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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Exorcists Kicked Out: Part 3 -- Satan's Country

There've been a lot of scary and diabolical things happening in Oklahoma in the past handful of years.  Some of it has made headlines.  Consider the following:

Mother Accused of Killing Daughter With Crucifix Because She Believed She Was Possessed
Oklahoma Teen Claims Demon Made Him Molest Kenyan Orphans
Oklahoma City Man Claims He Is Possessed By Demons After Attacking Officer
‘Demon-Possessed’ Child Locked Up, Shocked With Cattle Prod
Tulsa Homicide Case Reveals Tragic Power of Psychotic Delusions

Heck, even I pointed out a news story that seemed hell-sent, shortly after Oklahoma's first public black mass.  Remember two years ago, shortly after the first black mass, a fellow decided to follow through with his moslem convictions and behead a co-worker?

All of these horrific events seem to have begun around the time that Satanists were given public permission by our locals to start openly worshiping the Enemy of Creation in a public building in Oklahoma City.

Publicly accepted worship of the Devil has since occurred on more than one occasion, and dark and wicked things only seem to continue to erupt in Oklahoma.  We learned that local clergy utilized legal means to seize the stolen Sacred Host in that first ritual.  However, the abominable act itself was likely enough to draw negative demonic energy into my state.

Did you know that certain regions and territories have their own specific guardian angel?  It's true.  So, subvert these powers, and there will be real spiritual and physical consequences for your region.

I recall making a few predictions as a result of that first black mass.  Honoring the Evil One puts blood in the water for shenanigans from people.  It invites bad clientele to our state.  The Devil gets another victory from a public black mass.  We are seemingly sanctioning Satanism on a state level.  We attract demons that will torment us whenever we tolerate this.  Christ's enemies are emboldened, and Christ's very Body is desecrated and harmed.

Even Fr. Dwight Longenecker--hardly a traditionalist--has recently warned us not to take Satanism for granted.  Glibly dismissing Satan is a potential disaster for an individual or a community.
[Satan worshippers]  are a danger to children and young people. The King of the Witches I knew in England may have been a lecherous old drunk, but he was also well known for successfully seducing teenage girls. The statue of Baphomet that the Oklahoma Satanists wanted to erect has a little boy and girl standing at his feet, gazing up at the monster lovingly.
Yes, even the Satanist responsible for Oklahoma City's public black masses, Adam Daniels, is a registered sex offender.  Such people are perverse.  And why wouldn't they be?  The very concept of the Devil is a perverse twisting of what God intended.  Lucifer was meant to be an angel of light.  Now?  He's a bent and wretched version of his former self.  How can a human being revere such a creepy and loathsome figure without, themselves, becoming perverted?

[Satanists] should not be ignored. There is evidence that their toxic religion is growing, and there should also be no question that Satanism is evil. Theistic Satanists affirm that they worship devils and that they have given themselves to evil, while atheist Satanists are openly opposed to Christ and his church.
We should take them at their word: They are our enemies.
Couldn't have said it better, Father Longnecker.  I don't always agree with you, but you are right on the money with this one.  Satanists are EVERYONE'S enemy.  In their endgame, they seek the destruction of Creation alongside their master.  Hell will be their ultimate end, and so they do what they can to unleash Hell on the population while they can.

Fighting The Devil

So, thank God for exorcists!  Right?  Let's remember some bright moments, when the cavalry charged in, and we knew we had the backup of professional men in the Church who knew how to battle evil.

Here's the Tulsa World headline from 2014:  Tulsa Exorcist Facing Increasing 'Demonic Activity'; Black Mass Sunday.  So, okay.  Yeah.  Obviously, Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma are going to see more demonic activity in the wake of emboldened Satanism.  Obviously, the diocesan exorcist is going to be personally seeing much more of this activity.

And, oh!  Look at this:
Exorcism conferences have been held quietly each winter for three years at an undisclosed chapel in Tulsa, following a decision by U.S. bishops in 2010 to greatly increase the number of exorcists in America, at that time thought to be about 50.
“The number of Catholic exorcists in America has doubled every year for the past three years,” said Monsignor Patrick Brankin, the Diocese of Tulsa’s only exorcist.
Bishop Edward J. Slattery of the Diocese of Tulsa said the practice of exorcism is gaining ground in the Catholic Church.
Indeed, it was.  The practice of exorcism was definitely gaining ground in the Catholic Church in Tulsa.  Thank goodness that Bishop Slattery was ahead of the curve, when in 2011, he began forming a team of exorcists who would counter this great evil that had arisen in my land.

Yes, the Devil would pop his head up and try to shake Oklahoma.  But Bishop Slattery, Father Ripperger, Monsingor Brankin, and the other exorcists were ready to fight the forces of evil with the authority of Jesus Christ!  Many battles with the diabolic occurred in our region of the country.  So much so, that Fr. Ripperger was able to quite often share his findings with the laity and warn us all of the dangers of the demonic.

The faithful in Oklahoma were arming themselves for battle.  We've been under siege by the Devil.  Thank God we had a team of warriors on our side to cast out the evil from our midst.  Why, heck!  There was even a black mass celebrated just recently.  It's become an annual tradition for Satanists!

We sure are going to need a good, trusty team of exorcists to help guide the people of Oklahoma through the darkness that continues to fester and surround us in this place.  Right?  

Oh.  Wait.

Bishop Konderla just dissolved that team of exorcists that Bishop Slattery put together for us.


Why in the world would Bishop Konderla do this?  Why would this shepherd of troubled children decide to withdraw this kind of spiritual help?  What on earth was going through this man's mind, so as to cause him within a few months to dissolve the exorcist team known as the Society of the Sorrowful Mother?

Our coat has been taken away in winter.  This is an outrage.

How can I possibly be charitable in the midst of something like this?  Yes, this bishop is acting rather quickly.  He sure didn't wait once he took office.  I am sure that he is being coached in what to do, as he is a new bishop.  And he seems friendly enough.

Maybe I'm being tempted to come to a hasty conclusion, and I should be careful?  Maybe Bishop Konderla, like a lot of bishops out there, simply doesn't want to take a risk and possibly drain the diocese of money, causing the Diocese of Tulsa to go bankrupt?  Maybe he is afraid of liability, should one of the exorcisms go wrong, and he's just playing it safe?  Maybe Bishop Konderla is a little shaken because he wouldn't necessarily be in control of the Dolorus Fathers?  Maybe he simply doesn't understand the work of an exorcist?

I am sure that, having been a college campus chaplain priest for so long, the Traditional Catholic scene that he walked into, here in Tulsa, was quite foreign to him.  After all, we are not Austin, Texas.  We're not super liberal progressive here, like Austin, Texas.  Perhaps he just didn't know.

Maybe we could write to Fr. Gabriel Amorth for some advice on how to handle this diabolic state of things in Oklahoma?

Oh wait.  He died last week.  I guess the Big Red guy is filling his scorecard up with a lot of points, lately.

If Bishop Konderla is wanting to earn the trust of the Traditional Catholics of my city, then I guess, at this point--having done what he has already done--I can only offer this piece of advice from Pope Francis:

The world is tired of trendy priests.  Dispense mercy, and don't be a "charming liar."

Granted, I think that His Holiness is projecting and being completely hypocritical in his latest advice to clergy.  However, on its own, it is objectively sound advice.



  1. So you wrote above, "drain the diocese of money, causing the Diocese of Tulsa to go bankrupt", gave me an idea.

  2. We are in a bad spot because Satanist's claim religious liberty is a right according to the constitution and Vatican 2.
    They're right its all legal so how are supposed to stop the spread of Satanism?

  3. I don't think it's helping to disrespect our Holy Father.

    1. I have quoted Pope Francis directly, and the very statements I attribute to him hyperlink to the articles that include these statements.

  4. Nate, please stop your nonsense. We are in a spiritual war. If you want to stick your head in the sand, fine; but leave the rest of us alone who are prepared to do battle.