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Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Tulsa Bishop Does Away With Exorcist Society: Part 2

This is no joke.  This is not some frivolous accusation.  It is a real thing that is happening in the Diocese of Tulsa.  When I broke this news yesterday, I did so confidently, and with no qualms about it.  As of this moment, the diocese, now being run by Bishop Konderla, will not support the exorcist society here.

Several colleagues online have rolled their eyes at this news and dismissed it as gossip.  However, the contacts that I speak to are aware of the friction between this new bishop and the exorcist society.  Contacts--plural.  More than one.  These anonymous people are laity who were seeking spiritual guidance.  They will remain anonymous.

Tonight, I can think of four reasons to draw attention to this topic.

- - - -

1. This demonstrates the handiwork of Pope Francis.

As was recently stated in the Italian magazine, Il Timone: The real revolution of Pope Francis takes place through appointments.  We have seen that Pope Francis-appointed Archbishop Cuprich bans Latin Mass congregations, and that he believes divorced and remarried couples, and even sodomite "couples," should be free to receive Holy Communion.  We have seen a Pope Francis-appointed Australian bishop declare that Catholics should simply accept sodomy.  Consider another Pope Francis appointee, Archbishop Paglia, who is responsible for releasing a dangerous sex education program.

Pope Francis does not have a good track record of appointees.  Well...not good for Catholics who favor the traditions of the Catholic Church.  For Freemasons, Pope Francis' track record is fabulous.  It is a simple fact that Pope Francis throws out any conservative recommendations for bishops, and looks for the most progressive candidates, choosing them himself.

2.  There will be nowhere to go for exorcisms

The society that was being led by Fr. Ripperger was a Traditional society of exorcists.  They were driving demons out of individuals and families.  Their work has been unique and sorely needed, as the intensity and number of demonic possessions and obsessions has increased dramatically in the region.

Fr. Ripperger is a wildly popular priest, and his online lectures are viewed and listened to by many Catholics.  There has been a clear need for the kind of work done by The Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother.  And yet, things will be winding down because this bishop will not support them.

"This is the last retreat for 2016 with Fr. Ripperger.  At this time, Fr. Ripperger is only speaking at OSMM in Vandalia, IL.  He is not speaking at any other venues due to his Priestly obligations.  We are hoping to host Fr. Ripperger next year.  We will publish Dates for 2017 as soon as they become available."

For this service to be neglected or even shut down is a travesty and a disservice to the laity of this region that I live in.

In fact, I can reveal that one of my anonymous sources learned about Bishop Konderla's action when they approached The Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, here in Tulsa, for spiritual exorcist help.  This person had to be turned away because the society is not going to be supported by the local diocese any longer, and things are being forced to wind down.

This suppression is a major disservice to the society's benefactors and donors.  It is an insult that this shut-down wasn't announced by Bishop Konderla before my source went to the Dolorus Fathers for help.  Why I am the one to break this news on this blog, and not the diocese on their website, is ridiculous.  I imagine it is to avoid the bad press.

3.  This may be a sign of things to come for Tulsans

This entire incident reminds me of when, soon after Pope Francis became pope, he suppressed the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  (Here's an even more sobering article about the FFI.)  Here, we have a new bishop from the middle of nowhere--a Texas A&M University chaplain--who suddenly is appointed bishop in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Like our pope, he comes off as a humble guy, and he even likes to do woodwork.  So be nice, everyone!  But then?  BAM!  Suppression of a "crypto-Lefebvrian" society.

If this major action, this suppression, is the tone of this man's reign--that is, modernist intolerance--then I do not doubt that, in the near future, more people in this city and region will be further deprived of even more Traditional Catholic sources of relief.  What do I mean by that?  Perhaps the further suppression of Traditional things...like diocesan Latin Mass.  Ad Orientum.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll see rainbow flag rainments soon.

4.  This trounces upon the work of the former Bishop Slattery

Bishop Slattery was known worldwide as being one of the best Traditional Catholic bishops.  His actions, surely, were a great offense to the modernist cabal that is running the Vatican.  One of the last things Bishop Slattery did, back in the Spring of 2015, was to celebrate the official founding of the Society of the Sorrowful Mother.  He did this downtown, at Holy Family Cathedral.  This was a Solemn Pontifical Mass, which is a rare treat to observe.  (I was fortunate enough to witness one of these.)

I did not agree with Bishop Slattery on everything.  But I think I can say I agreed with him on most of what he said and did.  And to destroy this, one of the last good things he did as our bishop, is an insult to the people of my diocese.

To think, an outsider with no connection to the people here, would come in and wipe things away thoughtlessly, without a care in the world about the natives.  This man, Bishop Konderla, comes into our land without taking into consideration how the people of this diocese think.  Who does he think he is?  I want to speak in charity, but either this new bishop is ignorant or he is malicious.

- - - -

Look, it is not as if I am some random guy in the world talking about some distant celebrity I've never met.  This is a local issue for me.  I am in the area.  I have even met Fr. Ripperger in person several times.  He's a brilliant, sharp, capable man of God.  He has done a great service for hundreds, if not thousands of people.

At this time in our lives, public, Satanic rituals are being held in neighboring Oklahoma City on an annual basis on public property.  For God's sake, why is Bishop Konderla thinking he should be suppressing the exorcists, here in Tulsa?  One would think we would need them because of the rise in Satanic activity.
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  1. Thanks for covering this from a fellow alt-right traditionalist Catholic in the Tulsa area. The news about Fr. Ripperger just came across the men's email group of my parish. Looking into it I came across your blog. I haven't given much thought to Bishop Konderla; this is heart breaking.

    1. No problem, Benedictsanctus.

      However, I must now alter this post, as it seems that Father Ripperger, himself, wants laity to cut down on the chatter of this news.

  2. Thanks for the update and concur that we must pray and do penance only and not make a fuss

  3. So sad to hear of your troubles in Tulsa. As cradle Catholics my wife and I left our "conservative" parish in Toledo, Ohio in 1997 and now travel 65 mile each way to attend the TLM at the SSPX Chapel in Redford, now Livonia, Michigan each and every Sunday. We have never looked back. I even get to serve like I did when I was a teen. (we are 75 yrs. old.) We will offer our Mass & Communion next Sunday for your situation. God bless you all in this time of crisis.

  4. Thanks for reporting, brother. I wish I was more active in the Church itself right now, but I'm currently stuck doing things behind the scenes, mostly.

    Keep the faith.

    1. Aurini, you're the man. Thanks for checkin' in.

      There's simply a plethora of fronts in the culture war, right now. You keep doin' what you're doin', I'll keep doin' what I'm doin', and if you need some cover fire, let me know.

  5. Fr. Chad Ripperger is no longer listed in the directory of priests in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, diocese.

    According to Bishop Kondela’s facebook (to which the above reporters of the apparent suppression of the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother referred people to express their comments to the bishop), His Excellency is off to Rome for a 7-day orientation with 140 other new bishops on how to be a good Bergolian bishop. In view of the above, he could teach them a thing or two.

  6. A prophetic remark from an August 25, 2015, comment by a piokolby to the post "Voris’ SSPX / Novus Ordo Conniption" at https://akacatholic.com/voris-sspx-novus-ordo-conniption :

    Fr. Chad Ripperger is no longer an active member of the FSSP that speaks volumes for those who know him. Fr. Chad Ripperger has gone deeper into new church and my prediction is that he will get burned for doing so. I could be wrong we will wait and see. I hope he does well. Bottom line Fr. Chad Ripperger is not with the FSSP anymore the way he once was.

    1. Yes, because he is founding a new Order of priests in the Church!

  7. Tom, Fr Chad left the FSSP to start his own society of Traditional Priests/Exorcists, he hasnt gone into the New Church. You spew without a clue. Please do your homework. You obviously dont know anything about Fr Ripperger.

  8. Re Fr. Ripperger graphic above-- I've spoken to a faithful SSPX priest who's done exorcisms, and stated "'The children will not bear the sins of their fathers…' Tell your friend to stay out of this."

    1. Who is "your friend" referring to in this statement?