontman for an oligarchy. Dictatorial oligarchies use brute force to impose their will and have no respect for the Rule of Law. They consider themselves to be the law. If they want it, they take it, and if you don’t like that, they kill you. On the left, the most brutal thug with the worst case of psychopathy wins.
The far right is the same thing. The far right is anarchy, which means no government. This sounds good on the surface, especially when you’re face with the truly satanic government we have now, until you realize that also means NO RULE OF LAW. Every man for himself. In this environment, the most brutal thug with the worst case of psychopathy wins.
While the philosophical paths may differ, the ends are exactly the same. No matter which arm of the doughnut you favor, if you move away from logic, reason and truth, proceeding out of which is charity in the true sense of the word, meaning love of neighbor, not just throwing “free stuff” at the nebulous conceptual mob of “the people”, or as with anarchy a total indifference toward neighbor, you are going to end up with exactly the same end: an elite, minuscule, ruling class with a massive, brutally oppressed underclass, and lots and lots of dead bodies. In both the far left and far right, to quote Obama’s Manufacturing czar Ron Bloom quoting Mao: All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.
That is only partially true. All political power in a godless regime, either far right or far left, comes from the barrel of a gun. In a Godly monarchy, the power comes from God Himself. The same could possibly be said of an early Godly republic, but history proves that republics never last long.
- From: The Marxist-Capitalist Spectral Doughnut
Another fantastic blow, and spot on. American oligarchy is insidious.  As I've previously stated, no one knows who to blame in our disasters. Blame is shifted from one person, department, or organization to another, and people are left thinking that blame could never be properly assigned to one person. It could be "a committee's fault," or "the fault of a process," or "there was no good communication between individuals." Oligarchy keeps the individuals involved in a safe and nebulous bubble that no one can pin down.  A monarch, however, could be held responsible for our problems.
Subsidiarity is not exclusive to democracy, representative republic or parliamentary republics. Subsidiarity can be executed in many systems of governance, including hereditary monarchies. This is why Christ did not call out a specific form of governance, because He knew that many forms of governance are feasible, so long as subsidiarity is observed. History has shown us that a Godly man can reign as a king, living as a humble servant to his people. In the Old Testament Good Kings included Asa, Hezekiah and Josiah. In modern times, King St. Louis the ninth of France, King St. Stephen the first of Hungary, and King St. Casmir of Poland are examples of Godly monarchs who ruled in a spirit of subsidiarity.
- From: Boston Speech (On the Jews) Transcript
A Godly monarch is the ideal vessel for exercising subsidiarity.  Other government systems are possible, but clearly, Barnardt is set on the former as being the most ideal.  

Ann Barnhardt is but one of a growing number of Americans who are giving monarchy a glance.  While she is often at the butt of many jokes, she is typically proven correct, given the fullness of time.  Heck, at this rate, it may turn out that Pope Francis is actually called out for being an anti-pope in the near future, completely vindicating Barnhardt on the issue.  Should that day come, I hope it will increase her street credibility.  She's an insightful figure who is locked in an interesting situation during an interesting time.  I wish she'd write a book.


  1. Study history. Study the behavior of real monarchs, the majority, not just the very rare saints or decent ones. Royal spies everywhere, decisions made with no possibility of appeal, psychotics, sociopaths, lechers, warmongers, luxuriating greedy kleptomaniascs, and the only way to get rid of them was by revolutions, which were generally unsuccessful, leaving mounds of the dead bodies of the oppressed behind them. Study history.

  2. Anns intelligence is too much for some Catholics who have never had much leisure time to read authentic history or attempt to interpret it.She has, not a unique perspective, but one which proceeds from study. The Church teaches that a benevolent monarchy is the best form of government.

    1. The Church taught this in the 1800's when Democracy had not had the rebirth in the US. Also the proclamations from Rome are influenced by earthly matters from time to time. They may have been strong monarchists because to say otherwise would invite the local monarchy to remove the church through force of arms.

      But in all honesty, it is not the FORM of the government that is the problem. It is the FAITH of the government and people that is the problem. "This constitution is for a moral people and no other" -J Adams (or something like that).

      The people will rule themselves with self government or self control, or be ruled from without by tyrants. There is just no replacement for a moral people at ALL levels, the citizen, the Guard, the judge and the crown.
      (consider that US just voted for a new 4 year king and passed on a queen - we have a defacto monarchy as it is.)

  3. No wonder the power people, be they civil or the sodopseudo-power people in gowns in high and highest offices in Jesus's church, want dearly to control the Internet. I have personally known three people with the startling sparkling coruscating eyes which flash truth, Marge, George and Karen and I pray to God for them by name daily; and having seen Ann B's eyes, she has been added to the list. For everyone like her, like St Dismas evangelizing from his own cross, declaring Jesus is Lord, we must pray and pray that they speak out, shout out, to their last breath. Merry CHRISTmas! everyone. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  4. What is the story with TradCat Knight?

    1. Well, if you must know:


      I'm unsure I feel too comfortable knocking down a fellow Trad fighter, even if he's more...animated...than me. It sort of goes along with the alt-Right principle of "Don't punch right."

      Although, recently some folks on Cathinfo have been arguing with me about it.

  5. Thank you. I'm Ann Barnhardt, and I approve this post. ;-)

    I have the full email exchange with Gajewski for anyone that wants to see it. I won't publicize it, simply because I don't want to drive traffic to him. He only has a few dozen followers as it is, so his scandal is minimal, but still....

    1. Ann Barnhardt is a shabbos goy con artist,controlled opposition plagiarist.
      Charles Coloumbe was talking and writing about Monarchy from an educated point of view 25 years ago.
      You don't fool me Ann,your foul vulgar masculine vocabulary & attitude are products of pacts with the dark side.(as in saving your skin after being sued and giving seminars teaching the gullible Goy how to be screwed by the "perpetual victim tribe")
      Then again Ann B could be in the beginning stages of a great awakening.(again the vulgar masculine language & attitude screams controlled opposition)

    2. Ann's great!

      Vulgarity...she was probably raised watching George Carlin, as I was. Are your ears really that soft and tender? Were you raised in a closet?

  6. Will being vulgar get you into Heaven?You think there is vulgarity in Heaven?
    America wasn't that bad (republic) until the (persecuted tribe who remains nameless and blameless in Ann's world) starting achieving power in the 1850's through the early 20th century.
    Her hyper aggressive masculine attitude smacks of controlled opposition. What a great role model for supposed traditional Catholic females,eh?
    We will agree to disagree Merry Christmas.

    1. Will blogging or commenting on a blog get us into Heaven?

      I imagine that Jesus Christ has some VERY strong words for the evil people of our world. Most people have settled into a type of normalcy bias that they have to be shaken out of.

      Aristotle once said: "Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct."

      Therefore, when dialectic fails, there remains rhetoric--the appeal to emotions. Judging from Barnhardt's fan base, I'd say she's punched through a lot of clouded minds.

      She is even regarded well by some priests.

  7. Hmm, I don't think the slaves would agree that everything was alright until 1850. I also have no problem with vulgarity in certain circumstances and I don't trust overly prissy men as they tend to be the first ones to break down in a crisis.

    1. So Jesus Christ was prissy?
      He wasn't vulgar but was extremely tough and took it on the chin like a Man's Man!!

    2. Indentured servants were treated 50 times worse than slaves & died at rate 99 times higher than slaves pre-1859.
      Secondly,only 5% of Americans (north & south) owned slaves pre-1865.