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Friday, October 28, 2016


It was then, in the black heart of the dreaded night, that I finished engorging myself on the last drops of blood of the now-pallid girl who I held in my icy claws.  I dropped the body of my victim--a willing sycophant who dared not resist me--and I passed from my still and quiet realm of darkness.

Me going to my computer
to cause Alt-Right mischief.
I entered your world through my portal--a dark art taught to me by the Archons of Delightful Evil.  My veins filled with freshly stolen vitality, I softly sat on my throne of pain, and with my soulless, lifeless white eyes, I gazed at the screen and began to work my evil.

I suppose that's how a Trump supporter from the Alt-Right is supposed to live his existence.  Even now, typing this, the beasts in my chamber are ripping apart the carcasses of those upon whom I have feasted.

Honestly, the manner of how NeverTrumps demonize us has grown staggeringly ridiculous.

People, in a Freemasonic republic controlled by amoral, unrestrained oligarchs, your culture is bound to supply you with nothing but cowardly men capable of leading no one.  In such a circumstance, you are left voting for people whom you trust will serve the will of his constituency and who will hopefully not betray you.    

And in light of these circumstances, every candidate is a wild card.

This fact is lost on most people, especially NeverTrumpers.  These Cruzlims, these cuckservatives, fail to grasp that our society was set up for failure from the beginning, and that every vote for a hopeful candidate was a vote for a man who wouldn't turn the State's gun on its own people.  This reality escapes them.

So, when Donald Trump enters the political scene, it becomes clear to one and all that he is the wildest card of them all.  From the outset, Trump appears unsafe to the NeverTrumps.  He, in fact, strikes them as a threat.

Yet, the true threat that Trump poses is that he shatters the cuckservative's delusions about our political system.  His presence in this election shows the unsteady options that are presented to us in every election, as we have become totally dependent on the nature of man for our well being.  In America, our prosperity is dependent on an unreachable class of people who are guided by nothing but their bellies and their genitals.  Trump is the epitome of such hedonism.  His bluster, his wealth, the alpha factor that he has with women--this all shatters the illusions of cuckservatives.

Indeed, the cuckservatives are quite delusional.

For the NeverTrumps, becoming the president of the United States is an apotheosis.  A man elected president is an elevation into godhood.  In perfect oxymoronic fashion, our nation's godless founding is, to them, a divine moment of word become flesh.  The signing of the Declaration of Independence is somehow an Incarnation, much the same way that God came into the world to be born as Jesus Christ.

And so, if it is true that America has a divine Manifest Destiny--whether the flavor be FreeMasonic, Mormon, or broadly deist--then it will only do to have an appropriate god-man to lead us.  The president must have all the trimmings of a wholesome dandy.  If we continue to elect posers such as McCain, Romney, or Cruz, we are somehow going to set ourselves back on a course for the wholesome 1950s.  The NeverTrumps cannot accept the circumstances for what they are--that the world has transformed into a sort of dystopic vicious place in which we are forced in accepting whatever allies we can find.

As the Right becomes ever-more surrounded by our enemies, our battle tactics become more vicious.  We switch to knives and bayonets.  We all must become soldiers.  As Anthony Esolen said in his recent article in Crisis Magazine:
The Soldier does not say, “I will fight, but only if I do not have to share the field with these others,” which others may be traditionalists, the ecumenically minded, Protestants friendly to the Catholic Church, or Catholics who disagree with him on some political point. The Soldier is grateful for his brothers in arms, and if their uniforms are a little different from his, he figures that the Lord of Hosts will sort the matter out in the end.

NeverTrumps are not soldiers at all.  They would shoot their allies in the back of the head, rather than join together in a common cause for a mutual victory.  Esolen would label these people as bitter "avengers."  He defines such characters as men who aim their rifle at Catholics...
...and many of them will be good Catholics who disagree with him about strategy. The Avenger will not go forth to war unless he approves the strategy in all its details, which of course will never happen. He prefers to be an armchair general rather than to be a private slogging in the trenches.
That describes NeverTrumpers to a tee.  They will not settle for survival.  They must have the moon.  In a dark time when sympathy and a helping hand are scarce, these traitors can only offer you their nasty attitude.  And in the end, all they prove is that in war, they should never be handed a loaded weapon, nor should anyone ever turn their backs to them--ever.

Rather than let this election be about the future of America, these people have tried focus the entire event on...their feelings.  They want America to see their hatred for Trump and anyone who votes for him.  They will go on and on, parroting Glenn Beck and articles from Red State.  They will be all over the map with their sloganeering, which only adds up to a sniveling, giant black miasma of inchoate rage.

They grasp nothing.

As a result of their ignorance and reliance on their emotions, the mismanagement of their own feelings brings destruction into the electoral process, pushing us closer to Hillary Clinton's wet dream for a Third World War.  Meanwhile, these people feel that, by destroying Trump in this election, they can happily wait--with no consequence--until the 2020 election, when they can finally vote for Ted Cruz again.

NeverTrumpers (and the shitlibs that they ultimately help) are like rabbits. Their survival instincts are to stay in a pack in a meadow, fearful to take risks, living with the idea in mind that yes, predators will grab and kill the outliers of their herd.

Trump voters and people on the Alt-Right, such as myself, are like wolves. We're unafraid of the wild, confronting the unknown and our enemies, counter-punching those that assault us, and going after what we require.

K-selected wolves take time to invest in our youth, we groom them to be just as vicious and strong as their mommies and daddies, and we show them how to hold their own. r-selected rabbits just eat up the resources and hope that some of their offspring might outlive the predators.

The rabbits would rather vote in a murderer than a meany.  Explain this contradiction to them, and emotional rhetoric is all they have to offer:
The Alt-Right is a swamp of hysterical evil...a swamp of Nazi evil beyond my initial ability to imagine.  I am the enemy of these fascist pigs.
These people can't keep up with me.  They can't grasp anything that is spoken in a dialectic conversation.  They are like liberals.  NeverTrumpers can only relate to weak-jawed, pussy-whipped promise-breakers like George Bush.  They are only capable of believing the lies of RHINOs, as anything else triggers their uncharity and hate.  They can process nothing beyond Neo-Conservative lies.  And because of them, the "Right Wing" of the past 30 years has been a pathetic ever-losing joke.

Sometimes I like to say that I've reached a certain level of disdain for the world--I like to state that I've reached Level Jonah (which, I suppose, could be the equivalent of belonging to the Kult of Kek).  And though I am ready to see the people in this world suffer for their crimes against the universe and against God, I am always open to better avenues.  The world doesn't have to burn.  I much prefer mercy to judgement.  Yet, the NeverTrumpers are more like Jonah than I would ever be.  They rail at Nineveh, begging for God to destroy it, never considering the chance that the city might right itself back on a better course.  

The thinking of NeverTrumps is hopelessly flawed.  They think that by joining the Left and destroying the Right in this election, they will set everything back to the tapioca Neo-Con days of McCain, Romney, and Rubio.  But should they succeed in sabotaging the Right's shot at winning this election, they will become utterly terrified at the ultras they will have unleashed with their idiotic and blind actions.

The political spectrum of the past has been destroyed.  "Conservative" never meant a thing.  We know it, we are coming, and we don't give a damn about what you think.



  1. Great stuff. You made me chuckle with "I gazed at the screen and began to work my evil." I'll admit, whenever I start to write something political online, a self-mocking part of me says, "Go, go, keyboard warrior!"

    And yet, what group has Hillary and her NeverTrump supporters singled out and attacked this year? Not the NRA, not the Heritage Foundation, not any other respectable conservative group. They keep attacking -- and revealing their fear of -- those in the alt-right who make memes that get people's attention and might make them receptive to information outside the mainstream. I'll be darned if the "keyboard warriors" aren't advancing and conquering territory after all.

  2. The NeverTrumpers are like the policeman in Les Miserables hunting down Jean Valjean for stealing a piece of bread. Human respect and contemporary norms are, for them, the absolute rule. They serve the Ruling Class, not the Common Man. Legalism trumps (pun intended) common sense and realism.

    NeverTrumpers are like preppy, manicured metrosexual alumni who when they visit their alma mater for a football game, prefer to watch the game on tv from an upscale restaurant down the road. They wouldn't endure the hardships of a cramped, loud stadium in cold weather to support the team.

    If (when?) Trump loses, this sub-class of conservative American needs to be exposed and, at least partly, blamed.

  3. Trump Pence 2016!!

    1. Hopefully Assange is wrong, and Hillary isn't the default president.

      If so, her election and this news story has effectively proven that our laws don't matter anymore:

      Comey whitewashes Corrupt Hillary AGAIN


  4. Vote Trump/Pence 2016!
    We can't change the World in 5 seconds.We have to start somewhere and this election is a good beginning.