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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shea and Simcha Lick Their Wounds

Having been kicked off of the National Catholic Register, it seems that Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher have no regrets or remorse for the behavior that got them ostracized in the first place.

In fact, watching Shea's unprofessional belligerence has been the most amusing of the two.  He cannot take reality.  He cannot take what he dishes out.  He unfriends and bans people from his platforms.  And now?  His turn.

I check newadvent.org on occasion because it's one of the few websites I have easy access to.  That is how I found these two articles.  It seems that these two feel that their arrogance is somehow affirmed by this recent firing.

Shea's reaction:
"And it’s made me even able to pray with some sincerity (and not merely gritted teeth of obedience) for the people who have been pouring out the wall of flaming hate at me.  That’s just more brokenness.  We’re all so pitiable."
What Pope-Francis-styled "humility"!  What virtue signaling this is!

Simcha's reaction:
"The one thing that we’re truly in control of is being open to God’s grace, and the way we become open is through prayer. I don’t waste time trying to game the system or peer into the future — or I try not to, especially where my children’s future and (eek!) my children’s free will is concerned. I tend my garden, I ask the saints for help, and I try to leave the details up to God."
Where is the accountability?  She makes herself sound like the unwitting victim of an incident she had no control over.  As though she got caught up in some unfortunate circumstance, and that she had no bearing on anything that she did to herself.

What will bring these kinds of people to heel?  Can nothing break through to these people to stop being so destructive?

That's neo-Catholics, for you.

Here's something from 2014 that Skojec wrote about these kinds of people.


  1. Apology? Umm... AKA "You all suck. I'm so sorry you people are so evil, and wrong: terribly, terribly wrong-- it's really hard on we great ones. Yup... really, truly sorry." There are none so blind as those who will not see: being smugly-- cruelly, crassly, snidely-- "right" becomes the be-all and end-all, at the cost of godly relationships, friendship, and even true communion with God. I've been there. May Christ have mercy on Shimek, Shea, and Fisher and their ilk. This is a sad thing, and a warning.

  2. The fact that somebody calls himself "Catholic" (or "Baptist," "Lutheran," "Russian Orthodox," or any other brand of Christianity) means nothing. What are their fruits, as Jesus would say? (Mat. 7:15-18). Measure people's behavior by whether they display the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). It should be clear by the fact that they revel in destroying other people's reputations and lie with impunity that Shea and Fisher aren't even Christian, let alone Catholic. Remember that Satan is the Father of Lies. Anybody who behaves like Shea and Fisher do professionally works for Satan. That's not a matter of being "judgmental." That's a matter of ascertaining logical conclusions as the result of action and measuring all things through the plumb line of divine revelation.

  3. Interesting that Simcha paraphrases Voltaire.

  4. Feel like I live in a cave as I have no idea what these 2 people do or how they are famous.
    Recently read about their termination and that's all I know about them.