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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Davis Aurini Warns About Pepe, Kek, and the Elder Gods

A magical sigil, or glyph, is created to project someone's will into the world.  When a lot of people unite their willpower towards a single sigil, it becomes a hypersigil, which is supposedly more potent.

Now, if you're unfamiliar with the Alt-Right internet culture, I will have to tell you about two words: Pepe and Kek.

Pepe is a sort of frog mascot that winks his eye at you as we all watch Hillary Clinton stumble into her wheelchair-accessible van.

"Kek" is an expression that Alt-Right people will sometimes type out in comment boxes.  It's sort of like a defying laugh.  It means "I'm laughing out loud," yet in a subversive way.  "Kek!" is a very common expression in Alt-Right circles.  Whenever someone on the Alt-Right celebrates with "Kek!" or flashes Pepe's face, they are taking pleasure in the darkness and chaos that is being created by the Left's feckless insanity as the world burns.  And, I daresay, it is all akin to a phenomenon I've applied to myself, which I call Level Jonah.

It seems, however, that there are some amazing coincidences about Pepe and Kek that have roots in ancient Egyptian paganism.  And it may very well be that, ultimately, by cherishing and channeling the Alt-Right love for chaos with this mascot, we may very well be, somehow, summoning or even worshiping an ancient Egyptian frog god.

Heqet, a hermaphrodite fertility god, closely tied to the Ogdoad god, Kek.
Kek is a symbol of darkness and impending life.

The best written article that speculates upon this mysterious and ancient-to-modernity convergence is titled:  The Truth About Pepe The Frog And The Cult Of Kek.  In it, the writer states: 
Pepe the Frog isn’t a harmless meme propagated by teenagers on the internet.  Pepe the Frog is, in fact, the modern-day avatar of an ancient Egyptian deity accidentally resurrected by online imageboard culture. 
The writer goes on to quote Wikipedia about who the god, Kek, is:
Kuk (also spelled as Kek or Keku) is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in ancient Egyptian religion…
…Like all four dualistic concepts in the Ogdoad, Kuk’s male form was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man, and the female form as a snake, or a snake-headed woman. As a symbol of darkness, Kuk also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos. Also, Kuk was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light.
It all seems ominous if you are a spiritual person.  As a Traditionalist Catholic who cherishes the mystical aspects of God, I'm sort of quick to catch on to various underlying preternatural flavors of spirits that drift around in the present day.  

However, another man who's out there with a net, seeking to catch a small part of the zeitgeist--so that he can give it a thorough examination--is Davis Aurini.  At the beginning of last week, Aurini posted a video, titled Pepe, Kek, and the Rise of an Elder God.  Throughout the summer, Aurini has mentioned his reservations about the Alt-Right movement that we've all been witnessing and participating in.  And in this video, he takes a specific and cautious look at the Pepe phenomenon.  I highly recommend you first read the article that I discussed, and then check out Aurini's video/podcast:

Shortly after Aurini made his video about Pepe and Kek, I got to listen live and even comment on The Bechtloff's Saturday Night Livestream.  (A rare treat for me.)  For the first 45+ minutes, A vlogger on the show named Undertow just tried to tear Aurini apart for his Pepe podcast.  He ridiculed it.  Undertow said the following: 
Davis, I don't wanna sound like I'm goin' after you when you're not here to defend yourself.  So I'm just gonna be brief.  Your video about Kek was so fucking autistic...Davis, Kek is not a literal sentient entity.
Undertow mentioned that he regularly does videos, and I'll be curious to check in on them soon.  However, I do not think that he and Aurini's critics on this topic are able to grasp what Aurini is getting at.  

Now, as Aurini was discussing Pepe and Kek in his video, the immediate thing that came to my mind was Jahbulon, a creature that is sort of the pinnacle of Freemasonic symbolism, and it is sort of the ultimate "deity" that the Masons seek to pay homage to.  

Aurini felt compelled enough to expand upon Pepe and Kek in a second video: Kek Pt 2: Demons, Metaphor, and Precision

Davis Aurini is not alone in this ongoing discussion.  Others in our online Alt-Right circles are taking some notice of this phenomenon, and a part of us are curious as to whether or not there is some kind of a diabolic zeitgiest that is, unbeknownst to us, leading us in our advance against Western Liberalism.

Sure, for now the Pepe/Kek theme is a fun banner to wave about as we charge at our enemies on the Left.  But could we be caught up in something unwholesome?  Could it be that we are indeliberately feeding some sort of a--dare I say--invisible and malicious power?  Is Pepe some sort of hypersigil that the followers on the Alt-Right are feeding into, and it's fueling some unknown spirit?  

After delving into this subtopic, I found a fascinating video on Red Ice Radio that discusses the Pepe theme in light of modern occult trends.  I highly recommend it as an afterward to Davis Aurini's videos.

Jahbulon, deity for high-level Freemasons

With all of this being said, I have to ask myself, is my Level Jonah of the same spirit as the Cult of Kek?  Are we falling into a trap set for us by devils?  Tonight, I am unsure.       

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Race In the United States

Okay, folks.  Here we go.  A post about race.

Every January 15, a little thing begins that I jokingly refer to as the Octave of Black People, and it lasts until the end of February, the end of Black History Month. The week of January 15th, I refer to as The Lutherkingtide, as January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Clearly, an American tradition.

I do this, because here, in a nation that was one of the first to abolish slavery and strive to raise the status of black men in civil society, the whites who have pursued this charge are now put low, abused, silenced, and brainwashed into effeminate liberal fools. Meanwhile, the black people who were emancipated by white American men are given a vast number of benefits, accolades, and excuses.  They were even given their own black president for a full two terms.  And they are given an entire month and a half to worship the color of their skin and worship--religiously--a troubled history that they think entitles them to virtue signal how victimized they are and how much they deserve anything and everything that the crumbling white society can give them.

Even the simple act of noticing and discussing this publicly will automatically excommunicate me from Modernist society, as I am regarded as a racist for acknowledging what I have stated. It's an absolutely ridiculous charge, when you consider how I conduct my personal life, and the ease with which I am able to work with different ethnicities.  In fact, I just wrote a nice, meaty paragraph full of personal details about who I am and what I do with people of different ethnicities.  However, I immediately erased it, as I've no interest in qualifying myself publicly to you people, nor do I relish in virtue signaling to Diversitykult. So, let's have the ideas speak for themselves, shall we?

The point is, white people are mischaracterized and demonized for mentioning plain observable facts about the racial situation in the United States.

I love talking about race, to be honest. It's a fascinating discussion that's full of fascinating possibilities. I especially love talking about the race issue with black people, as I believe it is an insult to black people to consider them to be naturally incapable of handling frank talk about race.  But even though everyone is capable of dealing with this discussion if they wanted to, the sad fact is that most people are willingly unequipped emotionally and intellectually to delve into it. Ignorance is bliss.  The fear of going against groupthink is too strong, and so, white men are kept docile and effeminate on the matter, for fear of rocking the boat and making waves.

But who cares about weak-minded people?  This is not the place for TL;DR Green Bay Packer ignoramuses.

Race is a complex discussion, and my views on race are complex.

* * * 

A conversation about race has two categories.

I. The Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race 

The first category of racial discussion is the spiritual ideal of how race matters should be treated. That is to say: How would God have us do this? How would God order our society in this matter? What is the most Catholic treatment of the racial problem in our society, and if everyone adhered to that standard, what would society look like?

And then, we have...

II. The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race

This second category is not the ideal. It is not the ideal Catholic treatment of an ideal people's racial differences. I would argue that The Practical Treatment is the ideal Catholic treatment of a fallen people's racial differences. The Practical Treatment is how we order a society of fallen men in a world with sin--how we order them to conduct themselves, and where we place people in an ideal fashion, in order to maximize the potential that these different people have to offer.

* * * 

I often find that many people in Modernist American society cannot grasp the second, and they are absolutely clueless on the first.

In the past, societies correctly handled the solemn matter of racial/ethnic differences by respecting the homogeneity of their own kin. Too intellectual sounding for you? How about this?

They kept their own kind around and discouraged foreigners. They practiced tribalism.

Diversity + Proximity = War 

Elementary enough? I hope so.

This method for handling the Babylon Effect on mankind has worked wonders for human beings since antiquity. Never, until now, has the very fabric of Western society threatened to tear itself apart. It has never happened like this. Not on this scale. Not ever. Were there battles and wars between different tribes and camps? Yes. But not even the Roman invasion by the Goths registered on a level such as ours.

But now that society has been successfully mixed up by Jewish interests within the last century, we get to deal with "diversity." And the ONLY way to come out of this meat grinder alive, is if society managed to achieve the Catholic outlook when it comes to the different races of men.

By recognizing that men are NOT equal, but different, and that we have different gifts to offer each other, we can begin to go forward constructively. By adhering to the only true universal religion--Catholic (Latin for "universal")--we can all seek to attain the graces of the Almighty, walking forward shoulder to shoulder. (I would argue that this can be most easily attained with a king and a state religion: Catholicism.) By becoming as one with our spirits and our minds, we can reverse Babylon and emulate Pentecost. We can be as the Three Kings were when they came to visit our Lord in Bethlehem.

It was Christ Who brought the three great tribes of men together with His birth. It was the Holy Spirit Who enabled men to understand one another at Pentecost. The Catholic Church--truly practiced, and not like the Modernist poison fed to us from the current hierarchy--is the only medicine that can heal our society's tender sores.

No one argues much with the first section of racial discussion. No one has a problem with the Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race. Men of every stripe, no matter their blood, can understand the sensibility of God's Way. It's that second category of discussion that causes race riots. The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race is what upsets so many people. Whether or not it's a man's station in life to tackle this macrocosmic puzzle, it does not matter--because every Judaized American, whether liberal white or feral black, they all think they are entitled a pound of flesh because they self-righteously believe that their godless leftist idea is the truth.

They are wrong, and society is paying for it.

And so, we are left with fallen men in a sinful world. And the only practical answer for their angst-driven nature is to enact The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race. And this opens a multitude of subtopics that, from what I've seen so far, men have not been able to map out.

So let me start with this. Simply put, The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race has been put forth by the Alt-Right. And I will list them below:
- Equality is just as fictional as unicorns and leprechauns.  Human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.  
- Identity > culture > politics.   That is to say, a people's identity will form their culture, which will drive their politics.
- A native ethnic group ought not be dominated by a different ethnic group, especially in their own homeland.  Our society should prevent non-native ethnic groups to obtain excessive influence in American society through nepotism, tribalism, or any other means. 
- Diversity + Proximity = War
- We must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children.
- Western Civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement, and we should support its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
- Globally, in this world, there is no supremacy of any race, nation, or sub-species.  Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, possessing the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.
- It is a good thing to be nationalist, and we ought to support all legitimate nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogenous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.  
These methods and ideas are the best solution when it comes to handling a salad bowl of different ethnicities.  Every tribe and people in this world can agree with these very basic facts, from the United States to China.  These ideas are the starting point for guiding our society out of the mess that we are in, and into a better future for everyone. Recognizing these basic concepts and structuring society accordingly will fix the damage done to this country over the course of centuries.

The above bullet points are not the Spiritual Ideal When It Comes To Race.  The bullet points are The Practical Treatment Of People When It Comes To Race in a society of fallen men in a world with sin.

By treating society practically, we open the door for society to reach for the ideal situation.  But by treating society impractically--as we do now in the United States (and the West, generally), we close the door for people to reach any kind of an epiphany at all, and the masses remain dumb.

We should treat people practically when it comes to race.

What we should not do is listen to Jews.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Kingdom of Católica America: Part 2

The structure of the Alt-Right is still that of an umbrella, under which many people, including yours truly, are able to take shelter and chill for a short while.

And within this cadre of leaderless people who are tired of the very real failure that is our country, there are those sprouting buds of individuals who are giving monarchy--Christian monarchy--an actual serious thought.


Enter Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus, and his article: Resistance is Feudal.


Like myself and many others, this fellow has come to the stark realization that things in our society are breaking down on fundamental levels, because the shapers of our society were fundamentally wrong on quite a few things ever since 1776.
While embodying many good ideas and serving as a worthwhile effort at self-government, the fact is that the Constitution suffers from some severe ideological defects that made its eventual negation practically inevitable.  Though designed as an instrument for dividing power and restraining government, its “Enlightenment” origins meant that it would rest on a foundation which was inimical to these goals.  The philosophical background from which the Constitution arose was one that assumed two essentially unproven and unprovable hypotheses: the inherent goodness of man and the primacy of reason in man’s intuitions.
Absolutely perfect.  So far, we both agree.

John Adams said that our Constitution was made for moral, religious people.  He said that the Constitution is inadequate to the government of "any other kind of people."  And that is us.  America is now "any other kind of people."  President Barack Obama was right.  We are not a Christian nation any longer.  We are a land of hedonists, and as I said before, our body politic is a soulless zombie that ambles around in the world, reaching out to feed itself, regardless of the consequences.

Whatever those smart asses thought they were accomplishing during the "Enlightenment," the fact is that--just after they finished chopping off the heads of Catholics--the minds that spawned from the Enlightenment initiated something that was completely misguided.  The Founders threw out centuries of proven government templates--monarchy--and they created a hideous, Freemasonic republic that we couldn't keep.

Why couldn't we keep the republic?  Because we are not inherently good, and men are, by and large, not reasonable whatsoever.  In fact, there's almost no reasoning with ninety nine percent of the people out there.  For as Aristotle once said: "Before some audiences not even the possession of the exactest knowledge will make it easy for what we say to produce conviction. For argument based on knowledge implies instruction, and there are people whom one cannot instruct."      

The writer, Cincinnatus, goes on to talk about how the Constitution lends itself to democracy, that the people end up voting themselves largess, and that straight democracy did not work out so well for the Athenians.  And he wonders: once the United States collapses, what will become of us, since democracy created our problems in the first place?

It is at this point that Cincinnatus gives monarchy and aristocracy serious consideration.  However, when he finally turns his attention towards monarchy, his opinion takes an unpredictable turn:
Now, many neoreactionaries support a return to a monarchy.  I would tend to disagree with them, instead favoring a return to some form of oligarchic republicanism, which I believe provides the best mix of a rule of law system and the division of power among several competing members who balance out each other’s ambitions. 
Very strange.  He shoots down the modern Western aristocracy that we have as something whose "interests are largely inimical to the people constituting the nations in which they exist."  And yet, Cincinnatus gets a thrill from oligarchy.

The reality is that we are already living in an oligarchy.  My Lord, Cincinnatus!  Just look at the Democrat Party!  It is a tentacle monster that is financed by a slew of insiders and special "chosen ones" who direct the outcome of the party's direction on a perpetual basis.  Have you never heard of George Soros?  The Democrat Party is the pinnacle--the prime example--of lobbyist corruption.

With a single monarch, you have a single individual who is responsible for the entire system.  He is a symbol, and a mastermind of the nation.  If the nation were to fall, it would be that monarch's fault.  It would be his head on a stake.  Everyone would clearly know who to blame if conditions were terrible.

Now, take an oligarchy.  Should things become terrible, you will not know who to blame.  Depending on the number of oligarchs, they could shift blame from one person to another, until you've reached the point that blame could never be properly assigned to one person.  It could be "a committee's fault," or "the fault of a process," or "there was no good communication between individuals."  Oligarchy keeps the individuals involved in a safe and nebulous bubble that no one can pin down.  The best example of this is Hilary Clinton and her endless list of scandals.

And worst of all, as corruption grows within an oligarchy, and no one is able to pin down culprits and root out corruption, somehow power becomes more and more centralized under these oligarchs.  Case in point: America in the 21st Century.

Even Charles Coulombe touches on oligarchy's failure, in his recently released book, Star Spangled Crown.  He touches on oligarchy's failure in 1800's Britain, as local "freemen" struggled to keep the population at bay:
In the British Isles, despite the Reformation, Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the Jacobite Wars, the Medieval constitutions of the various Boroughs and Burghs remained intact in 1800.  Although the specifics varied from city to city and town to town, both the Craft and Merchant Guilds chose the Mayor and aldermen.  Since only a minority of the male population of these places were "freemen," this meant that each Borough or Burgh was basically ruled by a self-perpetuating oligarchy, whose biggest worry was ensuring that the mob did not riot.  This situation became far more difficult with the explosion in size of urban populations as a result of the Industrial Revolution.  Beginning in 1835, a series of acts of parliament "reformed" local government, reducing mayors and guilds to ceremonial roles and widening the franchise.  As in the rest of Europe, civil parishes were separated from church parishes, and the traditional Shire or County governments were reduced in authority; their Sheriffs and lords Lieutenant were reduced likewise to purely ritual status.  This process continued into the 21st century, progressively eliminating unelected offices and extending the electorate on the one hand, while concentrating even more power into the hands of central authorities.  
As oligarchs ruled over the Boroughs, things became more chaotic.  The population exploded, society became industrialized, and after a century of technological marvels, we can now see that power lies with an untouchable central authority.

And what does runaway central authority resemble?  What does it look like when the "leaders" running the show have become so detached from it's country's posterity?  In a word: Londonistan.  If you need a name, I give you Angela Merkel.

However, I think that this video of the streets of Paris in 2016 says it all.  This is what an oligarchy of unaccountables will do to your people.    

A monarch would not allow this.  A Christian monarch would feel duty-bound to prevent this kind of rape upon his people.  A king would not allow a cloistered group of spineless men and women to open the floodgates to an invasion.  Committees do that.  Not leaders.

Here is the first post of this series:  The Kingdom of Católica America - Part 1

UPDATED 9/24 - Police deny BLM tried to bus people to Tulsa


9/20 10:49 PM
For my local Tulsa readers.  As you know, last weekend, an unarmed black man was shot by our local Tulsa police.  Tonight, private sources have informed me that Black Lives Matter may have an undetermined number of buses coming to Tulsa from Chicago.  This is occurring as I type this.  Let's hope they don't try to burn down my city with a Ferguson-styled riot.  Prepare accordingly.

UPDATE 9/22 Midnight
Al Sharpton, race baiter and community agitator, has decided to capitalize on this problem in our city (as is always the case with him), and foment anger against police and white people by doing what he does best--showing up.  One more opportunity for the man to gain his much-loved publicity.

This will happen on Tuesday.

Our idiot mayor is "welcoming" him, and wistfully hoping with girlish, bated breath that "Tulsa continues to have a peaceful response" to the incident of last Friday.

A cursory glance at local Facebook profiles will dispel that feckless hope.  And I'm sure that's all that's protecting us...is the hope of our "leaders" that nothing will happen.

Let me spell it out for you, Tulsa.  Next week the Tulsa State Fair starts up on Thursday.  Michaelmas!  And what have we seen in past state fairs, kids?  Hundreds of Racist Black Youths Attack Whites at Wisconsin State Fair  That's what.  You just follow that hyperlink to the Milwaukee newscast, and you can hear all about it.  It's happened all over this country.

Forecast:  If the worst happens, the primary targets will be businesses and any white individuals caught up in the milieu.  If there is mayhem of this sort, I expect everything north of Admiral to be trashed, and the Wal-Mart at Admiral and Memorial to be looted.

Which means, if the worst happens, you'll get a first-hand account from me.

We have enough problems in this town.

Prepare accordingly, and pray for the conversion of these distraught parties.

In the Second Term of the First Black President, Rioting Is the New Normal

UPDATE 9/22 6:00AM
So, there is this:

This "assembly" is going through September 26th, which is next Monday, followed by Al Sharpton's media attention moment on Tuesday.  There have been discussions about a peaceful protest in that thread.  I hope that is the case, and that my concern in this matter is all for nothing.  I truly, truly do.

What needs to happen here is police reform.  Tulsa has ALWAYS needed police reform for as long as I can remember.  That is the issue, and it is not something a riot will achieve.     

UPDATE 9/23 4:30 AM
Word has reached me that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has intercepted these buses that have been coming to Tulsa, detaining them in podunk towns far away from the city.  Meanwhile, the District Attorney has given the mob their pound of flesh, charging officer Betty Shelby with manslaughter.  By doing this act today, rather than waiting until next week, the DA may have disarmed the passionate Soros-funded hate machine, Black Lives Matter, as tensions have become satiated with Shelby's arrest.
Every time I ask if the bus situation is real, my sources confirm it.  And now, it is coming out in various online threads that other people who have talked to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are, like me, also being told about buses carrying Black Lives Matter protesters.  Furthermore, these people are told that there is 3-13 buses, and that it would be prudent to avoid the area around 71st and highway 169.

If a rioting mob were to be let loose on that section of 71st street--one of the most successful business districts in this city--it would be a terrible economic disaster for Tulsa.  There are many big box stores like Target and Home Depot, Woodland Hills Mall is down the street towards Memorial, and there are many shops that would be devastated.

Or, if a large mass of people were to play the Highway Game--where they flood Highway 169 with "protesters" to stop traffic, it would be a bloody fiasco.  The highway in that part of town is the area where many people come and go from their homes in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, and beyond.  Plus, I'm sure that a "protester" or two would likely be run over by drivers who don't give a damn about the rules when they feel threatened in such a manner.

Now, much has been made of the fact that, while Charlotte exploded in riots this past weekend, Tulsa peacefully prayed for a solution to these problems.  For that, I am proud and thankful.  However, an agitator is an agitator is an agitator.  Such as this guy who blathered on about how he wakes up every morning a big black man, and that "the only good white man is a dead white man."  The crowd clearly shunned him when he said that, thank God.

Whatever the issues are in this situation--whether it's the incompetence of officer Shelby, or the festering sore that is black anger against whitey--my main concern is whether or not the George Soros-funded terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, imports outsiders into this town and ruins it.  I figure that, should we get to Oktoberfest without incident, we'll have made it through this tragedy successfully.

But this weekend will be a big test, I think.

UPDATE 9/24  6:00 AM
I am pleased to update this post with news that police are denying that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol intercepted any Black Lives Matter buses.  This was a rumor circulating in many circles in the past few days--the hottest rumor being that buses were being sent to the 71st and Highway 169 intersection.

In my defense, I would say it's not unreasonable to expect BLM to be brought into Tulsa, particularly when you consider that 70% of the people arrested in the Charlotte riot were from out of state and bussed in to the scene of the crime.  And, it's entirely possible that the police are officially being mum on this topic in order to prevent panic.  But it's also possible that they are right, and nothing happened.

I don't mind being wrong on this.  I am relieved, actually.  The further away this town is to an explosion of Ferguson/Milwaukee/Charlotte magnitude, the better.

However, we're not out of the woods yet.  We still have an Al Sharpton visit coming on Tuesday, and we have yet to see what will transpire at this year's state fair.  If anything new happens, I'll update this post accordingly.  God willing, Tulsa will demonstrate that it is a better town than others during this fall season.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Exorcists Kicked Out: Part 3 -- Satan's Country

There've been a lot of scary and diabolical things happening in Oklahoma in the past handful of years.  Some of it has made headlines.  Consider the following:

Mother Accused of Killing Daughter With Crucifix Because She Believed She Was Possessed
Oklahoma Teen Claims Demon Made Him Molest Kenyan Orphans
Oklahoma City Man Claims He Is Possessed By Demons After Attacking Officer
‘Demon-Possessed’ Child Locked Up, Shocked With Cattle Prod
Tulsa Homicide Case Reveals Tragic Power of Psychotic Delusions

Heck, even I pointed out a news story that seemed hell-sent, shortly after Oklahoma's first public black mass.  Remember two years ago, shortly after the first black mass, a fellow decided to follow through with his moslem convictions and behead a co-worker?

All of these horrific events seem to have begun around the time that Satanists were given public permission by our locals to start openly worshiping the Enemy of Creation in a public building in Oklahoma City.

Publicly accepted worship of the Devil has since occurred on more than one occasion, and dark and wicked things only seem to continue to erupt in Oklahoma.  We learned that local clergy utilized legal means to seize the stolen Sacred Host in that first ritual.  However, the abominable act itself was likely enough to draw negative demonic energy into my state.

Did you know that certain regions and territories have their own specific guardian angel?  It's true.  So, subvert these powers, and there will be real spiritual and physical consequences for your region.

I recall making a few predictions as a result of that first black mass.  Honoring the Evil One puts blood in the water for shenanigans from people.  It invites bad clientele to our state.  The Devil gets another victory from a public black mass.  We are seemingly sanctioning Satanism on a state level.  We attract demons that will torment us whenever we tolerate this.  Christ's enemies are emboldened, and Christ's very Body is desecrated and harmed.

Even Fr. Dwight Longenecker--hardly a traditionalist--has recently warned us not to take Satanism for granted.  Glibly dismissing Satan is a potential disaster for an individual or a community.
[Satan worshippers]  are a danger to children and young people. The King of the Witches I knew in England may have been a lecherous old drunk, but he was also well known for successfully seducing teenage girls. The statue of Baphomet that the Oklahoma Satanists wanted to erect has a little boy and girl standing at his feet, gazing up at the monster lovingly.
Yes, even the Satanist responsible for Oklahoma City's public black masses, Adam Daniels, is a registered sex offender.  Such people are perverse.  And why wouldn't they be?  The very concept of the Devil is a perverse twisting of what God intended.  Lucifer was meant to be an angel of light.  Now?  He's a bent and wretched version of his former self.  How can a human being revere such a creepy and loathsome figure without, themselves, becoming perverted?

[Satanists] should not be ignored. There is evidence that their toxic religion is growing, and there should also be no question that Satanism is evil. Theistic Satanists affirm that they worship devils and that they have given themselves to evil, while atheist Satanists are openly opposed to Christ and his church.
We should take them at their word: They are our enemies.
Couldn't have said it better, Father Longnecker.  I don't always agree with you, but you are right on the money with this one.  Satanists are EVERYONE'S enemy.  In their endgame, they seek the destruction of Creation alongside their master.  Hell will be their ultimate end, and so they do what they can to unleash Hell on the population while they can.

Fighting The Devil

So, thank God for exorcists!  Right?  Let's remember some bright moments, when the cavalry charged in, and we knew we had the backup of professional men in the Church who knew how to battle evil.

Here's the Tulsa World headline from 2014:  Tulsa Exorcist Facing Increasing 'Demonic Activity'; Black Mass Sunday.  So, okay.  Yeah.  Obviously, Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma are going to see more demonic activity in the wake of emboldened Satanism.  Obviously, the diocesan exorcist is going to be personally seeing much more of this activity.

And, oh!  Look at this:
Exorcism conferences have been held quietly each winter for three years at an undisclosed chapel in Tulsa, following a decision by U.S. bishops in 2010 to greatly increase the number of exorcists in America, at that time thought to be about 50.
“The number of Catholic exorcists in America has doubled every year for the past three years,” said Monsignor Patrick Brankin, the Diocese of Tulsa’s only exorcist.
Bishop Edward J. Slattery of the Diocese of Tulsa said the practice of exorcism is gaining ground in the Catholic Church.
Indeed, it was.  The practice of exorcism was definitely gaining ground in the Catholic Church in Tulsa.  Thank goodness that Bishop Slattery was ahead of the curve, when in 2011, he began forming a team of exorcists who would counter this great evil that had arisen in my land.

Yes, the Devil would pop his head up and try to shake Oklahoma.  But Bishop Slattery, Father Ripperger, Monsingor Brankin, and the other exorcists were ready to fight the forces of evil with the authority of Jesus Christ!  Many battles with the diabolic occurred in our region of the country.  So much so, that Fr. Ripperger was able to quite often share his findings with the laity and warn us all of the dangers of the demonic.

The faithful in Oklahoma were arming themselves for battle.  We've been under siege by the Devil.  Thank God we had a team of warriors on our side to cast out the evil from our midst.  Why, heck!  There was even a black mass celebrated just recently.  It's become an annual tradition for Satanists!

We sure are going to need a good, trusty team of exorcists to help guide the people of Oklahoma through the darkness that continues to fester and surround us in this place.  Right?  

Oh.  Wait.

Bishop Konderla just dissolved that team of exorcists that Bishop Slattery put together for us.


Why in the world would Bishop Konderla do this?  Why would this shepherd of troubled children decide to withdraw this kind of spiritual help?  What on earth was going through this man's mind, so as to cause him within a few months to dissolve the exorcist team known as the Society of the Sorrowful Mother?

Our coat has been taken away in winter.  This is an outrage.

How can I possibly be charitable in the midst of something like this?  Yes, this bishop is acting rather quickly.  He sure didn't wait once he took office.  I am sure that he is being coached in what to do, as he is a new bishop.  And he seems friendly enough.

Maybe I'm being tempted to come to a hasty conclusion, and I should be careful?  Maybe Bishop Konderla, like a lot of bishops out there, simply doesn't want to take a risk and possibly drain the diocese of money, causing the Diocese of Tulsa to go bankrupt?  Maybe he is afraid of liability, should one of the exorcisms go wrong, and he's just playing it safe?  Maybe Bishop Konderla is a little shaken because he wouldn't necessarily be in control of the Dolorus Fathers?  Maybe he simply doesn't understand the work of an exorcist?

I am sure that, having been a college campus chaplain priest for so long, the Traditional Catholic scene that he walked into, here in Tulsa, was quite foreign to him.  After all, we are not Austin, Texas.  We're not super liberal progressive here, like Austin, Texas.  Perhaps he just didn't know.

Maybe we could write to Fr. Gabriel Amorth for some advice on how to handle this diabolic state of things in Oklahoma?

Oh wait.  He died last week.  I guess the Big Red guy is filling his scorecard up with a lot of points, lately.

If Bishop Konderla is wanting to earn the trust of the Traditional Catholics of my city, then I guess, at this point--having done what he has already done--I can only offer this piece of advice from Pope Francis:

The world is tired of trendy priests.  Dispense mercy, and don't be a "charming liar."

Granted, I think that His Holiness is projecting and being completely hypocritical in his latest advice to clergy.  However, on its own, it is objectively sound advice.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What's Wrong With the Vatican II Council Documents? Part 2

"The Second Vatican Council went bonkers, but the documents of VII were just fine."

So say many semi-Traditional people in the Catholic community.  Michael Voris and E. Michael Jones come to mind on this one.

The documents were not fine.

"Everything's fine!  Get comfortable!"

In this post, I'll list a few more passages from the Second Vatican Council documents that just aren't good.  They are dangerous and responsible for many of our troubles today.  

Rebuttals to these particular passages are found right here, in an article called: What Are The Specific Errors Of Vatican II – Not Secondary “In The Spirit Of” Sources But Direct Documents

# # #

1. “According to the almost unanimous opinion of believers and unbelievers alike, all things on earth should be directed towards man as their centre and crown.”
-Gaudium et Spes 12

2.  The Church is "...like a sacrament … both of very close union with God and of the unity of the whole human race.”
-Lumen Genitum 1

3.  “But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, together with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.”
Lumen Gentium 16

4.  “Christ summons the Church to continual reformation as she sojourns here on earth. The Church is always in need of this, in so far as she is an institution of men here on earth. Thus if, in various times and circumstances, there have been deficiencies in moral conduct or in church discipline, or even in the way that church teaching has been formulated – to be carefully distinguished from the deposit of faith itself – these can and should be set right at the opportune moment.”
Unitatis Redintigratio 6

5.  Sacred Tradition is something which:

“…develops in the Church with the help of the Holy Spirit. For there is a growth in the understanding of the realities and the words which have been handed down. This happens through the contemplation and study made by believers, who treasure these things in their hearts (see Luke, 2:19, 51) through a penetrating understanding of the spiritual realities which they experience, and through the preaching of those who have received through Episcopal succession the sure gift of truth.”
-Dei Verbum 8

6. “For all missions and for the whole of missionary activity there should be only one competent office, namely that of the ‘Propagation of the Faith,’ which should direct and coordinate, throughout the world, both missionary work itself and missionary cooperation. … In collaboration with the Secretariat for the Promotion of Christian Unity let it seek ways and means for attaining and organizing fraternal co-operation and harmonious relations with the missionary undertakings of other Christian communities, so that as far as possible the scandal of division may be removed.”
-Ad Gentes Divinitus 29

7.  “This Vatican Council declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom. This freedom means that all men are to be immune from coercion on the part of individuals or of social groups and of any human power, in such wise that no one is to be forced to act in a manner contrary to his own beliefs, whether privately or publicly, whether alone or in association with others, within due limits.

The council further declares that the right to religious freedom has its foundation in the very dignity of the human person as this dignity is known through the revealed word of God and by reason itself.(2) This right of the human person to religious freedom is to be recognized in the constitutional law whereby society is governed and thus it is to become a civil right.”
-Dignitatis Humanae 2

Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Tulsa Bishop Does Away With Exorcist Society: Part 2

This is no joke.  This is not some frivolous accusation.  It is a real thing that is happening in the Diocese of Tulsa.  When I broke this news yesterday, I did so confidently, and with no qualms about it.  As of this moment, the diocese, now being run by Bishop Konderla, will not support the exorcist society here.

Several colleagues online have rolled their eyes at this news and dismissed it as gossip.  However, the contacts that I speak to are aware of the friction between this new bishop and the exorcist society.  Contacts--plural.  More than one.  These anonymous people are laity who were seeking spiritual guidance.  They will remain anonymous.

Tonight, I can think of four reasons to draw attention to this topic.

- - - -

1. This demonstrates the handiwork of Pope Francis.

As was recently stated in the Italian magazine, Il Timone: The real revolution of Pope Francis takes place through appointments.  We have seen that Pope Francis-appointed Archbishop Cuprich bans Latin Mass congregations, and that he believes divorced and remarried couples, and even sodomite "couples," should be free to receive Holy Communion.  We have seen a Pope Francis-appointed Australian bishop declare that Catholics should simply accept sodomy.  Consider another Pope Francis appointee, Archbishop Paglia, who is responsible for releasing a dangerous sex education program.

Pope Francis does not have a good track record of appointees.  Well...not good for Catholics who favor the traditions of the Catholic Church.  For Freemasons, Pope Francis' track record is fabulous.  It is a simple fact that Pope Francis throws out any conservative recommendations for bishops, and looks for the most progressive candidates, choosing them himself.

2.  There will be nowhere to go for exorcisms

The society that was being led by Fr. Ripperger was a Traditional society of exorcists.  They were driving demons out of individuals and families.  Their work has been unique and sorely needed, as the intensity and number of demonic possessions and obsessions has increased dramatically in the region.

Fr. Ripperger is a wildly popular priest, and his online lectures are viewed and listened to by many Catholics.  There has been a clear need for the kind of work done by The Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother.  And yet, things will be winding down because this bishop will not support them.

"This is the last retreat for 2016 with Fr. Ripperger.  At this time, Fr. Ripperger is only speaking at OSMM in Vandalia, IL.  He is not speaking at any other venues due to his Priestly obligations.  We are hoping to host Fr. Ripperger next year.  We will publish Dates for 2017 as soon as they become available."

For this service to be neglected or even shut down is a travesty and a disservice to the laity of this region that I live in.

In fact, I can reveal that one of my anonymous sources learned about Bishop Konderla's action when they approached The Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, here in Tulsa, for spiritual exorcist help.  This person had to be turned away because the society is not going to be supported by the local diocese any longer, and things are being forced to wind down.

This suppression is a major disservice to the society's benefactors and donors.  It is an insult that this shut-down wasn't announced by Bishop Konderla before my source went to the Dolorus Fathers for help.  Why I am the one to break this news on this blog, and not the diocese on their website, is ridiculous.  I imagine it is to avoid the bad press.

3.  This may be a sign of things to come for Tulsans

This entire incident reminds me of when, soon after Pope Francis became pope, he suppressed the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  (Here's an even more sobering article about the FFI.)  Here, we have a new bishop from the middle of nowhere--a Texas A&M University chaplain--who suddenly is appointed bishop in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Like our pope, he comes off as a humble guy, and he even likes to do woodwork.  So be nice, everyone!  But then?  BAM!  Suppression of a "crypto-Lefebvrian" society.

If this major action, this suppression, is the tone of this man's reign--that is, modernist intolerance--then I do not doubt that, in the near future, more people in this city and region will be further deprived of even more Traditional Catholic sources of relief.  What do I mean by that?  Perhaps the further suppression of Traditional things...like diocesan Latin Mass.  Ad Orientum.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll see rainbow flag rainments soon.

4.  This trounces upon the work of the former Bishop Slattery

Bishop Slattery was known worldwide as being one of the best Traditional Catholic bishops.  His actions, surely, were a great offense to the modernist cabal that is running the Vatican.  One of the last things Bishop Slattery did, back in the Spring of 2015, was to celebrate the official founding of the Society of the Sorrowful Mother.  He did this downtown, at Holy Family Cathedral.  This was a Solemn Pontifical Mass, which is a rare treat to observe.  (I was fortunate enough to witness one of these.)

I did not agree with Bishop Slattery on everything.  But I think I can say I agreed with him on most of what he said and did.  And to destroy this, one of the last good things he did as our bishop, is an insult to the people of my diocese.

To think, an outsider with no connection to the people here, would come in and wipe things away thoughtlessly, without a care in the world about the natives.  This man, Bishop Konderla, comes into our land without taking into consideration how the people of this diocese think.  Who does he think he is?  I want to speak in charity, but either this new bishop is ignorant or he is malicious.

- - - -

Look, it is not as if I am some random guy in the world talking about some distant celebrity I've never met.  This is a local issue for me.  I am in the area.  I have even met Fr. Ripperger in person several times.  He's a brilliant, sharp, capable man of God.  He has done a great service for hundreds, if not thousands of people.

At this time in our lives, public, Satanic rituals are being held in neighboring Oklahoma City on an annual basis on public property.  For God's sake, why is Bishop Konderla thinking he should be suppressing the exorcists, here in Tulsa?  One would think we would need them because of the rise in Satanic activity.
# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 


Also, please consider visiting Okie Traditionalist's followup post to this story.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Pope Francis' New Tulsa Bishop Cancelling Traditional Exorcism Society

Remember how great and traditional everyone thought Bishop Slattery was?  Well, he's retired now, and been replaced by one of Pope Francis' picks.  A former college chaplain, Bishop Konderla is now the bishop of Tulsa.

Looking back upon my college experiences, I recall the university chaplains as having a superficial touch when it came to the depth of our Faith--which is to be expected, since on a university campus, you are surrounded by students blind to reality, living in an artificial world of unrealistic career hopes.

In any event, I've learned from some anonymous sources that this new bishop is likely going to be nothing like Bishop Slattery.  Indeed, it seems that he is going to close up shop for the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother, a society comprised of exorcists that includes Fr. Chad Ripperger.  

Various people with no spiritual helps will be up a creek without a paddle.  Thanks, Church leadership!

I'm sure this is a taste of things to come for our diocese.  Sucks to be us.  

I recommend people immediately make copies of Fr. Ripperger's online sermons, before Bishop Konderla start having them removed.

# # #

Click HERE to view the pdf of the official memo.

September 12, 2016
Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

To: Diocese of Tulsa
From: Father Elkin Gonzalez, VG


In 2011, Bishop Slattery allowed Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP, to enter into a season of discernment, pursuant to canon law, regarding the possible erection of the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother in the Diocese of Tulsa.  Over the years, the process of discernment continued but the Society was never canonically established.  After the resignation of Bishop Slattery, the discernment process was placed under the guidance of the new Shepherd of Eastern Oklahoma, Bishop David A. Konderla.  In order to prudently assess the purpose of the Society within the pastoral life of the Diocese, Bishop Konderla called together representatives from the diocesan presbyterate.  After prayerful consultation with the representatives and exploring possible roles for the Society within the Diocese, it was decided not to erect the Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother.  

Bishop Konderla and those involved in the discernment process believe, however, in the noble intention of the Society members and in their authentic desire to do the work of God in the Church.  

The Diocese extends its immense gratitude to Fr. Ripperger and to the Society priests for their time with us and for their various ministries that enriched the lives of those of us in the Church of Eastern Oklahoma.  They are faithful Sons of the Church, and we will continue to pray for them as they enter into this new season of discernment.  

End of Memo

- - -

Below are the old updates to this story.

UPDATE 5:30AM, 9-18-16

I am re-releasing the contents of this blog post, either for the time being or indefinitely.  DO NOT PESTER THE BISHOP OF TULSA OVER THIS ISSUE.  Fr. Ripperger and his priests desire that you leave them to their fate, and move on.  DO NOT CALL OR WRITE BISHOP KONDERLA.

Second-hand sources, claiming to personally know the Doloran Fathers, state that they desire for the laity to "stop the chatter" about what happened.  They claim this, in the hopes that whatever happens to these priests, their fate won't be too bad--that they might have a chance to go to a good diocese somewhere, where perhaps another bishop can approve their society.

This effectively makes them a sort of hostage, and their well-being depends upon our ability to walk on eggshells for the modernists who have done this to them.  By shutting up, we are to hope that they won't get hurt so bad.  But what is at stake here?  Their careers, or the laity they were supposed to serve?

This story is about the public act of a public figure and its effects on this region.  Forced silence for the sake of respecting Church authority is the instrument used by modernists to shut down Catholics.  This is the primary lesson of the post-Vatican II era, and we should all be familiar with this game.

I will only consider taking the posts of this series down if I hear from the primary source of this situation.  Second-hand sources trying to serve as our nanny are not good enough.

DO NOT CALL BISHOP KONDERLA'S OFFICE.  Outrage is understandable; however, PLEASE TRY KEEP COMMENTS OF THIS STORY TASTEFUL AND PURPOSEFUL, AVOIDING UN-CATHOLIC DETRACTION AND GOSSIP.  EXERCISE CATHOLIC CHARITY WHEREVER POSSIBLE IN THIS DISCUSSION.  And, if possible--if you need a conversational outlet for this news story--I recommend you restrain your discussions to my comment box.  Not Facebook or other news aggregation com boxes.  The Hirsch Files is off of the radar, and it is a safe place.

Please, also visit Okie Traditionalist's blog for further discussion and insight.

UPDATE: 11:00PM, 9-11-16

I am the progenitor of this news story.  I broke it, and so the source of the news leads to me.

I have not been told by Fr. Ripperger, or other priest in the exorcism society, to take this news story down.  However, I have been reading from other sources close to Father that he wants the laity to cease their chatter on this topic.

Rather than wait for them to contact me, I have elected to take the news story down.  Please do not call the bishop to protest this action.  Your prayers for this situation will be appreciated, I am sure.

Most importantly, and for the record, I MUST state that I am not a priest.  I am not a priest from that society, nor am I close friends with any priest in the exorcist society.  I am a layman in the diocese acting of his own accord when it comes to this blog.

# # #