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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bishop Slattery Was There??? Okie Traditionalist Calls On Tulsa Trads To Unite

UPDATE: As a clarification, Bishop Emeritus Slattery gave the homily at the All Soul's Day Mass, but it was officiated by an FSSP priest.

The Okie Traditionalist mentioned this tonight:
Tonight, the Diocese of Tulsa, especially the Catholic faithful devoted to the Traditional Mass, got a spiritual booster shot in the arm from their recently retired bishop--Bishop Edward Slattery--celebrating the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls. helping to celebrate the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls. The FSSP pastor was the celebrant; the Bishop sat in choir and gave the homily.

Curiously, the Cathedral website only announced a Novus Ordo for this evening at the local cemetery LINK. Even its Sunday bulletin made no mention of the Bishop's High Mass (LINK). It took a phone call by an Okie Traditionalist Correspondent to the cathedral's secretary to confirm that His Excellency would in fact be saying a public Traditional Mass where, until just recently, he was Chief Pastor.
At first, it was hard to believe that the diocese would make no mention of the High Latin Mass with Bishop Emeritus Slattery.  But, after a second of thinking about it, and reflecting on recent events in the Tulsa diocese, the lack of fanfare makes perfect sense.  As of tonight, after checking the links that Okie Trad mentioned, there is, indeed, no mention of any significance about Wednesday evening's Mass.

Don't be afraid of the cannon fire!  Just keep going!
Indeed, were you to read on the Holy Family Cathedral's website about the All Soul's Day Mass, you'd think the only significant thing was that it was held at Calvary Cemetery.  Otherwise, you would think that the Mass was just a Novus Ordo Mass in a cemetery.  You would have no clue that it was being said in Latin, nor would you know that it was Bishop Emeritus Slattery who said the Mass gave the homily.

In times like this, I really must agree with The Okie Traditionalist.  I will not take the time tonight to go down the rabbit hole and speculate on Tulsa's direction in coming years.  

However, should things go south, and the Catholic community leadership of this diocese grow increasingly liberal, it will definitely be important for all of the Traditionalists of this region to band together and not pit themselves against one another.  

I admire The Okie Traditionalist's call to bury the hatchet among the different groups in this state.  Particularly here, in Tulsa.  It is often the case that diocesan TLM attendees, FSSP laity, and SSPX laity simply do not trust each other.  But the differences between these groups must be put aside.

The Okie Traditionalist, keeping it REAL
Pope Francis is ignoring the Mass of the Ages and running off to mix it up with the Lutherans.  He's going to worship with heretics in the name of ecumenical togetherness.  The least we can do is to join together in a worthy common cause, putting petty squabbles aside, and begin to treat each other as allies, rather than shooting one another in the back of the head as soon as someone leaves the bunker.  I keep repeating this Anthony Esolen quotation about The Soldier:
The Soldier does not say, “I will fight, but only if I do not have to share the field with these others,” which others may be traditionalists, the ecumenically minded, Protestants friendly to the Catholic Church, or Catholics who disagree with him on some political point. The Soldier is grateful for his brothers in arms, and if their uniforms are a little different from his, he figures that the Lord of Hosts will sort the matter out in the end.
We must be brothers in arms.  The world is falling apart, and we've got to hold onto Christ and onto each other for dear life.  The Church and the world are not healthy right now.  And we lack the cohesion and global influence to successfully launch a counter-revolution against the forces of darkness that are eating away at everything.  Today's madness will only stop after God, Himself, shakes the world.  So, at this point, we've got to do our best to preserve what we can for the coming days. 

God will win.  We will win.  Let's win together.

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  1. One of the main problems is clerics having received the new rites of holy orders or being ordained in traditional rite by a bishop consecrated in the new rite.
    Sounds silly but this is one of the reasons I left the indult & joined a sedevacantist chapel.
    This issue has split up indults in various parts of North America.