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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Holy Virgin Mary Really Liked Pope John Paul II

So, my fellow Traditionalist Catholics!  Guess what!  The Holy Mother, Mary, is a fan of St. Pope John Paul II.  Yup.  It's true.  For her, St. JPII was the bees knees.  She liked him, and Jesus Christ liked him, and they apparently loved his papacy.

You may ask: "Why do you say this, Laramie?  How do you know?"

Simple.  Think back to 1983 through 1990.  What were you doing?  Watching He-Man?  Going to see the first Batman movie?  Were you skateboarding?  Rollerblading?  Building up your cassette tape music collection, or starting your CD collection?  Were you voting for Reagan, and later, George Bush I?   Did you vote for Pat Buchanan in the Republican primary?  Were you snorting cocaine off of a hooker?

Whatever you were doing in the 1980s, apparently a housewife in Argentina was being visited by our Holy Mother, with occasional visits from her Son.  We will recognize this apparition as Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas. Mrs. Gladys Quiroga de Motta would be in her room praying the rosary, and there appeared the Holy Mother.

The Medal of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas.  Note on the right, the symbol for the trinity, adorned with seven stars, representing the seven graces that are to be given to those who wear the medal.  

Our Lady told Gladys over 1800 messages.  Amidst those messages are the following statements about the pope of that decade: St. Pope John Paul II.  Emphasis is mine.
July 12, 1986       Message # 917
Offer this Novena to the Lord, praying for the Pope, my most chosen son, given in body and soul to the Lord and to Mary Mother of Christ. John Paul II walks with his cross, taking Christ's peace and hope to all countries. Conscious of the dangers to which he is exposed, he continues humbly founding My Son's Church. Eternal Glory be to God.

October 27, 1986      Message # 1,005  (Ecumenical meeting of the Pope in Assisi)
My dear daughter, today, prayer will grow generously on this day on which the Pope, knowing what the Lord expects of him, fights for peace, that much desired peace that the world needs so. My beloved children, the priests must follow the Pope, walking with him, as it is to walk with Christ Himself!

John Paul II is faithful and consecrated to the Mother's Heart, fears nothing, goes where the Mother calls him, overcoming every obstacle. He trusts the Mother and feels sure that in the most difficult moments, the Mother is with him. His heart, so often pierced by Christ's adversaries, continues to be strengthened by Christ.
 Glory be to the Lord eternally.

October 28, 1986     Message # 1,006

I pray for the Pope. I see Her and She says to me: Daughter, he is a little child who has gradually grown and is growing in the Heart of Mary. His frail body is strengthened with the fortitude that my love gives him. His spirit, completely healthy, whole and pure, is yielded to the Lord. John Paul, humble servant! His heart overflows with love for all, his transparent eyes allow his clean soul to be seen. On his shoulders, he bears the great responsibility of the Church and mankind in general. He presents it to Christ and places it in Christ's hands. The world needs peace and the world needs love. Christ gives it, Christ offers it. Amen, Amen.

April 12, 1987     Message # 1,149

My daughter, this will be a new Holy Week to be started by my children, to whom I say: Live it in great depth connected to me, and you will understand together with the Mother of Christ, the love of Christ Himself for the world. Go to meet the Mother who waits. Love She who loves, and live waiting with her for He Who lives. Glory be to the Lord. You must make it known! Today, the flame of love in my Heart livens; it shines with more intensity. The Pope, the mild, the good, allows the Blessed Trinity to work in him for the Glory of God. I lead him along the ineffaceable path.

June 29, 1987     Message # 1,212
Pray, my daughter, for the Successor of Peter, the Pope!  What grief my dear Son keeps in his heart! He bears many attacks on the Church and on his own person. He is wrapped in the brightness of my light. He receives from Me the necessary protection to go ahead. Today, when everything seems to be a time of suffering and agony, the Great Hope arises, it is Christ Jesus, arriving with His Grace. It is the Mother who returns for the work of the Son to become a reality. Amen.

October 8, 1987     Message # 1,273
Your Mother says: In this Novena, pray for the Word of God to be known universally. All the earth must become imbued with His Word and every Christian must live according to that Word. You are all part of the Mystical Body which is the Church, and of which, Christ is the Head. On the earth, my the Vicar of my Son is responsible for that body to continue standing. Therefore, continue beside your Pope, following his teaching which is, in final instance, the teaching of Christ. May the Will of my Son be done. Amen, amen.

January 9, 1988     Message # 1,334
My children, in this Novena may all pray for this Marian year, that it may be fruitful in prayer and reflection on the Word. Pray with your Pope, that chosen son who so loves his Heavenly Mother. Pray children, and I invite you to consecrate your heart to the Heart of this Mother. By trusting it, you will be renewed and purified by it, for the Glory of my Son. Amen, amen. May My message be known to all the universe!

April 25, 1988     Message # 1,403
Gladys, this Universal Marian Year, requested by my most beloved son, the Pope, can be of benefit for many souls. Oh, my daughter, if the hearts that are closed to the Lord were to open; if they should wish His Light! The Lord would go into them and then, certainly, the Lord would have Mercy on the world and the world would be saved. May my children pray for the souls that do not pray; may my children pray, because prayer is also Light for the world. Preach, preach to all your brethren. Glory be to God.

July 10, 1988      Message # 1,460
In this month's Novena, pray for the Holy Church. My Heart is wounded because it is often attacked, daily its Light is blurred. As Mother of the Church, I suffer the most unbearable pain; my suffering joins that of the Pope, because his sorrow is my sorrow. The most intense Light of Christ will rise again. As at the Calvary, after the Crucifixion and death came the Resurrection, the Church will also be reborn by the strength of Love. Amen, Amen. You must make this known!

March 26, 1989 (Easter Sunday)      Message # 1,635
Gladys, today is a day for Rejoicing, a day of Peace in the heart, a day of the deepest encounter with the Lord. Place your prayer in Christ, together with the Pope, my most beloved son; he, who bears his cross with love and courage and who allows the Heavenly Mother to wrap him in her love. My children, let God reach your heart through the Mother; do not set Him aside. Glory be to the Lord. Make it known.

July 7, 1989       Message # 1,678
Gladys: In this Novena, may your prayer be for you to be united to the Pope and to the Truth of Christ, proclaimed by him. Surrender, like this most beloved son, to this Motherly Heart. Pray, in the certainty that with prayer you are giving love to him and to the Holy Church, which he defends so valiantly. The Vicar of Jesus loves the T, lives by the Truth. There are many who slide toward a very dangerous slope, which is to be out of Christ.  The Light is there for those who seek it, for those who truly love it. Listen to my voice.  All Glory be to the Lord. You must make it known. I announce the Novena early for it to reach the furthermost corners of the earth.

So, there you have it.  And, to top it all off, this is an approved apparition as of this year. On May 22, just last Sunday, Bishop Hector Cardelli approved the apparitions.  He stated that the apparitions are of a "supernatural character" and are worthy of belief.  

So, I do realize that most Trads dislike St. Pope John Paul II very much.  So, if our Holy Mother is saying these things about a pope who has been wrong when it comes to affairs in the Church, then I have to ask: are we wrong about something?  

If anyone comes up with an idea, let me know.


  1. Laramie, the comments of the bishop are not binding on Catholics anywhere; we are not required to hold as certain a private revelation. It certainly does not mean that "trads are wrong" in their distaste for the pro-Conciliar JP2. Even Faustina is more credible than this obscure narrative, yet both Faustina and Fatima are also private revelation. And it is the PUBLIC revelation, including The First Commandment, to which JP2 was, like the rest of us, bound, yet that public revelation (that Commandment) he seemed to think was optional. Respectfully, you have this backwards.

  2. Howdy Miriam! Good hearing from ya.

    Correct. We could always play the it's-private-revelation-so-I'm-not-obliged-to-care game. However, I've never played that game. Hearing something from Heaven is a big deal in my book, and so I've always taken the tact of not denying it outright, yet not wholeheartedly accepting it, either. And this is just speaking for myself.

    Unlike Medjugorje, this local bishop in Argentina (from where Pope Francis came), endorses these messages. So, the apparition was not outrightly denounced by the local bishop. Also, there's a little issue of a miracle, in which a beam of light from Heaven struck the ground at a site where a new building was to be erected. People near her during the visions/messages from Mary would perceive a heat sensation and the smell of roses. And finally, in 1984 onward, Gladys experienced the stigmata. The stigmas appear on Thurdays and Fridays of Advent and Lent. There have been healings. Some claim "extraordinary manifestations of God's presence," such as a dancing sun, the perfume of roses, glowing rosaries, water flowing from the Sanctuary that smells like roses. And, of course, there are conversions.

    If we assume it's legitimate, what are we then to think?

    Wanna read something else that's zany for a Trad Catholic? Look at this message:

    December 19, 1983 Message #53

    The Virgin asks us to pray an Our Father held by the hands and that this Our Father means union, so that we are all in union among ourselves and the Lord.
    Read: 2 Peter 1: 19-20-21

    Fun, huh?

  3. One more thing.

    Isn't it possible for a local bishop to be deceived about something like this?

  4. Umm...a housewife in Argentina and the current pope is from where? Divine Mercy, based on the diaries of a Polish nun was banned and then a Polish pope freed it. I suppose if we get a pope from Brooklyn then the Bayside apparitions will be okay?

    1. There is no telling these days what we're gonna get from this papacy.

      I take everything he says in stride. I mean, the man thinks people like me go to Hell. Or are annihilated. Or something.

  5. "Our Lady of Bethania, Venezuela" was approved by the local bishop, an apparition which featured roses coming out of the seer's chest and butterflies fluttering about during the Consecration of a Mass.

    "Our Lady of Amsterdam" has been recently approved by the bishop, an apparition which took place from 1945 to 1960, and was deservedly condemned by the bishop at that time.

    My point: I don't think bishops have any special insight into the truth or falsity of an apparition.