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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Race In the United States

Okay, folks.  Here we go.  A post about race.

Every January 15, a little thing begins that I jokingly refer to as the Octave of Black People, and it lasts until the end of February, the end of Black History Month. The week of January 15th, I refer to as The Lutherkingtide, as January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Clearly, an American tradition.

I do this, because here, in a nation that was one of the first to abolish slavery and strive to raise the status of black men in civil society, the whites who have pursued this charge are now put low, abused, silenced, and brainwashed into effeminate liberal fools. Meanwhile, the black people who were emancipated by white American men are given a vast number of benefits, accolades, and excuses.  They were even given their own black president for a full two terms.  And they are given an entire month and a half to worship the color of their skin and worship--religiously--a troubled history that they think entitles them to virtue signal how victimized they are and how much they deserve anything and everything that the crumbling white society can give them.

Even the simple act of noticing and discussing this publicly will automatically excommunicate me from Modernist society, as I am regarded as a racist for acknowledging what I have stated. It's an absolutely ridiculous charge, when you consider how I conduct my personal life, and the ease with which I am able to work with different ethnicities.  In fact, I just wrote a nice, meaty paragraph full of personal details about who I am and what I do with people of different ethnicities.  However, I immediately erased it, as I've no interest in qualifying myself publicly to you people, nor do I relish in virtue signaling to Diversitykult. So, let's have the ideas speak for themselves, shall we?

The point is, white people are mischaracterized and demonized for mentioning plain observable facts about the racial situation in the United States.

I love talking about race, to be honest. It's a fascinating discussion that's full of fascinating possibilities. I especially love talking about the race issue with black people, as I believe it is an insult to black people to consider them to be naturally incapable of handling frank talk about race.  But even though everyone is capable of dealing with this discussion if they wanted to, the sad fact is that most people are willingly unequipped emotionally and intellectually to delve into it. Ignorance is bliss.  The fear of going against groupthink is too strong, and so, white men are kept docile and effeminate on the matter, for fear of rocking the boat and making waves.

But who cares about weak-minded people?  This is not the place for TL;DR Green Bay Packer ignoramuses.

Race is a complex discussion, and my views on race are complex.

* * * 

A conversation about race has two categories.

I. The Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race 

The first category of racial discussion is the spiritual ideal of how race matters should be treated. That is to say: How would God have us do this? How would God order our society in this matter? What is the most Catholic treatment of the racial problem in our society, and if everyone adhered to that standard, what would society look like?

And then, we have...

II. The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race

This second category is not the ideal. It is not the ideal Catholic treatment of an ideal people's racial differences. I would argue that The Practical Treatment is the ideal Catholic treatment of a fallen people's racial differences. The Practical Treatment is how we order a society of fallen men in a world with sin--how we order them to conduct themselves, and where we place people in an ideal fashion, in order to maximize the potential that these different people have to offer.

* * * 

I often find that many people in Modernist American society cannot grasp the second, and they are absolutely clueless on the first.

In the past, societies correctly handled the solemn matter of racial/ethnic differences by respecting the homogeneity of their own kin. Too intellectual sounding for you? How about this?

They kept their own kind around and discouraged foreigners. They practiced tribalism.

Diversity + Proximity = War 

Elementary enough? I hope so.

This method for handling the Babylon Effect on mankind has worked wonders for human beings since antiquity. Never, until now, has the very fabric of Western society threatened to tear itself apart. It has never happened like this. Not on this scale. Not ever. Were there battles and wars between different tribes and camps? Yes. But not even the Roman invasion by the Goths registered on a level such as ours.

But now that society has been successfully mixed up by Jewish interests within the last century, we get to deal with "diversity." And the ONLY way to come out of this meat grinder alive, is if society managed to achieve the Catholic outlook when it comes to the different races of men.

By recognizing that men are NOT equal, but different, and that we have different gifts to offer each other, we can begin to go forward constructively. By adhering to the only true universal religion--Catholic (Latin for "universal")--we can all seek to attain the graces of the Almighty, walking forward shoulder to shoulder. (I would argue that this can be most easily attained with a king and a state religion: Catholicism.) By becoming as one with our spirits and our minds, we can reverse Babylon and emulate Pentecost. We can be as the Three Kings were when they came to visit our Lord in Bethlehem.

It was Christ Who brought the three great tribes of men together with His birth. It was the Holy Spirit Who enabled men to understand one another at Pentecost. The Catholic Church--truly practiced, and not like the Modernist poison fed to us from the current hierarchy--is the only medicine that can heal our society's tender sores.

No one argues much with the first section of racial discussion. No one has a problem with the Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race. Men of every stripe, no matter their blood, can understand the sensibility of God's Way. It's that second category of discussion that causes race riots. The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race is what upsets so many people. Whether or not it's a man's station in life to tackle this macrocosmic puzzle, it does not matter--because every Judaized American, whether liberal white or feral black, they all think they are entitled a pound of flesh because they self-righteously believe that their godless leftist idea is the truth.

They are wrong, and society is paying for it.

And so, we are left with fallen men in a sinful world. And the only practical answer for their angst-driven nature is to enact The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race. And this opens a multitude of subtopics that, from what I've seen so far, men have not been able to map out.

So let me start with this. Simply put, The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race has been put forth by the Alt-Right. And I will list them below:
- Equality is just as fictional as unicorns and leprechauns.  Human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.  
- Identity > culture > politics.   That is to say, a people's identity will form their culture, which will drive their politics.
- A native ethnic group ought not be dominated by a different ethnic group, especially in their own homeland.  Our society should prevent non-native ethnic groups to obtain excessive influence in American society through nepotism, tribalism, or any other means. 
- Diversity + Proximity = War
- We must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.
- Western Civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement, and we should support its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
- Globally, in this world, there is no supremacy of any race, nation, or sub-species.  Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, possessing the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.
- It is a good thing to be nationalist, and we ought to support all legitimate nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogenous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.  
These methods and ideas are the best solution when it comes to handling a salad bowl of different ethnicities.  Every tribe and people in this world can agree with these very basic facts, from the United States to China.  These ideas are the starting point for guiding our society out of the mess that we are in, and into a better future for everyone. Recognizing these basic concepts and structuring society accordingly will fix the damage done to this country over the course of centuries.

The above bullet points are not the Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race.  The bullet points are The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race in a society of fallen men in a world with sin.

By treating society practically, we open the door for society to reach for the ideal situation.  But by treating society impractically--as we do now in the United States (and the West, generally), we close the door for people to reach any kind of an epiphany at all, and the masses remain dumb.

We should treat people practically when it comes to race.

What we should not do is listen to Jews.


  1. Tonight my "friend" ripped my behind for saying life seemed better before many issues and inventions.One of these issues I mentioned was Black lives Matter.
    I didn't explain nor go into detail why I thought life was better before these inventions/issues.
    Because I'm not a registered Democrat or Green Party member,my "friend" sees fit to berate insult patronize and accuse me of falsehoods because I used the words BLM.
    This exchange ended many msgs later.
    Deo Gratias I was able to stay calm,respond with patience and kindness.
    This "friend" was somewhat speechless as I used facts politely calmly and rationally to defend myself.
    The Lord Jesus Christ taught me a lesson tonight.
    Be kind,rational,patient,stick with facts,and always remember the roman Catholic faith as your reason for living,breathing,and dying.If we stick to this,we show our "friends" family coworkers the way the truth and the light.
    It also makes others realize they have fallen for a ruse.

  2. So, you stuck with dialect. Did you convince your friend?

    1. She stopped attacking me,insulting me,and putting words in my mouth.
      She realized she was wrong and let it go.
      Her husband is a far left liberal and she will do and say whatever he thinks.
      I know a man who thinks says whatever his liberal wife says and thinks.
      Its men and women both who have this sort of relationship.I'm not picking on either sex.
      I for one could not date or marry a leftist secular liberal,it would not work.