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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Win.


  1. God be praised!! He has decided to have mercy on us - for some inexplicable reason! God Be Praised!



  2. Oh, and, now is the time to Make The Catholic Church Great Again!

    Enough failure, enough slow-motion decline bordering on collapse, enough with Priests who can't articulate the simple Gospel message (let alone doctrine and dogma), enough with spineless Bishops who value the praise of men, enough with the Pope offering blessings "according to their own religion" and being more worried about air conditioning and youth unemployment than about the ETERNAL DESTINY of the many billions of the inhabitants of this planet who should all join themselves to the the one true faith, the Body of Christ!

    If Bishops and Priests want respect - they need to get in line like everyone else and EARN it! Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass like they're supposed to, and HELP PEOPLE get to Heaven by being saints here on earth in the meantime! Priests are not social workers who need to be "relevant", they are offerers of sacrifice to God first and foremost and shepherds of souls who should do all they can to help the sheep find and stay on the narrow path that leads to salvation "which only a few" find!

    Make The Catholic Church Great Again!

  3. Excellent picture.

  4. Leave the novus ordo they're not Catholic.
    Thank you Jesus Christ for allowing Trump and conservative's a resounding victory!! +++

    1. Englishman here. I'm glad that Trump won.

      Laramie, I know that you are involved in the Alt-Right movement to some degree. I saw you posting on Vox Day's blog telling him that he ought to be a Catholic, or that he would make a good Catholic. Maybe one day, but he's far from it at the moment. In reaction to another one of his anti-"churchian" posts (I think he makes at least one a week), I told him that not all those in a church are liars or false prophets, and I quoted scripture and the fathers on the necessity of belonging to the Church: he reacted harshly, deleting the posts and telling me to go away. The reason I bring this up is that, from the very beginning, I've noticed that for every sincere Christian on the Alt-Right, there must be at least five pagans or false Christians (e.g. Vox is not a Christian, at least not yet). Some of the pagans are extreme anti-Christians, who speak blasphemies that outdo the Left's blasphemies in their hideousness. I think that it's highly probable that this Alt-Right movement will end up as a pagan, neo-Fascist movement that only attracts Catholics because of a shared hatred for modern Leftism. A lot of the people on the Alt-Right are bored nihilists who want to destroy the current order of society for the sake of it, or at least that's how it seems with most of the kek-posters. That said, I think that your trust or hope in this movement is misguided. I know it fills a big gaping hole in our souls - the lack of a real, Catholic political movement - but it's a false solution, one that isn't truly Catholic and probably never will be.

    2. In fact, Alt-Right is a bit like the old Action Francaise, which the Holy See eventually shut down because they were more right-wing than they were Catholic, and the top people in that party only saw the Church as a part of "French culture", at best. It's the same with the Alt-Right. Many of them will tolerate Christianity as a part of "western culture"; although some of it see it as a Jewish lie and won't tolerate it whatsoever.

    3. John, I replied to you here:


  5. Pagans and Catholics cannot coexist in a political movement.
    Richard Spencer goes out of his way to use the Lords holy name in vain and Red Ice Radio endorses paganism.
    Daily Stormer is a 1990's version of an American Nazi.(i.e. he sees Christianity as a "Jewish fraud that washes off the gentile during baptism")
    Catholic nationalism is thee only solution.Monarchy may naturally occur decades or even a few centuries later but by no means is monarchy an absolute must.
    Catholic nationalism is something we adults in the 21st century could possibly relate to our current order.
    Monarchy would be a natural evolution without a forced time frame.