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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Humor from the Echo Chamber and the Sewing Circle

KK expounded upon his benevolence recently over at KK-Land, having banned an atheist from his forum for seven days:
Maybe I'm too nice to people. Perhaps I should become Tyrantkopf...
...I'd rather let the atheists (and other non-Catholic posters) see patience, charity, and care out of a traditional Catholic moderator than an instant ban-hammer the second someone steps gingerly outside strictly-defined parameters of permissible thought.
Quite funny, considering his intolerance of those who dare to bring up the boring subject of evangelizing atheists.  Something even funnier?  Remember this little episode from December 2013?  The man, an atheist, made five posts, when suddenly:
If you're an atheist troll, get a job and get the hell off my forum. You people are a scourge and have no interest in honest discussion or debate.
Honest discussion or debate, eh?  It brings a smile to my face.  The hypocrisy, that is.

And, in another bout of comedy, it seems Tracy of Fisheaters decided to tell the world about what a well balanced Catholic she is, drawing upon such a successful stint as a forum owner.  This, via a guest article on Tumblar House.  Nevermind the fact that she's either pushed out large swathes of posters or even simply outright banned them without any recourse.

Indeed, she considers herself "an online teacher of Catholicism" who has "seen so many self-professed Catholics turn the Holy Faith into something merely to debate about."  How noble of her!  On Facebook, Tumblar House states:
"In this special guest column, Tracy Tucciarone, founder of Fish Eaters, explains how trads can overcome the common pitfalls of their trad nature--through acts of charity."
As is her style, she's provided a great amount of material in her article.  An official response is definitely warranted, I do believe.  Though, I very much doubt she'll care about what one of her purged former members has to say.  

Maybe when I get some time.  

In other news, I was a member of the Trad Cath Forum for a minute.

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