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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

UPDATED 9/24 - Police deny BLM tried to bus people to Tulsa


9/20 10:49 PM
For my local Tulsa readers.  As you know, last weekend, an unarmed black man was shot by our local Tulsa police.  Tonight, private sources have informed me that Black Lives Matter may have an undetermined number of buses coming to Tulsa from Chicago.  This is occurring as I type this.  Let's hope they don't try to burn down my city with a Ferguson-styled riot.  Prepare accordingly.

UPDATE 9/22 Midnight
Al Sharpton, race baiter and community agitator, has decided to capitalize on this problem in our city (as is always the case with him), and foment anger against police and white people by doing what he does best--showing up.  One more opportunity for the man to gain his much-loved publicity.

This will happen on Tuesday.

Our idiot mayor is "welcoming" him, and wistfully hoping with girlish, bated breath that "Tulsa continues to have a peaceful response" to the incident of last Friday.

A cursory glance at local Facebook profiles will dispel that feckless hope.  And I'm sure that's all that's protecting us...is the hope of our "leaders" that nothing will happen.

Let me spell it out for you, Tulsa.  Next week the Tulsa State Fair starts up on Thursday.  Michaelmas!  And what have we seen in past state fairs, kids?  Hundreds of Racist Black Youths Attack Whites at Wisconsin State Fair  That's what.  You just follow that hyperlink to the Milwaukee newscast, and you can hear all about it.  It's happened all over this country.

Forecast:  If the worst happens, the primary targets will be businesses and any white individuals caught up in the milieu.  If there is mayhem of this sort, I expect everything north of Admiral to be trashed, and the Wal-Mart at Admiral and Memorial to be looted.

Which means, if the worst happens, you'll get a first-hand account from me.

We have enough problems in this town.

Prepare accordingly, and pray for the conversion of these distraught parties.

In the Second Term of the First Black President, Rioting Is the New Normal

UPDATE 9/22 6:00AM
So, there is this:

This "assembly" is going through September 26th, which is next Monday, followed by Al Sharpton's media attention moment on Tuesday.  There have been discussions about a peaceful protest in that thread.  I hope that is the case, and that my concern in this matter is all for nothing.  I truly, truly do.

What needs to happen here is police reform.  Tulsa has ALWAYS needed police reform for as long as I can remember.  That is the issue, and it is not something a riot will achieve.     

UPDATE 9/23 4:30 AM
Word has reached me that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has intercepted these buses that have been coming to Tulsa, detaining them in podunk towns far away from the city.  Meanwhile, the District Attorney has given the mob their pound of flesh, charging officer Betty Shelby with manslaughter.  By doing this act today, rather than waiting until next week, the DA may have disarmed the passionate Soros-funded hate machine, Black Lives Matter, as tensions have become satiated with Shelby's arrest.
Every time I ask if the bus situation is real, my sources confirm it.  And now, it is coming out in various online threads that other people who have talked to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are, like me, also being told about buses carrying Black Lives Matter protesters.  Furthermore, these people are told that there is 3-13 buses, and that it would be prudent to avoid the area around 71st and highway 169.

If a rioting mob were to be let loose on that section of 71st street--one of the most successful business districts in this city--it would be a terrible economic disaster for Tulsa.  There are many big box stores like Target and Home Depot, Woodland Hills Mall is down the street towards Memorial, and there are many shops that would be devastated.

Or, if a large mass of people were to play the Highway Game--where they flood Highway 169 with "protesters" to stop traffic, it would be a bloody fiasco.  The highway in that part of town is the area where many people come and go from their homes in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, and beyond.  Plus, I'm sure that a "protester" or two would likely be run over by drivers who don't give a damn about the rules when they feel threatened in such a manner.

Now, much has been made of the fact that, while Charlotte exploded in riots this past weekend, Tulsa peacefully prayed for a solution to these problems.  For that, I am proud and thankful.  However, an agitator is an agitator is an agitator.  Such as this guy who blathered on about how he wakes up every morning a big black man, and that "the only good white man is a dead white man."  The crowd clearly shunned him when he said that, thank God.

Whatever the issues are in this situation--whether it's the incompetence of officer Shelby, or the festering sore that is black anger against whitey--my main concern is whether or not the George Soros-funded terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, imports outsiders into this town and ruins it.  I figure that, should we get to Oktoberfest without incident, we'll have made it through this tragedy successfully.

But this weekend will be a big test, I think.

UPDATE 9/24  6:00 AM
I am pleased to update this post with news that police are denying that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol intercepted any Black Lives Matter buses.  This was a rumor circulating in many circles in the past few days--the hottest rumor being that buses were being sent to the 71st and Highway 169 intersection.

In my defense, I would say it's not unreasonable to expect BLM to be brought into Tulsa, particularly when you consider that 70% of the people arrested in the Charlotte riot were from out of state and bussed in to the scene of the crime.  And, it's entirely possible that the police are officially being mum on this topic in order to prevent panic.  But it's also possible that they are right, and nothing happened.

I don't mind being wrong on this.  I am relieved, actually.  The further away this town is to an explosion of Ferguson/Milwaukee/Charlotte magnitude, the better.

However, we're not out of the woods yet.  We still have an Al Sharpton visit coming on Tuesday, and we have yet to see what will transpire at this year's state fair.  If anything new happens, I'll update this post accordingly.  God willing, Tulsa will demonstrate that it is a better town than others during this fall season.


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    1. Police are neither confirming nor denying this. I'll ask more about it tomorrow.

  2. Terence Cuther was on probation for trafficking drugs and risisting arrest.i have the police report want to see it?

  3. It doesn't matter because the average self hating smug arrogant conceited white liberals will stand by & support BLM and every anti-White Anti-Christ organization.
    They yearn and long for respect from the non-whites who despise western civilization.