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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Kingdom of Católica America Part 4: A Review of Star Spangled Crown

Below is my recent Amazon.com review of Charles Coulombe's book about a future American monarchy, Star Spangled Crown: A Guide to the American Monarchy.


The word "instaturation" means to institute or establish something. It also means to restore something after a long decay, lapse, or dilapidation. The word traces to the early 1600s, and it is taken from the Latin word "instaurare," which means to renew or restore. Such a renewal of the United States could be accomplished with the transformation of the U.S. government into a monarchy. A complete reform of our leadership structure into a monarchical version of itself would be an act of instaturation, and the deteriorated ruin that our society is becoming could be renewed into a fresh country of hope that would thrive so much more than it ever had before.

This is what Charles Coulombe proposes in his book, Star Spangled Crown.  In this work, Coulombe has essentially provided a manual to a future generation of Americans who may likely need to fall back on something more ancient, tried, tested and true.  Already, American society is in decline.  Everyone knows it.  The question is, what will be the next disaster for this nation, and what will we turn to when this time comes?

Coulombe shares this concern:
"I fear very much for the future of this Country as it stands; I can honestly say that while I believe in the right of the Sovereign States to secede (especially as the South were trying to leave a country itself the result of successful secession), I would have done anything short of War to keep them in the Union. I pray that some substitute ethos shall be found in time to keep the Country from shattering when it faces its next major crisis." 
We must become fertile again, least our society become riddled with troubles. If Christendom is to survive, "a new animating principle and a new myth of governance" must be instilled in our people. In this country, Coulombe states, the two pillars of European Civilization--altar and throne--have been destroyed. The altar has been divided, and the throne has been overturned. What do we have left to unify us? American civil religion? Generic Christianity?

Star Spangled Crown is much more than just the narrative of a hypothetical American king.  The entire book is a how-to manual for the day that we try out monarchy.  With a work such as this, Coulombe may very well be serving as an aide to some future restoration of our Western Culture.  The very book may prevent a future America from reinventing the wheel.

Star Spangled Crown has the potential to serve as a bridge, bringing together the past, present and future generations of Americans.  Drawing upon history, the dead have a voice again.  Coulombe helps us to look back at the wisdom of our ancestors--as well as their shortcomings.  The past comes to life, and we can examine what made America what it is.  We can look back and take a close look at the holes that our Founders left when they usurped their power from King George III.  And then, whatever wounds remain open from America's rupture against altar and throne, Coulombe heals with sage wisdom and lessons learned from the American Experiment.  He presents everything that came before, and this gives those who have ears to hear a chance to prepare those that come later.

It is not hatred of America that propelled Charles Coulombe forward into writing this book.  Rather, it was his love for this country and the people who made it what it is today.  He does not take America for granted, but instead, cherishes our history and our character.  The knowledge that the author has retained over a lifetime is at last put together for a singular purpose.  His suggestion for such an Instaturation can serve as a healing balm to a troubled nation.
"I have had the pleasure of travelling throughout this Country, and have experienced at first hand and so come to love its regions--not merely New York City and the Hudson Valley where I was born, nor only California where I have lived most of my life, or my father's native New England, but the legend and war-haunted South, the rest of the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest and the Far West. The folklore of each of the States enchants me, as does their history. Indian lore and Black culture, the cultures brought by various waves of immigrants--our entire American story is enthralling--at least I have always found it so, from the first time I picked up an American Heritage when I was six to my last coast-to-coast road trip a few months ago. Truly, I love this Country of ours savagely; but I love her for what she is, not for what some accuse her of or pretend her to be." 
In spite of the fact that the author seems to be introducing a very anti-American concept--monarchy--at the close of this book, I find myself even more in love with the United States of America than ever before.

For anyone who dares to boast of their intellect and high-mindedness, I say let them be put to the test, and let us see if they are capable of such a grand consideration as what Coulombe proposes.

I loved this book for all of these reasons and more. I will next read Puritan's Empire: A Catholic Perspective on American History. I highly recommend this book to any student of history and any person who actively worries about the future of the United States.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Checking In: Okie Trad Called It

Checking in for a minute.  Gotta pay homage to my local colleague again, Okie Traditionalist.  He called it.  We now get to "officially" have confessions heard by SSPX priests.  As if it was wrong in the first place.

So, good for him!  Myself, I had no idea what Pope Francis had cooking up.  Particularly after considering his latest tantrums over the Trump victory, his boiling rage with the four cardinals arguing against his erroneous Amoris Laetitia  project, and his dismissal of the Pontifical Academy.  I had no idea what to expect at all.

In other news, today, the first day after the Year of Mercy, Jupiter is entering the womb of Virgo.  Could she be the Lady of Revelations with Child?  I dunno.  I'm curious to see if the year after the Year of Mercy is a year of Judgement/Chastisement.  There was a giant earthquake in Japan today, after all.  And a meteorite streaking across the sky, shortly after.  Omens, anyone?

Is there something in store for us next September?

Virgo tonight.  The arrow is pointing to Jupiter.
I'd go outside to see for myself, but the sky is overcast.
This screen capture is from https://neave.com/planetarium/

Finally, you should buy this book.  It'll make for great holiday reading:

Bovodar and the Bears, available now for your Kindle

Time to return to what I was doing.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

White Nationalism Will Kill the Alt-Right

Checking in.  I'm supposed to be on a hiatus this month.  However, I was responding to John Collinson in the comment box, and my response is big enough that it merits a post.

Vox Day has lately been much more vocal about his support for white nationalism.  And so, we have another rare moment in life when I disagree with the man.  I am not fully on board with him about the race issue.  When it comes to race, I'd say I agree with Vox about eighty percent.  Maybe a little less.

Allow me to first feature John's comments:
Englishman here. I'm glad that Trump won.
Laramie, I know that you are involved in the Alt-Right movement to some degree. I saw you posting on Vox Day's blog telling him that he ought to be a Catholic, or that he would make a good Catholic. Maybe one day, but he's far from it at the moment. In reaction to another one of his anti-"churchian" posts (I think he makes at least one a week), I told him that not all those in a church are liars or false prophets, and I quoted scripture and the fathers on the necessity of belonging to the Church: he reacted harshly, deleting the posts and telling me to go away. The reason I bring this up is that, from the very beginning, I've noticed that for every sincere Christian on the Alt-Right, there must be at least five pagans or false Christians (e.g. Vox is not a Christian, at least not yet). Some of the pagans are extreme anti-Christians, who speak blasphemies that outdo the Left's blasphemies in their hideousness. I think that it's highly probable that this Alt-Right movement will end up as a pagan, neo-Fascist movement that only attracts Catholics because of a shared hatred for modern Leftism. A lot of the people on the Alt-Right are bored nihilists who want to destroy the current order of society for the sake of it, or at least that's how it seems with most of the kek-posters. That said, I think that your trust or hope in this movement is misguided. I know it fills a big gaping hole in our souls - the lack of a real, Catholic political movement - but it's a false solution, one that isn't truly Catholic and probably never will be.
In fact, Alt-Right is a bit like the old Action Francaise, which the Holy See eventually shut down because they were more right-wing than they were Catholic, and the top people in that party only saw the Church as a part of "French culture", at best. It's the same with the Alt-Right. Many of them will tolerate Christianity as a part of "western culture"; although some of it see it as a Jewish lie and won't tolerate it. 

Hi, John Collinson.

Yes, I agree with a lot of what you've said.  Vox Day likes to argue that the Alt-Right is not a reaction.  Yet, it is.  I've loved being a part of it, but it IS a reaction.  And it has been a very useful reaction to the Leftism that's dominated our culture, up to the Trump victory.  But now that Trump has won, the Alt-Right is relaxing a bit and wondering what to do with itself.

No longer under siege, the Alt-Right has some wiggle room.  It can relax a bit and enjoy a little cultural dominance for a change.  And so, what's happening? The movement is largely appearing to lean white nationalist.  White nationalism has become the end in and of itself for the Alt-Right.  The entire movement--which has no leaders--is swaying into this direction, I'm afraid.

Bottom line: MultiKult, the Diversity Dictatorship, and the reverse racism that is permissible for "everyone but the white bigots" --it all needs to be fought against.  Surely.  I don't mind having white groups, voluntary segregation, white pride and whatnot.  Every other ethnicity does.  But becoming like the Left--failing to realize that a nation's homogeneity is NOT an end unto itself--becoming like that will be the downfall of the Alt-Right.

Vox Day is very smart, and he's inspired me for fifteen years.  I quote him often.  But he fails to get a grip on the Church that was instituted by Christ.  He misses the forest from the trees, I'm afraid.  Fighting the vicious culture war against the South-African-styled racism against whites, while still maintaining a respect for Christ and the Universalism that results from that pursuit--it is a fine balancing act that apparently Vox Day is incapable of.  In fact, I am starting to believe it's a balancing act that 99% of the populace is incapable of, no matter how high your Mensa IQ is.  Tempering your character to be humble enough to consider the Logos is a difficult path--and probably why God recommends we pursue simplicity.

Vox is a man with traces of American Indian and Mexican blood, who is an expatriate, who has turned around to face the United States and tell us that white nationalism is the answer for "we the people" who are still on this side of the Atlantic.  Meanwhile, there in Italy, surrounded by a culture that was shaped for generations by the Church, he still refuses to even examine Her.  He is blind to Her universalism.  He says he's never seriously considered Catholicism, that he would never convert under this pope, and even once said: "I don't give a single flying fuck for all your 'I belong to the One True Church' bullshit. Whether you do or not, I don't care."

So, there you have it.  A shame, but there it is.  He's still dependable when it comes to the facts on the ground.  I refuse to disown him.  He is a comrade.  He is one of our generals.  He is on our side.  He leads the charge very often.  And there is always, yet, room for him to change his mind.

However, by failing to realize that the Church is the only means to the only End, he will ultimately fail in the long game.  The Alt-Right will eventually be called out for its misconceptions--misconceptions that Vox is currently feeding in to.  And it sucks, because the Left will be morally justified when they use that card.  I hate giving the Left ammunition.  The last thing I want for them to have is to justifiably, yet disingenuinely call us out for some issue.  But white nationalism is not an option.  Fighting multiculturalism and diversity propaganda is a fine thing.  But the white nationalists are going to lose this for us.

We will never return to the days when Noah's three sons stepped off the Ark and populated the Earth with the different tribes in their particular locations.  We will never return to the days when men were freshly banished from the Tower of Babel, and settled in their particular zones with their partiucular languages.  God knew that men would come together and mix up once again.  God knew that technology would come along.  And, as the Chastisement for this world is closer than ever before, it is fallacy to think that we can return the world's civiliztions to some sort of ancient primeval version of itself.  This kind of short-sighted fallacy, ultimately, is a kind of distrust in God.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I'll Be Gone For November

I hope you all had a good Hallowtide.  Don't forget to drink a shot of Jägermeister on St. Hubert's Day--the day after Guy Fawke's Day.

As I said before, I'm taking a break from The Hirsch Files this month.  I may, however, add a book review in the middle of the month.

Why the brief sabbatical?  Because it's NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month.

So, while you're waiting for your old friend, Laramie, to return, perhaps you'd be interested to check out this fantastic book that's been out for a while, now:

Catholics should read this book.
The Alt-Right should read this book.
Everyone should read this book.

Why toss yourself into a sick, bleak, miasma of filth with today's "contemporary" sewage fiction?  Is it not better to retreat, readjust, and restore your sanity with some classic escapist fantasy?  Particularly after this election?  Why not strengthen your heart and take a break from the troubles of today?

Read Bovodar and the Bears.
"And what would you do if two angry bears came pounding on your door, demanding that you hurry out to meet them?" That's the dilemma for Bovodar Yarkery, who is confronted one day with a gathering of bears who wish to carry him off on their grand adventure. Across hazardous deserts, through caverns, and far up through the forests into the cold North, there stands Kalas Hall, home of an evil polar bear lord, King Valemod. The path is long, perilous, and uncertain, but if Bovodar & the Bears succeed in their mission, untold glory and riches can be theirs... but only if they can overcome the dangers that await them.
This is the complete story of Bovodar and the Bears. Readers can now read about the day Bovodar left his comfortable tree house and trace his journey all the way across the countryside to the journey's end in the far northern land of Nixwild. Previously a serial, this release is the complete tale of Bovodar Yarkery's first adventure away from home.
It's quite a book, and available for only $2.99, straight to your Kindle.

Happy All Soul's Day.  

* * *

Dies Rae

THAT day of wrath, that dreadful day,
shall heaven and earth in ashes lay,
as David and the Sybil say.

What horror must invade the mind
when the approaching Judge shall find
and sift the deeds of all mankind!

The mighty trumpet's wondrous tone
shall rend each tomb's sepulchral stone
and summon all before the Throne.

Now death and nature with surprise
behold the trembling sinners rise
to meet the Judge's searching eyes.

Then shall with universal dread
the Book of Consciences be read
to judge the lives of all the dead.

For now before the Judge severe
all hidden things must plain appear;
no crime can pass unpunished here.

O what shall I, so guilty plead?
and who for me will intercede?
when even Saints shall comfort need?

O King of dreadful majesty!
grace and mercy You grant free;
as Fount of Kindness, save me!

Recall, dear Jesus, for my sake
you did our suffering nature take
then do not now my soul forsake!

In weariness You sought for me,
and suffering upon the tree!
let not in vain such labor be.

O Judge of justice, hear, I pray,
for pity take my sins away
before the dreadful reckoning day.

You gracious face, O Lord, I seek;
deep shame and grief are on my cheek;
in sighs and tears my sorrows speak.

You Who did Mary's guilt unbind,
and mercy for the robber find,
have filled with hope my anxious mind.

How worthless are my prayers I know,
yet, Lord forbid that I should go
into the fires of endless woe.

Divorced from the accursed band,
o make me with Your sheep to stand,
as child of grace, at Your right Hand.

When the doomed can no more flee
from the fires of misery
with the chosen call me.

Before You, humbled, Lord, I lie,
my heart like ashes, crushed and dry,
assist me when I die.

Full of tears and full of dread
is that day that wakes the dead,
calling all, with solemn blast
to be judged for all their past.

Lord, have mercy, Jesus blest,
grant them all Your Light and Rest. Amen.

* * *

Bishop Slattery Was There??? Okie Traditionalist Calls On Tulsa Trads To Unite

UPDATE: As a clarification, Bishop Emeritus Slattery gave the homily at the All Soul's Day Mass, but it was officiated by an FSSP priest.

The Okie Traditionalist mentioned this tonight:
Tonight, the Diocese of Tulsa, especially the Catholic faithful devoted to the Traditional Mass, got a spiritual booster shot in the arm from their recently retired bishop--Bishop Edward Slattery--celebrating the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls. helping to celebrate the Ancient and Venerable Roman Rite at the Cathedral, on behalf of All Souls. The FSSP pastor was the celebrant; the Bishop sat in choir and gave the homily.

Curiously, the Cathedral website only announced a Novus Ordo for this evening at the local cemetery LINK. Even its Sunday bulletin made no mention of the Bishop's High Mass (LINK). It took a phone call by an Okie Traditionalist Correspondent to the cathedral's secretary to confirm that His Excellency would in fact be saying a public Traditional Mass where, until just recently, he was Chief Pastor.
At first, it was hard to believe that the diocese would make no mention of the High Latin Mass with Bishop Emeritus Slattery.  But, after a second of thinking about it, and reflecting on recent events in the Tulsa diocese, the lack of fanfare makes perfect sense.  As of tonight, after checking the links that Okie Trad mentioned, there is, indeed, no mention of any significance about Wednesday evening's Mass.

Don't be afraid of the cannon fire!  Just keep going!
Indeed, were you to read on the Holy Family Cathedral's website about the All Soul's Day Mass, you'd think the only significant thing was that it was held at Calvary Cemetery.  Otherwise, you would think that the Mass was just a Novus Ordo Mass in a cemetery.  You would have no clue that it was being said in Latin, nor would you know that it was Bishop Emeritus Slattery who said the Mass gave the homily.

In times like this, I really must agree with The Okie Traditionalist.  I will not take the time tonight to go down the rabbit hole and speculate on Tulsa's direction in coming years.  

However, should things go south, and the Catholic community leadership of this diocese grow increasingly liberal, it will definitely be important for all of the Traditionalists of this region to band together and not pit themselves against one another.  

I admire The Okie Traditionalist's call to bury the hatchet among the different groups in this state.  Particularly here, in Tulsa.  It is often the case that diocesan TLM attendees, FSSP laity, and SSPX laity simply do not trust each other.  But the differences between these groups must be put aside.

The Okie Traditionalist, keeping it REAL
Pope Francis is ignoring the Mass of the Ages and running off to mix it up with the Lutherans.  He's going to worship with heretics in the name of ecumenical togetherness.  The least we can do is to join together in a worthy common cause, putting petty squabbles aside, and begin to treat each other as allies, rather than shooting one another in the back of the head as soon as someone leaves the bunker.  I keep repeating this Anthony Esolen quotation about The Soldier:
The Soldier does not say, “I will fight, but only if I do not have to share the field with these others,” which others may be traditionalists, the ecumenically minded, Protestants friendly to the Catholic Church, or Catholics who disagree with him on some political point. The Soldier is grateful for his brothers in arms, and if their uniforms are a little different from his, he figures that the Lord of Hosts will sort the matter out in the end.
We must be brothers in arms.  The world is falling apart, and we've got to hold onto Christ and onto each other for dear life.  The Church and the world are not healthy right now.  And we lack the cohesion and global influence to successfully launch a counter-revolution against the forces of darkness that are eating away at everything.  Today's madness will only stop after God, Himself, shakes the world.  So, at this point, we've got to do our best to preserve what we can for the coming days. 

God will win.  We will win.  Let's win together.