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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Alt-Right is Figuring Out Feminist Ruination of Christianity

A couple of gems today.  This, from Aurini's latest video, Transgendered Bathroom Laws Are Hilarious!  From 7:12
"How many of you [feminists] are mouthing off to your bishop or to your pastor in church? How many of you are demanding that we twist religion so that you can lecture men? "

Positively great. It's a comfort to know that people on the outside of "Churchian" circles are seeing the same thing that we, the conservative minority of our religion, have been observing all this time.  The Church has been infiltrated by feminists.  Among others.

But there's more.  Return of Kings featured this article by Rick Moser:  Women Must Be Excluded From Priesthood To Save Christianity.  Emphasis mine. 

Feminists love to preach their non-scriptural philosophies to the masses, so it is no surprise that they strive to occupy the church pulpit. They love the glory and image of superiority. You hear the same sermons in newspapers, television media, classrooms, and social media.

Very cool piece, from Return of Kings.  I particularly liked his picture of a 5th Century priestess accidentally burning down the temple of Hera at Argos.

Let's hope that, should the day come when the alt-Right comes to Christianity to lend it a hand, they don't come to us and find us squabbling over trifles to such a degree, that we'll be deaf to the alt-Right's interest.

Here's a video of Stefan Molyneux lamenting the irrational hate that atheists hold for Christianity, barring anyone from ever having true and sincere dialogue with them.  

UPDATE:  Have some RamzPaul, too.

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  1. The Alt-Right types are open to religion because they are actual reactionaries, that oppose the French Revolution, the rise of liberalism. Your standard right-wing conservative holds to "classical liberalism", the liberalism that grew up at the time of the French and American revolutions, before it descended into socialism and communism.

    Once you accept that the French and American revolutions were not the golden-age of Enlightenment contemporary historians say they are, you get to look on pre-revolutionary Europe in a better light, and pre-revolutionary Europe is a Christian Europe.

    Some Alt-Right types will say that Christianity leads inevitably to liberalism because of its universalism (all are equal in Christ), and so instead of Christian Europe they want to go back to pagan Europe. These people are just ignorant, however. They don't know about real Christianity (Catholicism), but only the watered-down, liberalised Christianity like the Protestants in America or the Lutherans in Northern Europe.