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Monday, October 10, 2016

Thoughts about Trump vs the Sell-outs

Here's some thoughts about The Donald that I've already stated elsewhere.

WWIII is about to start, and the wimps of our society are upset because of locker room talk.  In regards to his lewd comments of a decade ago, he's a straight male talking about hot women. I hear this kind of talk and more among the guys I interact with in my life.  (Women also talk sexually about men, you know.)  If anything, this will make women even more attracted to him.  The real sexual assaults were committed by the Clintons, but somehow, everyone forgets this.

The Republican Party is filled with men who want to be church ladies.  The Effeminates continue to pine and wish for a RHINO like Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan, who would do anything that was degrading to demonstrate how un-racist they are.

It is good that Conservative-lite cuckservatives are being exposed. Democrats celebrate the "extremism" of the Right, but this is a miscalculation on their part. They've underestimated the rage of the Right, and they will soon pay for it.  America has been awakened from their political correct slumber, thanks to Trump. This candidate has already done a TON for this country, and he's not even president yet. By ridiculing the PC cuckservative judases, Americans now have their eyes opened to reality.

For three decades, the Right has been trapped in a Bush bubble, thinking that the best they could get is to have a bone thrown their way. To hell with that.

As Vox Day said today, the fact that Trump is able to hold his own, while fighting his opponent, the mainstream and conservative medias, as well as his own sabotaging Republican party speaks very well of him and very poorly of where we are at as a society.  

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  1. Donald Trump 2016!!!!!
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